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TAY 182 : How to create more energy and drive

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Today’s podcast we talked how to create more energy and drive. Our caller had been struggling with procrastination so we discussed the root cause of procrastination. We also talked about the most important financial decision you will ever make.


JAMIE:   And that could be like, maybe you’re dating somebody and you really want to move it to the next level. It could be relationships as far as business relationships, sales relationships, work relationships. So relationship as a whole does not pick up. Anything in that world will be fair game. It could be health related question. You’re ganging on a new work-out program, you’re trying to eat healthier, trying to alkalinize your body, whatever. A lot of stuff is offered there that I’m sure I can facilitate. Also wealth building. Are you starting to invest? Are you building a business do you… whatever it is that you’re—are you trying to get a promotion to work? Are you going through an interview? Anything where you’re trying to keep pushing yourself from an overall personal involvement standpoint, in love, health, and wealth, that’s what this call’s about. Anything outside of pick-up, no direct pick-up questions in this call, okay?

KC:    Got you.

JAMIE:   So anything else is fair game. Because we want you to just f***ng push it and really accomplish some great things in your life so you know, pick up is one piece but you know obviously I want to extend that quite a bit so and then really this is part our personal movement to really establish ourselves really as much more than an overall personal development company which we are not just pick-up. Pick-up is our bread and butter, so to speak but we have a lot more to offer than just that.

KC:    So here’s a hard question for you.

JAMIE:   Okay.

KC:    What have you done if you’d had this issue or who have you helped in the past that you could maybe reach into the grab back to help me get past some issues of procrastination? I deal with, I have a little bit of that deal, man. You know I guess because I’m so active already during the day and so many people and you know if you don’t recall, you know, what I do for a living, I’m a ministry…

JAMIE:   Yeah. I know what you do. I know what you do,

KC:    I have people who pull at me at different times and then after they have done pulling at me sort of during the day, then I have my three daughters who I’m the primary custodian parent of who kind of pulling at me in essence who I have to give out energy for them. And so sometimes, man, when I’m ready to sit down, I’m really just ready to sit down, and I don’t have much energy left or motivation left. Mentally, I want to do certain things, but like when I just run up on a weekend when it’s not my time to have them, have the girls, and we don’t have anything going on you know at my workplace, man, instead of going out, sometimes I will just, man, I will just chill. I love golfing, and it’s hard to meet women on the golf course, it’s possible I would be out there with somebody, but I have picked up some cooking classes that I go to every now and then and it’s a loop because it’s messier than golf.

And getting out and cooking I really enjoy, and you know I’ve been hitting on different women a year, definitely, but yes, I just want to get kind, I want to get past the some parts of the procrastinate—not some, all of it and get on this rhythm of full self improvement you know on a lot of levels just for my health, that’s one thing I need to do. I want to exercise more and just kind of got a work-out plan for the house because I can’t go to the gym because the timing doesn’t work and the distance doesn’t work with the kids and stuff like that. Just don’t work for me. And I don’t have anybody who’s here in the house, obviously, to do that and so I haven’t initiated that part yet but hence, the procrastination.

JAMIE:   Yeah. I do have some great chills. I do a lot of coaching outside of the world you guys know me, so I got a lot of regular tools for you. First, let me bring something to your attention. Did you know KC that energy doesn’t come from food it comes from purpose.

KC:   Got it.

JAMIE:   When you feel purposeful, your energy is limitless. Have you ever, like here let’s—let me give you a scenario here to prove my point. Let’s just say in one of those moods where you’re tired, and you’re not feeling motivated, you know what I’m talking on. You just imagine yourself feeling like that, like you just had a tough day, long day. And you’re sitting and you just want to sit and be by yourself. You remember the last time you did that?

KC:   Yeah.

JAMIE:   Now imagine, wouldn’t that be awesome, now imagine you’re like that, right? And all of a sudden you talk to me and say, hey, KC. I know something that will make you a million dollars in two days. But it will require you not to sleep at all tonight. And then I told you what that thing is. And you heard from me, you’re like, Holy f***. Do you think you’re going to have any problem staying up for you know 36 hours?

KC:    Nope.

JAMIE:   You’ll f***ng make it happen. You following me?

KC:    I’ll stay up to 48.

JAMIE:   Yeah. So energy comes from a mission. So when someone is, when someone says they don’t feel energy? Like that? What that really means is, it means one or two things. It means one, that they’re not, their directing your day based on their purpose or mission. Because when you’re living your mission—

KC:   Yeah.

JAMIE:   Your energy is forever.  You following me?

KC:    Yeah. The… yeah, man. Yeah.

JAMIE:   The second one there is a—the second reason and do write this stuff down coz they are worth remembering. The other reasons why people say they feel lack of energy is because they don’t feel like they have the strategy to get done what they wanted get done. For example in pick-up, right or in meeting women. If you don’t feel like you know how to do it and you feel you’re just going to get rejected all the time, well you’re just not going to do it. In health, if you’ve been on a regimen for like the last three months, and you lost no weight, and you know f*** it. It doesn’t matter anyway I might as well eat that piece of cake. If in wealth, in wealth you don’t really know how to invest your money and you just keep on pay check to pay check it’s very easy to say, you know what? I’m just going to spend some money and go get some drink tonight. I’ll just drink my worries away. You understand? So when people say they don’t feel energy or lack of motivation, what they’re also telling you is that they feel like they have, they don’t feel like they know the strategies to get done what they want to get done. Make sense?

