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TAY 177: Creating sexual chemistry and tension in your relationship

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Today’s podcast we discussed tools to increase your chances of success with moving targets. We also cover how to handle your emotions and perform while talking to a beautiful woman, how to calibrate to create the sexual tension, and how to personalize routines to be more congruent in your interactions.

JAY: This short question so anyone of you if you want but the first one is, I’m having some trouble getting sets to stop, like out late at night, walk in the opposite way, they’re coming my way. And the same thing doing some day stuff at the mall, like you’re, you know, walking to go get clothes and stuff and I’ll say hey, and I think like sometimes my voice is like extra quieter than I think it is, so maybe I have to really project or something, or maybe like turn and start walking with them just for a couple of seconds or something because like sometimes I’m trying to get them to stop. I was wondering what you think?

JASON: Okay, so there’s a couple of different ways depending on the situation. So, you know, by night time I’m assuming you’re talking about like the stranglers outside of the bar, they’re just kind of out there hanging out or are you talking about like just cold approaching like a woman in the dark?

JAY: Well, I’m talking about like down at the bar district and this is like maybe eleven, and they’re like marching on their way to go into one, on the way to go in, you know, so like a two set. And there was like they’re walking with purpose and not just meandering you know, and so it’s like that sort of thing.

JASON: Yeah, because see, that’s going to be tough because that’s, first of all that’s a moving target. That’s a moving target with purpose and their mind set is not, unless you basically come in with enough value to override that sense of urgency to get them into the bar, that’s going to be a tough set, would you agree?

JAY: I would agree. Yeah.

JASON: So, several ways is really, you got to just be able to come with high enough value but then also, instances like that your probability of success are going to drop because of the sense of urgency.

JAY: Okay.

JASON: So with that in mind, work around it is obviously if you happen to be walking in her same direction and then maybe even start mirroring her pace and her sense of purpose to get to a location. Does that make sense? You almost like—

JAY: Right.

JASON: Start acting like them like you’re in a hurry to get in and maybe even walk a little bit ahead of them and then in that way it create this like sense like hey, we’re trying to do the same thing but like how are you doing, and then of course you’re going to use some kind of an opener or some kind of a field testing material that you know works well for you.

JAY: Right. Right. Okay. Huh!

JASON: Does that answer your question fully?

JAY: Yeah. Yeah. Like maybe I’ll pace some little bit and then run the opener. See how that works for those specific situations.

JASON: Yeah. It’s almost like acknowledging the fact that there’s a higher fail rate, but still being able to use the tools that you have available to at least find out how it would have turned out.

JAY: Right. Right.

JASON: Okay. In the same thing applies for the mall. If they’re rushing to get from one store to another store, I mean, I don’t know about you but I’ve had days where I have to go get one thing at the mall but I have to circle the whole thing and then come back and run out and get to my car as soon as possible. Have you had those moments?

JAY: Sure. Yeah.

JASON: So it’s like again, they’re running back to their car. They’re like they might have something else scheduled or whatever. So you can screen between those people and people who are there to just linger around and kind of window shop and have just some mall time. Does that make sense?

JAY: Yeah, maybe a higher success rate there.

JASON: Yeah, because they’re there for the. . . , you know social environment and the shopping and the stimulus, where someone that’s like rushing could really be on a hurry to get into their car.

JAY: Right.

JASON: So then now you have these screening tools where you could look at them and be like well, they’re rushing, they looked closed off, they looked stressed out, versus like okay, yeah, they’re just kind of walking around, taking their time. One of their friends like casually looking around, kind of opening herself to what’s around.

JAY: Or a much more approachable set, yeah.

JASON: Yes. It’s being able to screen for a higher success rate. But again you can’t let that assumption because at that point you’re assuming if you don’t have like a couple subtle cues, you might just assume yourself into not doing anything.

JAY: Huh! Right. Yeah.

JASON: So are there two more parts to this?

JAY: Yeah. The second thing is this I feel like maybe in some of the sets I’m getting into is like maybe a nagging a little too much and I can give you the specific breakdown but the general thing is this, so a couple of the sets is like, I’m from my second or third nag and the girl, it’s not like she’ll get mad or something, but it’s almost like my intuition is like it’s just like I nag too hard and I can tell you exactly what I’m more or less saying if you’d be interested.


