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TAY 194: Detailed experiences of bootcamp students and the current challenges

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Today’s podcast we talked what typically happens at a bootcamp including recent student experiences and challenges for male and female students.


JAMIE: Okay, we’re recording. So, Jason, you know, why don’t we do things a little bit differently today, man? I want to get an idea what it would be like as a potential client or student walk into the front door. There are a lot of people listening to these calls; they’re kind of on the fence. They kind of wonder from a practical standpoint what are they really going to get out of it. They probably wonder a lot, I mean it wasn’t that long ago that I did the boot camp, man. Back at when I started with our company, 2011. That’s how I got started in this as well. And I remember one of the biggest epiphanies I had; I think everyone believes they’re smart enough and that they’re one book, one video away from figuring it all out. Like, Oh my god! I’m almost there.

I just need one little—I need to learn one more lesson, and I’ll say and I’ll have it down. I think that’s kind of a typical mindset that people kind of come in to and I think often times when people finally pull the trigger, that’s because they are just so frustrated. It’s like okay, it’s been five years. I’m not getting anywhere. I’m just going to roll the dice here and see what happens, then I think more often than not people are just shocked by how much they thought they knew but yet they didn’t know. Does that make sense, man?

JASON: Yeah, I know it completely. Starting off like my first boot camp with our company, basically a little bit of a—I have actually, I went a couple of years just struggling, maybe five years trying to figure it out. I didn’t even know this kind of stuff existed at that point. I was just like, well, I want to get good with women, what do I do well? First of all, I have to be able to feel comfortable going up to her and talked to her at least to say hi. So I did that, weeks after weeks. Okay, cool! Now I can confidently approach her but what the hell do I say? How do I keep the conversation going? And then so I sat there and again, I’m like, okay, I was talking and talking but really I was everywhere, and it wouldn’t go anywhere.

I’m like, okay, well, now I have to be able to get numbers, and so I go after her; talk, talk, talk, talk—eventually get the number almost forcefully, and it sounds like I had to almost ask for it. Where now I just tell her, hey, put in your number. And really, I’m getting numbers now but none of them would reply! It took years till I got a date from going out and picking up trying to figure it out right, and then I found out about the show and from there I was like, oh crap, this does exist? And I started like reading and reading and reading. Prior to my first boot camp with our company, I took one with another company, I’m not going to say who it is.

JAMIE: Okay.

JASON: But basically what they were telling me was go on to her and say hi and just start talking. In my head I’m like really? That’s it? Really? So after that I was almost demoralized. I was really? This is it? This is what I’ve been working for these many years to do this? But then I took my first boot camp with Matador. We went over more like routines. What the hell was that? He had figure out everything, hook up routines and he helped me with some of them. My first night, and then this is probably after five years of struggling with this, I had more success than my entire five years just knowing how to properly deliver routines.

And really I enforced this so much; it’s like the training wheels, that once you personalize them they become you. That’s my whole purpose now for the boot camps that we run. A typical weekend it’ll start, we come in, we meet. We sent down the first—I want to get to know you. I want to know what you want. I do—my background I have several certifications. An NLP, ten years I’ve been doing this for about ten years now. I really break down your course psychology to understand exactly what motivates you and why and what you really want. I have guys come in they tell me I just want to f*ck every girl. I see. I’m okay, let’s do it and then after the first hour or two they realize like, oh man, I’ve been wrong my whole life.

I actually am looking for love and relationships, and that’s honestly, that’s pretty typical once we sit down. These exercises are that powerful were it makes you almost rethink your whole life in that moment and that’s just the first initial hour or two. The rest of the night, the rest of the lecture area I guess, we—I coach you and I teach you the routines; how to deliver them, why they work, and I drill you to make sure your delivery is right, your body language. I basically prep you! It’s almost like if I take my ten years of experience in f*cking up and I try to install it in your hard drive so that you can be that person that night, you know. And basically then we go out. I like to first… I demo a couple of times then I’ll open a set but then I’ll have my student take over where by the end of the day two, I really don’t want to have to be involved.

I want to be able to stand back and observe you and you have the confidence to be able to do this on your own because when you go home, you’re not going to be able to do this on your—I’m not going to be there holding your hand, I’m not going to be there opening the set for you. So basically it’s almost like I’m trying to baby step you to the point where you’re completely confident in doing what you’re doing and I have a student that come from every walk of life if you want to call it that. I have guys who f*ck like hundreds of girls and they’re just like, you know what? I always feel like I get luckier. Most of the girls that I f*ck are two friends, or most of the girls that I meet I fell that they just come to me.

