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TAY 186 : How to improve you energy without supplements

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Today’s podcast we talked how to stay energized without supplements. We also discussed strategies for networking and adding to your social circle.

CASTIAN:  Excuse me. So I was basically interested in energy? Right. I was—like a lot of times I feel like I’m a little drowsy or you know, I don’t have the energy to do certain things throughout the day. Maybe it’s my day job or you know, there’s just happen enough left energy from my everyday life. I was wondering if you could recommend any like anything to do or any type of supplements to take to give me more energy throughout the day.

JAMIE:  Okay. Do you do cocaine? I’m sorry. I was only hard balling.  So here’s the deal, Castian.  I’m actually not going to recommend any supplements to you. Let me tell you why? You ready?


JAMIE:  When people say that they have lack of energy or lack of motivation, more often than not—and I just challenge you to explore what I’m about to tell you. More often than not, that’s really indicative that they don’t feel like they have the strategy to get done with what they want to get done. If you get the strategy, we’re going to be f*** motivated. Let me give you an example. So Castian, you think of the last time you were feeling unmotivated was this morning?

CASTIAN:  No. Not this morning.

JAMIE:  Was it yesterday?

CASTIAN:  Maybe the day… yeah.

JAMIE:  Okay. So is that Thursday that we’re talking about here? Or Friday?

CASTIAN:  Thursday.

JAMIE:  Thursday. Okay. So imagine you woke up in the morning. You’re feeling a little sluggish, right?

CASTIAN:  Right.

JAMIE:   Oh, men. F*** A, dude. I’m having a f*** day. Right. Does that sound kind of  like the internal dialogue that might be happening?

CASTIAN:  Right.

JAMIE:   Okay. So imagine, right when you got up you got a phone call. And I’m not going to tell you the phone calls from. How about this, maybe it’s from Warren Buffet. And Warren’s like, hey, Mr. Castian, you got—today is your lucky day. You won this sweepstakes you’re not even a part of, and as you know I’m a multi, multi, multi, multi-billionaire, so I’m here to give you a gift. I’m going to give you a strategy. It’s going to take you one week to do. You can do it with all the resources you have right now. However, it’s going to require that you sleep no more than three hours a night for the next week. But if you do it, in seven days you’ll have a million dollars. You think you’re going to feel good about it?


JAMIE:   You think you’re going to feel a little motivated?

CASTIAN:  I will be motivated.

JAMIE:  You think you’ll need any coffee to do what needs to be done?

CASTIAN:  I’ll take coffee.

JAMIE:   You think you need to do a line of coke in the parking lot?


JAMIE:   You hear me f*** good, are you not?

CASTIAN:  Exactly, yes.

JAMIE:   You see there’s a great phrase I’ve heard before. In the end—are you not hoping for some epic life, like a life where you just really push yourself, accomplish great things, really fulfill for a lack of a better phrase, your destiny. Isn’t that a fair assumption of what you’re ultimately looking to achieve?

CASTIAN:  I guess so.

JAMIE:   Well destiny is a destination in your life Castian, where you are fully committed to your highest values. When you are feeling sluggish and not motivated, or tired, that really means that you’re filling up your day with things that just aren’t inspiring to you. That’s really the difference. When your day is full of inspiring things well you’re going to have energy. When you have—when you’re fully in line with your purpose, you’re going to have almost unlimited energy. But when your day is filled up with like, oh, god! I really got to do that, huh? Or oh, my god, I got to do this job again. I can’t have to deal with so and so today. That’s what’s draining your energy. It’s not from lack of supplements it’s from lack of purpose. It’s from filling up your day with things that really don’t mean anything to you.

CASTIAN:  That makes a lot of sense.

JAMIE:   So what I want you to start doing, you have two options, really. There are a long term options and short term options. Short term, you might have to deal with certain things. For example, a job you might not like so much or certain tasks or responsibilities that really don’t do anything for you. That’s okay. But you have to find a way to make them in line with who you are in your purpose and things you really want to do yourself, right? Like you ultimately want to be a coach. Right?

CASTIAN:  Definitely.