JAY: Because it’s hard… Okay, it’s basically this, I mean it’s like open, you know, hey, I just want to come introduce myself, you seem like fun, you know you have good energy that’s cute she knows where those be like. So you have like a West Coast vibe.

JASON: Mm-hm.

JAY: You know, god, not another Midwest girl. Then you’re like, I know what you’re thinking, you better stop thinking that or I’ll call the police, maybe a couple of more things then something like the, and then like well, that’s a cool dress. I saw another girl wearing that earlier. Is everybody shopping at the same store, it’s crazy. You know, I basically run that with one or two other variations and the girl was like. And I think earlier I too went there, you’re not my type or else I would be in trouble.

JASON: Mm-hm.

JAY: You know the girl I forget what she said, she goes, she goes when I said the dress thing, she’s like, you’re good. She’s got and turn around, and you know say well have a good night, or something like that. She turns around smoking her cigarette over by the bonfire. During some dance club—

JASON: Uh-huh.

JAY: Cargo area and I’m hanging back, and I’m noticing she keeps looking at me later on like she still wanted some more, but just my feeling was that through too many negs, or something, and hit her too hard.

JASON: Well, am let me ask you something. What is she doing for you throwing egg? Was she—

JAY: Well, to be honest with you? A lot of these times right now, I’m not calibrating that much. I’m just, I’m at the… in this interaction it’s like I’m saying most everything, you know, I’m carrying it, and I’m just running straight through this routine stack because I have it on my phone.

JASON: Yeah.

JAY: It’s now like I’m reacting to her behavior. So I’m doing it kind of conky and clumsy, but that’s it.

JASON: And that’s the beginning, and that’s going to happen you know. Like I tell people, this is kind of like the training wheels. Now the point of a nag really, it’s you want to reward good behavior, and punish bad behavior. Does that make sense?

JAY: Yeah!

JASON: So, that mixed with you having your personal boundaries of what is and isn’t bad behavior and what is and isn’t good behavior? Having those two things in place, you are able to take input from her basically the way she acts towards you, and calibrate, okay, she actually, she’s being really friendly and nice. I don’t need to nag right now, I should actually reward this.

JAY: Right.

JASON: So I think the next level for you would be the really, this is an exercise I do even with my routines. I visually, as in practicing them or just repeating them on in my head, I visually imagine that someone’s in front of me and I also make up scenarios and give myself like difficult question and difficult scenarios that they would ask, and I would, and I work on just having come backs for them already. You could use—

JAY: Okay.

JASON: You could use that same concept and be like, okay, if she acts this way I’m technically supposed to use a nag here, but the fact that she didn’t act in that soon way she didn’t trigger that nag response.

JAY: Right, so, it’s like I’m going to do more of what’s appropriate in the moment situation, instead of just like this wrote memorize thing, right?

JASON: Yeah! Not, you already good you memorized it, you’re good. Now it’s to internalize it.

JAY: And sort of feel when to throw which thing. Rehearse—

JASON: Yes. Because—

JAY: Yeah, rehearsing with the visualization, yeah.

JASON: Exactly. Your next step, if you have it memorized, your next step is to really make it yours.

JAY: Uh-huh.

JASON: Are you part of the VIP program where you get to watch the virtue of boot camping whatnot?

JAY: Yeah.

JASON: Okay. Go through that video series, I don’t know if we have already? But I give a lot of more routines and openers and a different constructed routine stack that you can implement into what you are already using.

JAY: Okay!

JASON: All right Jay, Do you have your third question? I just want to make sure I have everything covered?

JAY: The third thing is probably kind of related is basically I got a couple at DHV stories from Cosmo, and I’m like use now, and I probably use them like maybe six or seven times in set.

JASON: Mm-hm.

JAY: And I know there’s supposed to be like a congruency and actualization period because at first is not going to sound real and that’s what I’m getting, you know I’m getting at least maybe 30 to 50% of the time, and this is six to seven times I’ve used these stories. You know the girls are saying,  you know I sound like your’ not telling the truth or some variation of that, and it’s like I’m thinking, like should I just, I know I’m supposed to get congruent and takes what twelve or more times, or is it, is that kind of the thing, while I’m on the topic?

JASON: See, I love that the fact that you’re actually counting to times because for me when I say field testing material, it means I went out there, and I tested it at least ten times, and got like a minimum of like a 70% success rate. That’s my concept on that, right? So, it’s great that you’re doing it. Now the congruency is really, because you could sit there and deliver something that you’re not congruent with in infinite amount of times and it’s not be going to become congruent with that first. Does that make sense?