Other guys they’re like I haven’t gotten laid in years, I have no clue what’s going on I’m tired of this. So there’s different levels and really this boot camp, I can have a guy who’s experienced and then I can have a guy who has never even approached a set and they’re both going to get what they want out of it because I really personalize it to the individual. So for one guy I’ll come, man, I feel like we’re going to work on this, we’re going to work on this. For the other guy then I can be more, I’d like to teach him more advanced stuff.

JAMIE: Jason, let me ask you. Like this weekend for example. See you did just come out of the boot camp that ended today. You had one last weekend, too. Tell me, man, who was like the most either challenging or rewarding person to work with? Who came in who were like you really had to really work hard to, to show them really who was—maybe the biggest doubter or the person who just had a low self-esteem. Who is the most interesting case for you like the last two days? Tell me what happened, man.

JASON: Okay, this weekend, I would say both of my students that the main—the core problem that I found in both of them was that they weren’t giving themselves the permission to be Alpha, to deserve the girl. They were kind of like if I touch her she’s going to get mad or blah, blah, blah; and really what I was trying to really drill in their heads is that you got to give yourself the entitlement to touch her, to hold her. You got to tell yourself I deserve this girl because I work on myself because—so basically really it’s kinda like self-worth and realizing—and this is what I ran into both of them where they didn’t feel like they could get away with doing certain things. Does that make sense where some of the stuff I would show they like, yeah, you can do that but I can’t do that, it’s not my person, it’s not my character. Now I’m like, why not? Why isn’t it your character? Why do you want it to be your character? Do you want to be able to do this? Does that make sense?

JAMIE: Man, absolutely. It’s interesting kind of, think about this stuff because I remember when I got started and all you going to meet, man, it kinda creeps its ugly head every so often. Every once in a while I have re-remind myself, almost reprogram myself that this is something that I never when I did my training back in 2011, it’s very easy to be fearful of people to be oh, my god! What are they going to think about me if I come over, they’re going to have their opinions about me, about my material, what I have to say, the way I do it, to be fearful of that. But when you look deeper—when I would look deeper at that, really what that meant was by me being nervous about their opinion of me what did that really mean? What that really meant was at a deeper level I believed that there is a certain gate keeper to my life. Like, oh, my god, if they have an opinion about me they can keep me from getting what I want. They can also decide to shut the door on my future.

That’s really what that means a lot when you believe that someone’s opinion has some kind of extraordinary in turns there’s a deeper belief that they can somehow keep you from something, they can keep you from what you really want, from what you really desire. And when you come head to head against these beliefs and you realize that it’s complete b*** s***, it really is. If I don’t get a nice, wonderful experience with one girl, I can have always someone else! So in the end of the day it’s coming to that full realization there like there is no one out there that can keep me from my ultimate destiny.

JASON: Right.

JAMIE: And in your situation with your clients here this weekend, to believe that they’re not deserving of something? Well if they are not deserving of something who the f*ck is?


JAMIE: Yeah, it’s interesting, but them as well as myself and I’m sure as well as you, it’s great because a coach is almost like a guide to make you kind of put you face to face with the b*ll s*its that’s been running your life. Potentially. So yeah, I know where you’re coming from, man. It’s one belief for the other that’s keeping a lot of people out there from experiencing their greatness.

JASON: Yeah. I mean for a coach for example, other areas of my life I probably—body building is one of my passion. I started with that like seven years not even looking good till I hired a trainer or coach, whatever you want to call it. And this guy basically took me to competition level in two years. This is the same thing for pick up. When I started working with Matador, when I started working with him he basically took five years of my old knees f*cking around, stumbling, figuring out what I needed to do and just cut all the crap off. Basically a coach is someone who went through all the crap, dealt with everything that you would have dealt with and just tell you, look, don’t do this, don’t do this, don’t do this; let’s save ten years, five years of your life and let’s just do it right the first time. It’s like I did the messing up for you guys so I could show you guys the finished product and just get you guys to the finish line instead of having to run the whole marathon.

