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TAM 5: How to be prepared when interacting with a woman using isolation, and buying temperature routines

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Today on the podcast we had Caller one who found himself relying on too many A2 buying temperature routines. He was not aware that using too many buying temperature routines back to back can make you look like an entertainer at best, and a clown at worst. He needed to realize that buying temperature serves a distinct purpose but should not be overdone.

Caller two was aware that in his interaction it was time to isolate, but he didn’t know how to isolate in the particular situation. Success at pick up is largely predicated on being prepared when a ‘window of opportunity’ presents itself. We discussed how to be prepared the next time the same situation presents itself.

Caller three was wondering why a girl he was hanging out with started to be less responsive to his calls. He realized her interest started to wane due to her ‘other options’ and that his value offering wasn’t as high as it was when they first started hanging out. He also realized his qualifications were not facilitating rapport building.

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