JAY: Yeah! That’s why I’m still wondering, yeah.

JASON: So, the way you make it congruent is, let me see… tell me one of your hobbies?

JAY:  Let’s see what we got here.

JASON: Take it the weirder the better that way I can show you a better example.

JAY: Well, we got playing Frisbee in the park.

JASON: Okay, there you go. You know what my favorite thing to do? Like the craziest thing happen right. So I like to play Frisbee in the park barefoot, and so I’m at the  park the other day and I’m not saying I’m like an amazing Frisbee player, but I’m kind of not a f*** in them.

JAY: All right.

JASON: You see how I really didn’t say anything? But it was more of the way of delivering it. I’ve never played Frisbee. I don’t know what it is?  Does that make sense, the fact that I have nothing to do with that story, but I can deliver it like as if it was… me?

JAY: Right, so maybe it’s somehow you’re accessing your personal finer or just what’s interesting to you as you’re making it up and just going towards that something like that, I don’t know.

JASON: Exactly! And again I use the visualization process concept for longer DHV stories. I imagine myself like f*** , what if this happen to me? You know like, how I would I react? Okay, and then I look for like instances that are like similar to this, and I piece them together where it feels real to me. That way if it is real to me I can deliver it where it’s believable.

JAY: Right, right. Okay. Yeah because that feels like when I’m delivering it sounds like I’m just like this automaton delivering this—


JAY: Memorized thing, and there is no spirit behind it. And so, maybe that’s you know, so to speak that part of all of it, so maybe adjusting the delivery maybe in some of the content, yeah.

JASON: Even if you just tweak your tone. I’m assuming here, but I think you’re probably delivering it like a very dry, reading a Chem tone.

JAY: Yeah.

JASON: Where if you deliver it like this, like you know, so craziest thing, I was, I was talking my mom earlier, right? And apparently… you see how I add more of that emotion, more of that tonality, the tone shifts in my voice.

JAY: Right, right.

JASON: I think just doing that where you apply more enthusiasm, where you’re excited about what you have to say.

JAY: Right. Yeah. Okay. All right. And that’s for me it’s kind of, it’s kind of a balance because you know I can talk like that, or it’s like somehow if I can, somehow learn it to organically come out of me…

JASON: Uh-huh.

JAY: Then it’s even better, but then again I may not be saying the exact DHB but I’m working on it. So, yeah I appreciate the feedback on that.

JASON: Yeah! They’re coming out organic, it’s going to come with the practice.

JAY: Yeah. And I do, and I agree I have worked with that talking slow and loud with enthusiasm, and it is fun, it’s actually fun just to do that in itself in a lot of times, so yeah.

JASON: You command the attention whether, it’s the bottom line really on that, and that what’s you doing when you’re delivering routine stack, your verbal words are only 7% of the actual communication. The rest is covered by the way you stand, by the way you talk, by the tonality in your voice. All of that is a huge factor that is happening behind the scenes that’s really affecting her psychology and her perception of you. And not just with women this is why anyone whether it’s business, friends, family, anything.

JAY: Right. Yeah.

JASON:  All right, Jay.

JAY: That’s a good… that’s good Thanks. Thanks to you, man.

JASON:  How do you feel? Questions’ good? Any other little?

JAY:  Not, not right now. I think I got some good takeaways out of that so, I really appreciate it. Yeah.

JASON:  Okay. Good I like your answer. Okay. So I got Jay. I’m going to jump on BA next, How you doing BA? BA? Okay, BA is not responding right now. I have a Michael.

MJ:  Hey, I just came on board.

JASON:  How are you doing? I‘m just going to call you, M?

MJ: Yeah MJ.

JASON:  MJ. So, what’s your, you know, what do you want to cover or address or something you want to bring to the table from an experience during the week, or just a general question.

MJ: Well, I guess I’m… going through a lot of the technician guys have been teaching us, like it works really great but, the next level you know getting to like, like opening up and all that. You know, that’s going wild, that’s great. But you know what about like the comedy like getting the cocky funny stuff like, Gambits on that.

JASON:  Mm-hm. Okay. So, my question again too is like, are you watching the virtue of boot camp to kind of pick apart the routines that I included in it?

MJ:  I haven’t been able to watch it yet. I’ve been too busy.