JAMIE: Awesome. So from this weekend or last weekend, who like really made the biggest breakthrough? Who really excelled in an exponential level? Is there any anyone from that last boot—

JASON: Yes. I’m actually blown away by this. Last weekend, a student had never gone to a club, he had maybe two, three months trying to do this, trying to learn to start getting himself comfortable of coaching and all that stuff. Basically, knew that was one of his first real like club-bar scene experiences. And at the beginning, he was still not giving himself that entitlement and towards the end of that night, it was starting to click, it was clicking. The second day, I kid you not, I saw him. I was just sitting back I told him okay go open that set, it was at that point where I walked him through enough sets and he was comfortable doing it. It really looked like he had been doing this for years. I was impressed, I was like wow, dude! You look like you’re a f*cking pro at this. And not only that, but he went home and this weekend he text me, hey man, I just had my first kiss close ever. I’m like, o crap! That’s cool, alright!

JAMIE: That’s awesome!

JASON: Text me a couple of hours later, I actually pulled her and I closed the deal.

JAMIE: Wow, that’s—

JASON: Yeah! And honestly, he’s level of dedication, he took it and he committed to it fully and in basically two, three months of stumbling through it, basically when he got in contact with us we started getting him in the right path until he can actually come down and take the boot camp. So when he keep—two, three months he took it and in a weekend he internalized everything enough that when he come a week later, he got his s the same night lay, like to me that’s the rewarding parts to me. I don’t… that’s what makes it for me, when people—


JASON: Actually get it, internalize it, and they want to learn.

JAMIE: That’s incredible, yeah! I remember when I went down this path, the year prior, Jason, I didn’t get laid by one girl. There was like unless she was like an ex-girlfriend or something. I mean it was terrible. And then I did my boot camp, and I remember actually, and again, this was coming off a year of like nothing except for repeats and I got my first scene that lay in the night club, probably about two months, and I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t she was that attractive, she was like pretty average, man, but at that point I was, I got to learn to celebrate the victories. I’d not had an experience like that in a long time, so it was like I’m going to celebrate it for what it is. But my real victory, the one that I really came about three months after that, I remember meeting—I met this gorgeous model at this night club in… I forget the name like basically over the bay area, and she didn’t come home with me that night but she met up with me the next day.

I mean like a full close man with a gorgeous girl next day and just the way it happened the girl shows up, we had a little date, had some coffee, one thing just leads to another I got my hotel room, and it was just incredible because I’m still ready for these type of circumstances that in the past kind of held me back. I remembered the first time during that experience, during that encounter, I asked her to come upstairs she said no. I asked her again she says no. And you know what, man? The third time, I didn’t ask, I just walked toward the elevator, pressed the up button and she followed me. And these are not the kind of things I would normally do, you know. To have that little confidence and have a level of persistency and just keep with that mental fortitude, like I’m just going to keep pushing forward. I understand this is not a rejection of me, it’s the rejection of the previous iteration, with the way I asked before wasn’t good. I’m just going to keep on doing it until it works. And—

JASON: Yeah.

JAMIE: And I had that type of insight was incredible. And I realized, I appreciated that victory, it was not chance. I was literally coached on the difference between what I was doing before that was not working versus what I needed to do that I had not been doing. So it was a true artistic victory because I understood why it worked versus why it did not work in the past. And, yeah! Sure, you know what? It took me six months to have that caliber of a girl in bed with me but to have that at that point was amazing because I’ve not had that before. So you know everyone moves at their own pace and people have to remember its… don’t compare yourself to others. You know where you are at. And if you’re getting things beyond what you ever got at least in a long time you got to celebrate that. And this guy is a pretty good testament to that. It sounds like this is something he has never experienced before and also he is having versus he’s never had in his life. That’s awesome!

JASON: Yeah, honestly, the life that you can build for yourself. No one’s going to give you anything, no one owes you anything, you don’t owe anyone anything. So the fact that you have this skill set, it amazes me really. Sometimes I don’t even believe how my life is where it is because of this I’m just… I’m like I shouldn’t even have this level of success like I really, I genuinely feel that my life is like a music video of some multimillionaire dude, dandy, but I’m a regular guy, just like everyone else. Let me give you a good—this weekend for example. It was my friend’s birthday. So we had a table. Now, keep it—our table, we had a ratio of nine girls to four guys and these are people that we knew. I brought in two, three girls I’m like dating one or two of them. They were just—and they see me doing what I do. I have this that level of honesty and openness where I tell the girl that I date like hey, look, I’m a dating coach, I bring them out to my boot camp and I have to show my students, hey, look, this is my life. I really like this; this is every weekend for me.