KC:    Man, you took the words out of my mouth. So it doesn’t make sense—it makes a lot of sense. That… so one of the things that I did do in December, I took a week off from work. And I just so happen, I don’t know I get an email from a guy named Michael Hyatt. And he’s big to some other folk. You know he’s a live coach and he has all this products and stuff they’re like a Tony Robbins or whatever. Wyatt has this thing called, “Best Year Ever”, I think my sister send it to me. So best year ever, five days is your best year ever, and that helped me kind of set a plan for some things, set some goals for 2017. Well I was called for the first quarter and I just haven’t… I think a part of it is I haven’t celebrated the progress that I made.

And then I haven’t gone back to look at the next quarter of the goals. The things that happens or stretch myself because the other—the ones that I did set in all these different areas, you know, finance and vocation, spiritual, social, intellectual, parental, all these kind of stuff are just about all those I hit. The financial part I didn’t because I didn’t put the energy into it.

JAMIE:   Remember what I just told about energy though?

KC:    Yeah.

JAMIE:   Energy comes from the purpose and knowing the strategies to get there.

KC:    Right.

JAMIE:   What you need to do if you find that you’re  not having energy to make your wealth building goals, then what you need to do is you need to invest in the time into getting the strategies to give you that. If you need to go another program on wealth building, and you can get some of that here, even on these calls for example, I promise you I have a lot of ideas to give to you.

KC:    Right.

JAMIE:   But if you invest your time in a wealth building program like a reputable one, then you’re going to get more of those goals. You have to, there’s inspiration and there’s inspired action.

KC:    Yeah.

JAMIE:   You need to actually take action. So get the strategies so you’re motivated to implement hose strategies so you’re not making progress in the wealth building, really means you need pour a little more time into getting those strategies that are going to motivate you because you know they work.

KC:    Got you.

JAMIE:   I’ll tell you one wealth building strategy right now, you want to hear it? It’s the simplest thing that’s probably the best thing that you’ll ever hear. Are you ready?

KC:    Yeah.

JAMIE:   And I know you’ve heard this before. But hearing it and doing it are not the same. But this will work, man. I promise you. You’ve heard the term; you’ve heard the phrase, “pay yourself first?” Do you do it?

KC:   No.

JAMIE:   Maybe if you start doing this, this will change your life. You need to set an amount in your head that every month—it could be anything, KC. Fifty bucks, hundred bucks it doesn’t matter. You set an amount then you’re going to pay yourself into the account that is untouchable and you do it every month without fail. Now I know you’re thinking. Whoa, you know what if I don’t have that money this month? Well let me ask you this question KC. What if the government told you that you owe them $200? You’re going to tell me you don’t have the money for them or you’re going to f***ng pay?

KC:   Got to find it.

JAMIE:   So you are your number one creditor. So it’s magically happen is as soon as you start doing that in a disciplined way, you will find the ways to shave off other things, and by the way, I’m just not saying this for the record, I mean this kind of ironic because you’re paying money to us for example, these programs. But you have to pay for programs because it’s the programs that allow you to keep learning strategies. You’re following me?

KC:   Right. It is an investment.

JAMIE:   I’m not just saying this by the way, but this is not the place to cut stuff of from. You know you don’t go to dinner quite as much. You don’t buy that extra gift for so and so. You don’t go to the movies this week.

KC:    Yeah, right.

JAMIE:   You find other things to shave off. You got it?

KC:    Correct. Yeah.

JAMIE:   And I know because you and I have had a couple of conversations, the email versus some budgeting you’re doing? But you don’t budget from investing yourself. The first things you budget from are just these frivolous expenditures. Going out for dinners we’re the best examples. Just don’t go out for dinner this week.

KC:    Right.

JAMIE:   Don’t go out to dinner this month if you have to. F*** it.

KC:    NetFlix.

JAMIE:   Yeah. There you go, whatever. But you need to start, you need to set a date every month needs the first the month, versus day, versus tomorrow. Tomorrow, make tomorrow the day that changes all for you wealth wise. Tomorrow you start putting money every month, pick whatever amount, and start small if you need to. Every month you get $50 or a hundred dollars to an account that is untouchable. You do it every month without fail and no matter what is going on in that month, you find a way to do it because if the government told you that you owe them a hundred dollars, you’re going to f***ng pay.

KC:    Right.

JAMIE:   You’re not going to tell them you don’t have the money this month. So you treat yourself like your number one creditor and when you do that you’re going to magically find away because you’re going to shave expenses from places where you really need to do it. Following me?

KC:    Yes.

JAMIE:   Start doing that starting this month, start tomorrow, tomorrow’s the first. You watch how much things change for you in six months.

KC:    Got you. Done. Done. Thank you, man.

JAMIE:   You’re welcome

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