JASON:  Okay, because that is like, if you would watch through that it would cover a lot of your question as far as routines about cocky funny. If you email, Len…

MJ: Len? Okay.

JASON: Not Len. What’s the other guy? Oh, s***. No, you know what? Just email, Jamie and we can send you a couple cocky funny style routines. Now the cocky… the cocky style are more of like that short kind of like hit and back off kind of thing. Does that make sense?

MJ: Yep.

JASON:  Like you come in, you deliver it, get that laugh and then you back off because if you start lingering on too much cocky funny? Then you start becoming like kind of douchy, arrogant, annoying.

MJ:  Right.

JASON:  So, you need that balance where you could be that cocky funny, but then you back of and then you could be like the more interesting, seductive and then you back off again and then you come back as like a more you know light hearted, fun routine.

MJ:  Then move on to trying to captivate her in another.

JASON:  Yes.

MJ: With another emotion?

JASON:  Yes, because remember this whole, the game is won in comfort, right? When you open and hook a set it is one part, right? That’s the phase one but the next phase is really creating that connection and building that magnetic attraction basically. That’s where I like to look at it. You’re charging a magnet to be attracted to you.

MJ: Right.

JASON:  And the way you’re doing it, one version of it, if the end is yourself communication, your body language, your none verbal queues; but the other aspect of it is flipping those emotional triggers using the words, your routines, your field testing material. Mixed with that it also, there’s an internal state to it which is you want to come in with the fun vibe the whole time. My way of looking at it is like I’m just having fun with it. Does that make?

MJ: Just go with it.

JASON:  Yeah. And that’s, if you’re able to just let go of the outcome and come off with that energy right off the bat, it’s going to bring out, it’s going to let you bring out the cocky funny aspect of yourself more fluidly. Would you agree?

MJ:  Completely. Last weekend, one of my friends was playing a show and I went to the show, no one can smell an outcome, just decided to walk out of the place when I was done. I had to work the next day and there’s this beautiful there and I was like, bang! Run everything by her and it all went just incredible smooth and number closed her. However, one of her friends had bitch walls up and like poison the water’s on me. So she killed a great thing, right, but whatever. You know like you guys say there’s seven billion people on the planet. I just moved on, right? Now she ended up finding somebody that are actually really was really into so.

JASON:  Mm-hm. Yeah I mean, I think this all like, complement what you just said, but this is of actually a very huge topic in the way I go about you know my interactions and my general way of being where… I just, I see it as like me going out into a social situation, I’m opening up new potential doorways and connections with people, just by the fact that you put yourself out there. The next level is will you have the skills and calibration then you actually getting what you want when you put yourself out there.

MJ:  Yeah. Controlling my own emotions was always be the killer for me. Got much better at that and taking a, took a hypnosis course and I’m halfway through right now.

JASON: Mm-hm.

MJ: That’s been incredible because it’s taught me how to understand and read people much, much better than I did before so, all these little courses and classes are just amazing, like how much it helps.

JASON:  Yeah I mean, I really… Have you heard of a mind map?

MJ: No.

JASON:  It’s basically software. It’s a program I think one of them is like simple mind, and I use this mind maps to kind of breakdown my interactions and my sets and like the train of thought that goes into certain ideas, to really understand what’s going on in my brain and to internally.

MJ:  Right.

JASON:  And those like you said, I use the hypnosis, the NOP; all these different tools and techniques so that I’m basically walking around at like a constant high, like constantly in a state and if I’m at the moment I’m not like feeling good, I have the tools and skills to force myself to be—

MJ: Yeah.

JASON: In that state, you know, and that just comes with practice.

MJ:  Like texting is always been like my weak game, like I’ve struggled with that. However, with these new skills and the power of suggestion and learning to wear them properly, I’ve captivated her and she just completely fell for me just by using the proper wording for everything and it’s truly amazing how powerful that can be.

JASON:  That’s the difference between success and failure and you know surface level in my look like it’s a simple thing to do, but when you dig deeper and deeper and deeper in to it, every subtle little… even like I’m picky about like where to placement, I’m picky about if I want to use superior or not, like that’s I agree with that.

MJ: But doing it auditory, like when you’re on the spot that’s a little bit different, like when you have a text, you are able to think about it and back it up, change your wording; but when you’re right face to face with a gorgeous woman that, you know, you’re nerves are running a little bit higher than they should be.

JASON: Mm-hm.