So this weekend we had a table already a ratio of nine to a freaking four girls. I had my two clients, we walked, ran, opened sets. We probably pulled back to seven girls back to that table, I just tip the bouncer so he was just giving us bracelets to go up and up to the VIP area and we probably pulled five to seven girls up there. And we looked around there’s this guy who’s just sitting there twiddling their thumbs and whatnot and really like we went out into the dance floor picked them up, pulled them, they didn’t even know we had nine girls in our table all ready. So it’s not like we’re using that pre-selection or anything. When they get there they see the pre-selection, but that was that weekend, then, the second night, last night, same thing.

We did two or three clubs and same thing. We had a huge groups of girls around us, we’re just opening, I was just like, open this set over there, bring them, merge them; I’m just having fun but like me? It was just demoing for the students. I’d probably, it’s just that lifestyle that you’re in charge of your life and you’re making things happen for yourself. That’s really what I try to share people. I try to… I’m not only—I could have kept it strictly lectures. Strictly, okay, this is this, this is this… but I don’t like that because I had a bad experience when I took a boot camp before, and so now I really I try to bring my students into my life. I’m like look, this girl is texting me now, this other girl wants to get out later, this girl’s going to come by tonight. This happened, this happened; look, this is what I text her, this is how I get them to do this, this is why it works. Okay, let’s open that set, let’s do this. I basically bring them into my life and show them this could be you if you really put the time and effort it takes to get to that point.

JAMIE: Awesome.

JASON: I really wanted to see, I really want to prove it to them beyond any reasonable doubt, there’s no way that they don’t believe that this stuff works, and I want them to  have 100% conviction that they can get there if they try and put in the work it takes.

JAMIE: Awesome. So, I have two questions and we could kinda… two last questions, but I wanted first… I have a caller on here. I want to give him a chance to speak. He had his mic on for a second ago. But two questions I’ll come back to you with after we get this, give our caller the opportunity. Here are the two questions in advance. You did have a female this weekend. So I think a lot of people like to know why would a female take this? What benefits, why did she come in? And also, maybe along the lines what were her experiences at the training? The other question I want to ask you Jason, we don’t ever want to or I definitely, I don’t ever want to give people some kind of fantasy world of what this is versus what it isn’t.

Now, you and I both know, this is not perfection. This is about increasing your odds tremendously. Just like in sales. In sales you’re the best salesman in the world, you don’t sell everybody. But if you’re really good you get invited into the boardroom, so to speak, quite a bit more than your peers or competitors. So maybe you have a story, an experience during the last weekend—this weekend or last weekend where the set didn’t go very well, where you know it didn’t go well and you helped the client to understand that’s okay. That’s a learning experience. You’re not meant to connect with everyone. So there’s that two last questions that I have for you. The last topics, but again I want to give our caller a chance first to speak, would that be okay?

JASON: Yeah, definitely. Let’s do it.

JAMIE: And so I’m not going to say the name because you don’t have a pseudo name in there, I don’t—whatever. But I do have one caller, if you’d like to activate your mic and speak?

GABRIEL: Yeah, hi guys. Can you hear me?

JAMIE: Yeah. I hear you okay. Yeah, fire away.

GABRIEL: Okay, for sure. I’m actually the incident that Jason was talking about last week.

JAMIE: Beautiful! Awesome. So, tell us about your experience.

GABRIEL: Oh, man, it was crazy. So just like Jason said, I saw I was like completely nervous about everything. I’ve been reading books for three months. I show up at the beginning of the night and I’m not only not being myself, really, really nervous. By the end of the night it’s a completely different person. I actually—so like my biggest sticking point were like kino escalation and assertiveness, and by the end of the night I actually had it. Got two number closes. It was just amazing. Now, day two, we start the infield part and it’s just absolutely amazing! I’m a completely different person, like everybody in the room was watching us, the first set that I approached except for hook change it was just completely different. And the craziest thing is this weekend, two months ago, the first girl that I opened at 10:30 pm, I actually ended up taking home and yeah, I send those through text to Jason, I told him exactly what happened it was just amazing.

JAMIE: So tell us. What are the epiphanies for I mean like take us—you know a lot of people can serve doing something like this? Where you ready when you walk the front door? What are you thinking man? What’s on your head? Like you really think this s*it’s going to work?