JAMIE:   And not just with the… in dating science you also one to be a coach, you like helping people, right? I see on the form you’re always trying to help people, give your feedback, you’re a contributor. So what you need to look at is how much of your day are you filling up with things that actually give you a sense of purpose? You should know consciously look to your day and say, okay, I’m a teacher. I like to contribute, I like to learn. How much of my day am I doing that? Am I letting my day filled up with b*** things? If not, you need to start looking how to realign your day in a purposeful manner with tasks that actually make you feel alive.

CASTIAN:  Ahhh. Okay.

JAMIE:   Right? So that’s the first thing to do. Longer term, do you like your job?

CASTIAN:  Do I like my job?

JAMIE:   You like your job.


JAMIE:   Okay. You need to find something else then. You need to find something that aligns with your true inner purpose. If you’re a teacher, you like to learn, you like to teach. You need to find something that’s going to harness that for you. That’s really… you just need to find another job. You need to find something that you can be passionate about.  Something that aligns up what you actually enjoy doing. Don’t make it about money, make it about the fact that you’re going to be spending your time doing some things and you want them to be in line with who you are – who you really are. Are you following me?

CASTIAN:  I’m following.

JAMIE:   Because to be able to do that Castian, you’re got to find yourself a lot more energy. You know energy again when you’re fully aligned with your highest values and you fill up your day with things that line up with those, and you find your true purpose. You’re going to have—you’re going to be unstoppable man. You will be hashtag unstoppable because you’re just going to love doing what you’re doing.

CASTIAN:  Right.

JAMIE:   You want to warm yourself up with your mission not your job, okay?

CASTIAN:  I’ve got it.

JAMIE:   And here’s something you can do in the mean time. This is actually a fun little trick. I understand like let me give you an analogy here. So I run a pretty small company. We have a certain number of resources and some resources we don’t have. So there are certain things with my company, that I have to do because I don’t have anyone else to do it. For example I do all our finance and accounting, right? You following me? I don’t like it. No s***. I didn’t major in that in school, Castian. I am not a f*** accountant. I’m not finance major, okay?

Well one thing you can do for things you don’t like is you can find a way to connect it with your highest values. So here’s what I mean by that. I have found a way to enjoy doing the books. I found a way to really enjoy doing accounting and finance. Because the better I get at that, the more money I’ll be able to allocate to my own personal training. Every time I’m able to really be efficient with money I spend, well that allows me to go to my own personal development stuff. I like to learn, I like to be a student. I like going to classes. I like to go to programs around the world. If I’m able to be more efficient with my money that just allows me to go to a program in London for two days or three days.

If I’m more efficient with money then I have more money to invest in my company in advertising. So I have found a way to connect something I f*** despise to something I really enjoyed doing. Something that makes me feel purposeful. So one thing you could use when you go to this job right now that you really love so much. You can start saying, well, you know what? I’m going to work a couple of extra hours because if I work those extra couple of hours, I’ll be able to invest to myself maybe I’ll take a new program. I’ll build to learn this net. I’ll be able to hire a personal trainer, I’ll be able to buy this book that I really want. I’ll be able to you know, wonderful, healthy meal that’s going to reinvigorate my body.

If you can find ways to connect the things you don’t like to the things you do, then all soon it will become a lot more pleasurable. And that’s how I’ve actually able to fool myself, convince, whatever you want to call it, to actually I’ve got myself to enjoy things I don’t really necessarily want to do. That makes sense?

CASTIAN:  It makes a lot of sense.

JAMIE:   If you’re able to do that and you’re able to feel like you’re living a more purposeful life, you’ll simply have more energy.  The “Oh, God. Jesus, really”… that comes from lack of purpose. That comes from having your day filled up with things you really just don’t want to do.

CASTIAN:  I got it.

JAMIE:   Okay?

CASTIAN:  Perfect.

JAMIE:   Jason, you want to have give some ideas? I don’t know if you found a supplement or two that’s really good. Or you want to hit it from a different angle? Or you want to whatever.

JASON:  Yeah.

JAMIE:   What’s your thoughts man?

JASON:  Well, you know when I was working in a regular job, I kind of went through this too where my energy was completely depleted and you know things I would do would be just kind of go around talking to people throughout the day, whether it was a work day, or like at lunch, whatnot; to get little like energy bumps. I just feel good for awhile because you know like Jamie was saying, you enjoy, you know, talking to people, teaching, learning, by you constantly adding little moments of that throughout your day it slowly, it’s kind of bumps up your energy a little bit like when you barely go out, you don’t feel too talkative or you start talking. Does that make sense, Castian?