MJ: I guess that will just come with time, you know that, everything will come naturally, right? Like…

JASON: Yeah. See because I personally—this is what you’re going to find later on, is that, actually, in person is so much easier if you can control your inner emotional state, where…

MJ: Yeah, I believe you.

JASON: If you are face to face with this woman, it almost becomes like this fun energy, little challenging game between you and her where it’s just kind of like the, I don’t want to say control, but like the ball is in your court, and then, she’ll save it like, turn it on you and put it back on your court. And that’s really what the seduction processes is that’s what, that’s , it’s like this little energetic dance. If you want to look at it from that point of view, which is—

MJ: It’s really like… yeah.

JASON: You’re basically like emotionally triggering her and she’s emotionally triggering you. Just because you feel a certain way, you know, you can’t assume that she is-doesn’t feel nervous about you.

MJ: True.

JASON: Because I’ve had multiple instances where women have told me like, yeah, you know, it just sucks when like an attractive man approaches me, and sometimes I’m just sitting there like wish he doesn’t say something stupid so I can keep talking to him. And this is like super common.

MJ: Yeah.

JASON: This is super common like, like real common.

MJ: I can believe that because we are our own worst enemies.


MJ: But it’s also like a measurement of the men we are, like, like you say, this is an art and like I feel I’m in my infancy of learning all these stuff because I just came out of like a ten year relationship so…

JASON: Oh, man.

MJ: You know, it was always easy picking up but when you get into a ten year relationship then you come out in there, and you’re like, okay, where the hell am I now, right?

JASON: Yeah.

MJ: It’s tempts me later.

JASON: Maybe this will help everyone, too because I want to make sure I address everyone’s question, but with this final point, I make a point out it that, you know, whether I am in a relationship or not relationship, whatever my agreement is with the person, right? Because, you know, a lot of it is having your values and boundaries where you know what you want and don’t want. So whatever kind of situation I have set up with the other person, I always make sure that I’m constantly going out, I’m constantly meeting new people, I’m constantly talking to people. Even if it is just to be friendly, right? Let’s say, it’s a monogamous relationship. Well, I still want to stay fluent. I still want to be able to feel good talking to people. I still want to be able to get that, you know, good feeling that I interact with a new person and I probably made their day. Does that concept make sense?

MJ: Absolutely because over my ten year relationship, you kind of let that party your manhood go.


MJ: You become complacent and complacency just kills you and then when you get out of it, it’s like you need to keep that flow and that ability to have some sort of seduction and you still even if you’re not picking up these girls you meet like at work or wherever.

JASON: To the, honestly just going around opening the set, flirting a little bit will super charge whatever relationship you’re in so you can come back to your like actual mate, and bring in that like positive happy state.

MJ: Confidence builder.

JASON: Yes. I mean there is so much in psychology… MJ we can freakin’ get on the two hour call just going back and forth on breaking down the psychology of it, you know, and we can, but does this answer your questions overall?

MJ: Absolutely. Very insightful and I appreciate that.

JASON: Yeah. And anything else if I say something and then, you know have more questions on it, prepare it, and then, do come back with it next time. It’s perfectly okay.

MJ: Yeah.

JASON: Okay.

MJ: It’s a growing, it’s a growing art.

JASON: Yes, yes. And you know the crazy thing is, what I tell you now, could mean one thing now,  but you, two weeks from now, could be listening to the same thing, and be like, oh, man, I had like no clue what he was talking about now that I heard it again.

MJ: Right.

JASON: You’re able to just intake whatever level you’re currently at and then, if you do it again in a couple of weeks, it’s a completely different discussion.

MJ: Thanks a lot.

JASON: You’re welcome, MJ. Okay. So, I got, who else? First person to speak is the next.

WILLINGTON: This is Willington.

JASON: Well, okay. Let’s go, Willington.

WILLINGTON: You can call me W since we’re on the record, but—


WILLINGTON: I got a couple of questions but the one thing that I really want to focus on this call is on a particular incident. I essentially wanted to focus on a bartender.

JASON: Mm-hm.

WILLINGTON: And I knew that, I knew that I was going to get there a little bit later than much six to seven which probably a good time for a bar to get busy. Anyway, we get there on 7:30 and then opened up, actually, first, there’s a set, that kind of open up to me first. The guy-girl pair and the girl talked to me first. And I realized right away, I should have gone with that, kind of run with that instead. But then, I was kind of tensed so I didn’t open, continue to open them. And then, on my left, there was a… there’s a six, so I decided, okay, I’m going to open the six up on her, so that I can get soon as I can built, you know, the DHV and then, get the bartender’s attention.