GABRIEL: Definitely. After seeing Jason in action, it was just completely eye opening. Like this, with the same girl that I took home, my buddy showed up two hours and he was having trouble approaching girls. So I told the chick that I’m going to help him pick up a chick, right, and she was completely okay, like I was completely manhandling it. The way Jason taught me. Completely. It was amazing. I was, she would tell me hey, you know I don’t like kissing in public, I told her this is the last time you’re going to tell that to me and then she stopped, she completely stopped.

JAMIE: Manhandling with respect, right?

GABRIEL: Yeah. Completely. At some point I asked my friend, who do you like? And he picked a girl. So this girl was in a three set of girls and three guys were talking to them, right. So, my friend says how the hell are you going to approach her? I just go up to her, open with a merry [inaudiable00:27:36] opener and when the conversation is going I tell her, you know what, why don’t you tell that to my friend himself? And then I bring my friend in and I leave the set. And her eyes were sparkling, man. It was absolutely crazy.

JAMIE: So, how did this ended? Have you had any sets that didn’t go very well, where it didn’t go well but you learned something, like—

GABRIEL: Oh yes, I sure did.

JAMIE: How did those go?

GABRIEL: Oh, actually I have a few questions for you guys, too. For my—

JAMIE: Yeah, you want to do that first?

GABRIEL: Yeah, for sure. Okay, so last night, so I’m getting pretty good at [inaudible00:28:15] My problem is mostly in isolation especially with two sets. So I was talking with these two girls and I wasn’t able to isolate my target. So I was running the kino escalation on both of them. So palm reading for both of them, the trust set for both of them, so my question is for you guys, and it’s interesting, up to the trust test everything was going well with the both of them. But as soon as I did the trust test on both of them the obstacle said she wanted to go to the bathroom. And so my target wanted to follow her too. So I kinda lost the set. I’m just wondering, how should I go about isolation? When and how you guys do it?

JASON: Honestly, a two set is probably going to be the hardest thing to isolate. A couple of things do happen. At point if you’re running a game and you’re hooking both of them, sometimes the friend can be polite and just let you guys talk, and she would sit there and go on with her phone or something. Then typically another guy will come in and kinda distract her or try to talk to her. Other than that you can use pivots. Go—when I show up to the clubs I—and then this is not only to start building pivots but to escalate my energy, pump my state whatever you call it. I go in there, I’m talking to the bouncers, I’m talking to the guys, like, hey, what’s up guys? Like come on man I’m trying to get laid here and you guys are like taking all the chicks! I’m just joking around with everyone and having a great time with myself.

Really, I’m not here to pick up girls, I’m there to present myself to new opportunities and new situations. So let’s say I open a set of guys, runs it, and then I just turn around open a two set start running it, hit my target, oh, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Hey, by the way, come here meet my friends. I bring them in and let those guys talk to that one girl. Hey, I’m going to borrow your friend for a second, is that okay? Cool. And I just grab her and walk away. I won’t say is that okay, I take that back. But, hey, I’m going to grab your friend for a second; I’m going to borrow your friend for a little bit. And what I do then, that girl stays stuck to those guys she thinks that they’re your friends. And you just walk away with your target and isolate. Does that make sense?

GABRIEL: Absolutely.

JASON: Other times what I have to do is just pull both of their numbers. I just got both of their numbers and I try to pull both of them even though it’s lowering my chances if I still pull a two set back to my house, and we party, I might not get an answer now but they’re going to be oh, this guy is cool! This guy treated us well, this guy showed us a good time, this guy provided so much value to us that we want to keep seeing him. And then that friend that’s just going to make, your targets friend like you even more. So, I’ve done that a lot and a lot of the times, more times than that because I go out alone a lot and more times than not it’s always going to be a two set and then sometimes a three or four set, but two sets are really just some of the most common things you’re going to run into. So when you’re alone it’s either having like pivot at the club or getting both of their numbers, trying to pull both of them and just kinda, I mean I had a time when I pulled a two set back to my house. The friend fell asleep and then I just grabbed the other girl and took her into the room but it honestly it’s going to be tougher.

GABRIEL: Yeah, it makes sense absolutely. So I was just thinking if you guys have like any good responses to, we’re going to the bathroom or whatever, because that comes out a lot, like I was talking to two different two sets that was going really well. The friend comes along, they’re all going to the bathroom.