CASTIAN:  That makes sense.

JASON:  Another thing I found really helpful and I learned a lot of it from Jamie, was having a morning ritual. That pretty much primes your whole day. So if you wake up and I don’t know how your morning is, but let’s say you do something, you do some affirmations, you look at your whole day with the purpose of like, I’m going to this job for the purpose that it’s going to provide income. That way I can spend it into more learning, I can invest it into more learning and to more into my own business, into whatever it may be really just see the job as an ends to a higher mean that you’re trying to accomplish. And again it’s almost like you have to almost trick yourself but not really. You restructure your thought process to make it seem like the job you’re choosing to be at the job in order to get what you really want later.

CASTIAN:  That makes sense.

JASON:  And then as far as supplements, there’s a lot of stuff, there’s stimulant base and there’s a lot of neutrophics. One thing I take pre-workout that it really kind of works at anytime, it’s called, L-Tyrosine, which is like a natural occurring amino acid. You know if we do the session we could I’ll give you like a breakdown of everything you could be taking. But…


JASON:  Does that make sense from a non-supplement. Just you and your mindset stand point. I feel like I just kind of added on to what Jamie had said.

CASTIAN:  Yeah. That makes sense. Basically we’re restructuring the way you look at it.

JASON:  Yeah.

CASTIAN:  For a higher purpose.

JASON:  So like if your day right, let’s say your goal for the day was let’s say, you wake up in the morning and like okay, my three tasks that I want to accomplish today is I want to go to work and interact with one new person. I want to get home and do something for my own business, and I want to get home and go to the gym after. Now you have this thing where you have something to look forward to and you can almost like reward yourself at the end of the day for accomplishing everything you set yourself to do.

CASTIAN:  That makes sense.

JAMIE:  All right. Awesome! Castian, do you want to do one more question and then we’ll cut off till three o’clock?

CASTIAN:  Yes. So I was wondering what is the good way, I have friends but I want specific types of friends like I want cool friends who are on the same purpose as me and who I value like who off value, you know what I mean? And don’t suck value. I was wondering what would be a good way to get friends like that, you know.

JAMIE:  Okay. You really have kind of really two ways to do it. One is kind of little bit of a random what I mean like you know, withdrawn you’re sociable, you just meet people wherever you go. There’s kind of luck of the draw so to speak. And a lot of your ability to meet the kind of people you are looking for is really a lot of it comes down to kind of assessing people very quickly, you know? Who has value- who does not? I mean a lot of it you’re going to go base on just appearance other ways presents himself, if they groom them self, and you know you’re just kind of a little bit of luck of the draw whether you’ll connect with somebody who really has something to offer what you’re looking for what you want to call a high value connection, right? There’s a little bit of that.

Your second option is really kind of an extension of the first. It’s really just going to place that you’re much more likely to meet people that have what you would consider valuable connections. And often times this is going to mean venues that cost a little bit more of money. You know. It could be, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a night club, right. I don’t mean that sort of way, like they have different social clubs for example or groups that meet but to be part of that group it might cost some thing. They have stuff like that but you know you’re going to be much more surrounded by many more of what you’re looking for.

But then again they may have this social clubs where you can be you know most major mesh Conair has social clubs that you can pay just run yourself a more high value people. And then you can use whatever social skills you have to make more connections. There are other things that you can do, too. There are certain places that even that you’ve much more likelihood that you’re going to meet other high value people or more open-minded people. Simple one’s like the whole foods. Most people go there have a little bit more in general terms have more resources since this is a more expensive place. More people that go there, more often not give a s*** about their body and somebody who’s willing to invest in them self will likely has what you would consider more value or more of what you’re looking for.

So you’re got to meet people in those kinds of place so these are just some ideas that you really want to look up where you’re hanging out. I mean hang out in the kind of places that you’re going to have likely the kind of people that you’re looking. That’s really kind of in. It’s a little bit of a you know luck of the draw depending upon who you engage but I would start you know, if you want a really simple one, you have to start to just kind of go to more places that have more of what you’re looking for. Those kinds of people. I mean, I think the whole foods is a great example but then again like a lot of this social clubs out there will give you, will surround you with  what you’re looking for. Also charity events, too. But again they cost a little money.