JASON: Mm-hm.

WILLINGTON: And that went pretty well. I got the bartender’s attention, you know, have some back and forth between her being super busy in all that, so I can tell. And things are going well and one thing is going downhill was when the bartender decided that she wanted to kind of escalate, you know that, sort of back and forth and the six was getting jealous. So then, she caught some kind of attention and it’s kind of like she basically poisoned the well from then on. And then things just went on downhill.

JASON: With the bartender?

WILLINGTON:  Yeah, with the bartender.

JASON: Okay, and she was reciprocating IOI and whatnot?

WILLINGTON: Yeah, so that—so basically the situation is I had a six and a bartender who was like above an 8 and half to nine.

JASON: Mm-hm.

WILLINGTON: And it was just competition and like, I think the frame that the six was using on the bartender was like, hey, you might be a nine but I’m over here and you’re working as a bartender, you know, which could be a s***ty kind of way.

JASON: Yeah. I hate that like negativity judgment to listen.

WILLINGTON:          Right, exactly. Yeah!

JASON: You know, I had similar instances with this and first of all, you know, with the bartender’s, it’s a hired gun, right? So, they’re already going to be nice but—


JASON: They’re obviously still human.

WILLINGTON:          Right.

JASON: So if you snap them out of that work mode where they’re like, actually wanting to talk to you, that’s a different story now. You know, I have something similar where my approach was, you know, very almost like a four word like respectful way. I didn’t come up like I was putting the other girl down. I was like, hey, you know what, like I just kind of met this girl, you know her first? You know, I came off as humor, you know, you always come up with the humor like, dude, are you two like fighting over me? And I had pulled the bartender more side right farther away from the target.

WILLINGTON:          Yeah.

JASON: And I’m like sitting there and I just make a joke out of it, right? Like a funny little thing like, you guys are so totally fighting over me? She’s just like laughs. This is like, no, and then, I followed it up like, I made it seems like, like that girl was her friend like, do you know her? She’s like—

WILLINGTON:          Okay.

JASON: No, I thought, I thought it was… no, dude, like honestly, I was sitting there and she’s starting coming on to me. By the way, she starting coming to me goes back to cocky funny question that I was asked earlier?

WILLINGTON:          Mm-hm.

JASON: If you’re on the line, but a—

WILLINGTON:          Yeah.

JASON: It would be like oh, man, she was coming  on to me and you don’t, my style, I talk to people, I put women in like we’re friends mode versus like I’m a potential suitor because I don’t want to  create  that dynamic, you know, what I mean? So call them like dude or like I treat them like they’re like my friends basically just super natural with it. There’s that mind if you want to look at it from that perspective or if you want to look at it from  like the bratty little sister perspective. It’s that same kind of different way of looking at it versus coming off as a suitor. Does that concept make sense?

WILLINGTON:  Yeah, that would have definitely help me kind of lay off the six and kind of get the bartender’s attention.

JASON:  Exactly. So that’ my rationale of why I use this style of game I do, and then you know based off of a lot of different things I going to have to, you figure out your style with time. So you know with that I take on that like, dude, like it was totally fighting over me and she’s starts laughing and I’m like no, I was like, well, you know her? Like are you guys’ friends or something? She says like, no, I thought that she was like with you, or I thought it was like you know they… and at that point you’re kind of like, no, actually like I came in I was just trying to get a drink, and she started coming on to me and I’m actually getting a little worried now that blah, blah, blah. And I kept going with it, teased her a little bit, more of attraction spikes, attraction spikes; and then I was a able to transition into the qualifier. You know the model right?

WILLINGTON:           Yep.

JASON:  Okay, so basically I was able to transition it like qualification mode and create a good, a man of rapport where I was able to still close even though I had the other person. And then other instances you know, if you don’t have someone close in, you can use like similar things like if you, let say same instance; you are standing there trying to hit on the waitress, I mean on the bartender and there was like  a girl next to you and you’d like, make like this, whole you know secret, this whole like secret story between you and her, imaginary story about how you guys like that random girl that you guys don’t even know is trying to break you guys apart  and blah, blah, blah.