JASON: Hey, key in your number before I lose you, in case I lose you. And then I text them right away. And then I’m in contact with them that night so I text them right away and I’m in contact with them so more times than not they’ll still be texting me and sometimes I’ll be like, hey! Where are you? Where did you go? And they’ll come back and look for me. But other than that I’m not going to tell her, no, hold your piss. You’re not going to the rest room, you know?

GABRIEL: Yeah, definitely. Oh, another question that I had was with a one set. After you open usually when I got to try an energy read, I was wondering what that is exactly.

JASON: I use that one a lot. That’s one of my favorites ones, like, man, you got great energy. Oh, thank you. Basically, I open, hey, you know, excuse me like, I’m just talking to my friends over here and you’re like totally distracting me. Ah, thank you. Man, you have great energy. Thank you, blah, blah, blah. You know what, so your first impression was different. Well, what do you mean? Blah, blah, blah. Like when I saw you, I thought you were going to be kind of stuck up… and you just keep running it from there of course you would qualify. So what do you do around here? And don’t say model. That’s really like they go to for an opener. I’m trying to get rid of every single variable because I tested that series of lines so much that I know that they’re going to work like 90%. So you see how I kind of throw in the energy read right off the bat?

GABRIEL: Yeah, that’s going to be—yeah. That makes sense.

JASON: And you could sense it for later but it’s just a quick… At the beginning I want a lot of quick attraction.

GABRIEL: Yeah, for sure. It seems like the imagery sound like a sound bite. Can I use sound bites as an attraction? Here and there?

JASON: That’s what they are!

GABRIEL: Okay. Okay.

JAMIE: I’ll just have one quick thing, the sound bite I like—the truth is when they go to the bathroom for whatever reason, it’s rare that they’ll just come right back to you no matter what they tell you. So that’s usually good feedback, like hey, you’re missing something, somewhere along the lines. But if you want to give yourself a little bit more time a way to kind of keep them in a good sound bite, it’s all subnautic just say this, just say hey, cool, before you go; or cool, before I go, say one of these two things, for some reason you say the phrase, before you go, it’ll stop them. It will give you a chance for one more routine before they leak. Does that makes sense?

GABRIEL: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, completely.

JAMIE: Honestly, I would say that 99 out of a 100 times that will buy you another couple minutes and it’s just another chance to get something that really hooks it. I mean you could stack forward from there, hey, real quick. Before you go, which will stop them for a second, I’m curious, what do you like about this girl? You say that to the obstacle getting her to qualify the target on your behalf. What’s good about that too is you’re kinda converting from a sociable guy to kind of making your intentions a little bit more potentially known. And if you do that, it’s kind of like hey, this girl doesn’t meet anyone outside of Tinder, she has her awesome you right in front of her. The friend likes you, there’s a chance she might be supportive of that. Also the fact that you’re being a little bit more clear about it and what’s nice too is you’re getting that obstacle to qualify her for you! You’re also keeping the obstacle engage as well which is nice because if you had not been doing a pretty good job of keeping her engaged, this is kind of a nice way to bring her to the mix.


JAMIE: So that’s a sequence you can try. But ensure the phrase, use the phrase before you go and then it’ll give you a chance for one more routine in there. The truth is, I kinda like Jason’s point, she’s going to hold her pee for another minute or so, it will buy you a few more minutes to see if you can hook. And then you can always stack forward to what Jason gave you, too. Hey, you guys seem cool. I want to make sure I don’t lose you tonight which is put your number on my phone. You can always do that, too!

GABRIEL: Yeah, okay. Now—

JAMIE: The idea is just—go on, man. And give yourself ways to do that.

GABRIEL: Yeah. Makes sense. Now, my question for in terms of escalation and there’s a two set and I can’t isolate my target. Do I run an isolation on both?

JASON: I do, because I want to paint the picture that I’m that touchy guy, that I’m not scared to touch them. I don’t care. And then also show that it’s no big deal. I just touch people, it’s just who I am, that’s what I do. I’m not doing it because I’m showing so much interest in you. That’s who I am. I hug girls, I touch people. I mean I’m in this point and it’s calibrated of course, but if a girl tells you it’s her birthday, I don’t care if I’ve known her for two seconds, I’m just like hey bring it in, or I just put my arms up and tell her to hug me or give her a hug you know. Oh, no way! Congratulations! High five! Here, bring it in. I just kino like—for me kino was the game changer in my game.