Go to a charity event you maybe they have a ticket for something for some kind of a thing needs  $50,  $100,  $200, but if you go there, you’ll have a lot of people around you that have resources and or again willing to invest. They are doing things they are more of an indication that they probably have more of what you are looking for. I mean high quality people hang out with high quality people. They are not hanging out you know. They’re more selective of where they go coz they want to be around people like themselves. You can also do personal development events, too.

Personal development events require you to invest money on yourself. I’ve met a lot of really great people at those kinds of things, but again that stuff cost a little money but it’s worth it. You’re going to learn something anyway a lot of these you know will be five hundred, a thousand dollar, for often times it’ll last the full weekend or longer even. And you’ll have real opportunity to meet people that are looking to do grow the same way as you are looking to grow, hence, you’re going to see them as having more value and you’re going to have a really good opportunity to know them. Plus it’s the type of environment where they encourage you to be sociable and connect with your fellow students. And if you kind of look out there, there’s some things out there that are really good value. There’s this NOP course for example that it’s done by and it’s a 200 bucks you get four full days, man and there may be 20 to 50 people in your class so that’s a lot of people you can network with. And they are all interested in the same stuff as you.

CASTIAN:  Wow. Are you saying well, okay. Never mind. Okay. That’s very interesting, Jamie.

JAMIE:   Yeah, I mean more likely not, there will be, you have to spend a little money to be in this kind of places. I’m a big fan of doing the personal development stuff. You know, I mean, again, you can find some good value ones at the NOP class. For the other stuff they do cost a little bit of money but it’s worth it coz you learn something you want to do anyway. And you’ll be with you know tens if not even hundreds of people that are all like minded and have resource and or high value meaning they are willing to invest in their self. That’s what I’m trying to I consider as high value—if I’m going to summarize what is a high valued person? High valued persons are someone who’s willing to invest on them self. And that’s it, because if the persons are willing to invest in themselves, then they love them self. They care about them self, they believe in them self. That’s how I define high value person. So I’m going to go to places where someone has proven they are willing to invest in them self. Even the whole food zone is great for example because that person is willing to invest in their body. They want to give them self better quality food. That’s a simple way.

CASTIAN:  It makes a lot of sense. A lot of those things I didn’t think about until now. Wow.

JAMIE:   Okay. Awesome! Jason, what do you think?

JASON:  Yeah, just a quick thing. Jamie considers that someone to invest in themselves high value. What do you consider high value because you know high value could be someone that’s investing in themselves, it could be having seller-drug connect, it could be having someone who’s going to get you into clubs, it could be someone that can make you laugh. So there are so many different things that could be of value to you. So I think the first step for you would be to really start honing in on what are traits, what would be your ideal high value character be?

CASTIAN:  Okay. Someone with resources, someone who’s funny.

JASON:  Yes. Almost make a list of that. And so you know what you’re looking for.


JASON:  You know. That’s, first of all, if you know what you want then you figure out, okay, where this person hang out, you know, the common interest and you know and just like what Jamie was saying. Conventions, seminars, huge. I’ve met a lot of great people at personal development seminars of any type. Conventions there are like fitness conventions, there are leadership conventions, there are different kinds of conventions that you can visit on. Even everyday activities that you go to whether it be like a hike, or a gym, or a bar, whatever you’re doing you can be meeting people and you kind of scan and look and you’ll like okay, this person looks like they’re put together. They look like they would add value to my life in some way, you know?

So I think that for me that’s the biggest take away because that’s really my approach. I just go out and I meet people. So I have you know high value friends at the gym, that are really, really fit that’s the value that I see in them, then I have friends at I don’t know a bar that the value they’re bringing to me is that they’re there all the time; they’re hanging out, we laugh, we joke around. So each place too could have, you could have different friends for different I guess needs or things that you’re looking for.

CASTIAN:  Right. That makes a lot of sense.

JASON:  Another thing, oh, the NLP? I think that goes back to your first question that would be something worth learning especially if you’re trying to pursue teaching.

CASTIAN:  Okay. NLP. When Jamie when he talked about the course, it sounded really interesting like I’m always wanted to learn NLP.

JASON:  Yeah. That’s the same one I took and it’s—I recommend that to a lot of people, too.

CASTIAN:  And you says that’s right?

JASON:  Yeah.

CASTIAN:  Okay.  All right. I got it.


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