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TAY 30: How to talk to a girl in high energy, and be playful

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Pick up is a momentum game. When opening in a high energy environment, it is critical to have a fun & playful opener to use in this type of environment. The more complicated the opener – the more approach anxiety you will get. The easier you can keep the opener playful and fun, the easier you can stack forward. With 1000s of approaches under his belt, his fave opener in a high energy environment is, “I wanted to come over and introduce myself, you guys look like fun, high five, I’m Al.” From there, only 2 questions need to be answered: Why is he talking to us?

How long is he going to be here? Or sometimes, “I wanted to come over and introduce myself, you guys look like you have great energy, high five, I’m Al.” (he just comes in with a little bit more energy then them) Its very hard to reject Al’s opener of choice because you are not trying to get anything, or ask for anything.

You are only giving value. The worst rejection you could get is “No, we are like no fun. Good bye.” The tricky part is how fast can he get off the opener, get to the transition, and build rapport. (if sees girl rejecting a zillion guys) He taps her on shoulder politely and shows her a $50 bill and says “oh look you dropped this.” The point of this is to break her ‘cycle of rejection’ pattern.

Cause whatever she thought he was going to say, that was not it. If she tries to take the money, he brings in his wing and says “see I knew she was that type of girl.” If she doesn’t want take it, “Ok you don’t want 50 bucks.” He will then put it in his pocket and stack forward. Either way he is in set.

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