After I started just amping up my kino, that’s when I started really hooking sets. When I started really having women chasing me, when I really started having them flip the script without taking me out there, it’s like the role reversal where kino and qualification I think is the keys for this. You guys are not going to witter anything right? Like if I invite you guys to my house for an after party, you’re just not going to trash the place, scratch the couches or whatever like a cat, blah, blah, blah. I’ll say something dumb but basically I wouldn’t try to do it to get them laughing. No, we’re cool, we’re like we’re fun, we’re chill whatever. And they are qualifying themselves to me. Does that make sense? Using that? That’s going to be the role reversal in a sense?

GABRIEL: Yeah, absolutely.

JAMIE: So, let’s do this. Is there anyone else on the call that does not have the chance to speak yet? Just want to make sure before I go back to the questions I had for Jason before. Anyone else? So, Jason, just two last questions from the boot camp for me this weekend or the last weekend. This weekend you had a female, right?

JASON: Yeah! Yeah. That was—

JAMIE: So tell me why? From—why did she… what was her reason for taking a training and I think of people listening to this call would like to know what are the benefits, what are some of the other reasons why people do stuff like this? And did she get what she wanted out of it?

JASON: Yeah. I mean, she took it for several reasons actually, there’s more than just one. But basically to be able to increase… what is… like one of the sticking points was assertiveness, so I worked with her on how she could be more assertive; how to get people to do or how to basically be more assertive and get her way. A couple of other things it was how she wants to help people in her industry and she feels like learning this, she works with a lot of males or whatever. She wants to be able to almost coach other people in some of the stuff that I’m teaching. And with her I was taking more of like okay, look, do you see how he’s doing this? Do you see how he’s doing this? Like she needs to do this, she needs to do this. I was able to kind of give her an insight of what I’m looking for and what I teach people so for her, she wants to help people in her industry. She wants to increase her social interactions because really, this doesn’t have to be strictly picking up chicks. This is really like inner game deep level stuff, that’s my main focus. I want your mindset to be right. Before I don’t care! You can use some lines and you can do this, and you can do this; but if your mindset is not in the right place. And did you, from taking the boot camp, do you feel like, just the mindset aspect of it was probably one of the more helpful parts.

GABRIEL: Are you talking to me.

JASON: Yeah.

GABRIEL: Oh, yeah, definitely. Definitely. I just completely feel like I’m a different person now at the club. I like—these past two nights I just felt like I own the place, you know?

JAMIE: Yeah [Crosstalk 00:42:14]

JASON: And that’s the same thing I did for her and we’ve worked with females who are trying to pick up other females, it’s the same thing that works for them. It was interesting too because we were able to play around with like pre-selection and have her like look, I’m going to approach this set, be next to me. And just demonstrate why, to my—demonstrate to the students what difference it makes having that girl as you’re opening next to you, you know? I was able to give them like a live presentation of what pre-selection feels and more tools that they could use when they get home.

JAMIE: Awesome! So, let’s kind of close up the call maybe one last question from Gabriel, if you got one? Otherwise, we can end today’s call. Gabriel, do you have anything else you want to ask?

GABRIEL: Yeah. So this is more like a general question. It’s about day game? So a lot of the routines that I use were for night games. They have like words like strippers. I feel like I can’t use them during the day or maybe I can, I don’t know. So I’m just trying to get your feedback on that, see what you think.

JASON: I typically use the same stuff. I might not use the stripper name for example, but the same thing. It’s usually like, I’m trying to get myself some outfits over here, and you’re totally distracting me. Blah, blah, blah. You know what? You have great energy. Thank you! Blah, blah, blah. I go—instead of doing… now I can go in to back to first impression. Oh, blah, blah, blah. So what do you do around here and don’t say model? It’s the same thing. I just changed a couple of the routines. Maybe like two or three of them that are more like the fun, playful, armed by a man routine versus the day game routine. But it’s the same thing, and of course my kino escalation is a little bit more toned down. Does that make sense?

GABRIEL: Yeah, completely. I—that make sense.

JASON: It’s just taking out certain ones you know, and it’s taking those exact same routines and picking out the ones that you feel are going to be appropriate for day game.

GABRIEL: Okay. For sure.

JAMIE: All right.

GABRIEL: I think that’s all my questions, yeah.

JAMIE: All right. Well good stuff. Gabriel, thanks for joining. Jason, awesome! Thanks for giving us an idea of what it was like for the last two boot camps, and we’ll speak soon, okay?

JASON: All right. Sounds great!

JAMIE: All right. Take care, guys.

GABRIEL: For sure, thank you!

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