JASON: Does that make sense, though? It’s like that it creates that us frame like it’s you and I against like, this girl was trying to break us apart

WILLINGTON:           Yeah I know I got that. That’s really good.

JASON:           It just makes it fun and playful.

WILLINGTON:          Yeah, absolutely.

JASON:           All right, W. Feel good about that?

WILLINGTON:           Yeah absolutely. Thank you.

JASON: All right. Let see, I got MJ, Mike?

MIKE:             Which one?

JASON:  Well, I got, I only have one on my list here. Whoever spoke? Let’s do that.

MIKE:             Can you hear me?

JASON:  Yes.

MIKE: I just want to tell you about a story that helped me a few weeks ago, in a bar, me and my friends and we’re turned on this two little girls and we ended with a couple of hours with them talking away.

JASON: Mm-hm.

MIKE: I met a girl then after, and she asked me for my number or she asked me for my Facebook and she added me as a friend.

JASON: Mm-hm.

MIKE: She post it off just like it was just the two of us in this bar, then she asked me  for my number and she want me to send her for phone dates and then things going really well. We’re alone together and it goes, come closer I want to tell you something, and she was like, what? And I was because… she was like, what? And I said again because she’s hot. And she was, oh, right. Okay. Sorry, I just started seeing someone.

JASON: Mm-hm.

MIKE: I messed it up when I see more and more person at the same time and I was like, okay. So we hang about for the rest of the night and then she asked me where I lived and she gave me a lift home in her car to my house,  I invited, asked her and she said no, and it’s a family day I have to get early tomorrow morning.

JASON: Mm-hm.

MIKE: So I never got a message from her the next day. And when I was trying to send a meme message from her phone so, and I haven’t heard from her since, so should I pursue her or should I let her go?  Because I felt like it really went really well.

JASON:  Well, the first thing is, how much have you tried contacting her already?

MIKE:              I don’t know and whatsoever.

JASON:  Okay then, I would, have… you know what memes, right? Like the funny little pictures?

MIKE:             Yeah. Yeah.

JASON:  I use those because someone already did the humor for me and all I had to do is copy and paste it. Or I like calling just because they hear my voice again. Another thing I do is, I’ll call like at a time where I’m kind of hoping that it’ll go to  voice mail, so I’ll be like, hey! What’s up? Like you know this is Johnny Cash from the bar last night. You know it was great meeting in a middle of like setting up a little pool party thing, but just shoot me a text, you give me a call later, bye. It was a cool meet… you know it’s just very like, you coming in a high energy like, hey! What’s up? You know—

MIKE: Yeah.

JASON: I’m doing this with friends, blah, blah, blah. But give me a call or shoot me a text later.

MIKE:             I sort of felt like that. It’s in the [inaudible] as a friend on Facebook.

JASON: Mm-hm.

MIKE: She posted it [inaudible] it’s just us in bar, even when she was with her friends. So I sort of felt—

JASON: Well—

MIKE:             That she deliberately did that to make this person she was seeing jealous.

JASON: Well, can I break down what kind of happen in the interaction that I feel that happen without actually being there?

MIKE:             Hit it.

JASON: Basically, there was not enough sexual attention for her..You didn’t give her the space to realize that she like to have or that she wanted to have sex with you.

MIKE:             Right.

JASON: You were too on it without building enough to it. Does that make sense, first that concept?

MIKE:             You mean like a… should I ask a little more or?

JASON: See, if you over escalate, you come off as like sexually needy or sexually deprived.

MIKE:             All right.

JASON: So it’s about being able to back off, remember, you know that concept to push and pull? So let’s say you would’ve create that tension right, you went in for a kiss, whatever, and then backed off, right?

MIKE:             Right off the hook.

JASON:  And that’s when she told you she had a boyfriend or was she…

MIKE:             No she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She just started seeing another fella.

JASON:  Yeah,

MIKE:             And she didn’t want to see two people at the same time.

JASON:  Yeah, see—

MIKE: You see I would have immediately backed off after the first attempt.


MIKE: She said like, what? But didn’t get’s that, so I goes, come closer, I want to tell you something, and try to be closer and said, what? So I felt that she didn’t realize I was trying to kiss her, she thought I was trying to tell her something.

JASON: Whoa.

MIKE: When I try to kiss her the second time that’s when it went two in a row.

JASON: Mm-hm. Okay so let’s say you did that right? And then you back off and then she tells you, oh, you know I’m seeing someone. I mean that’s cool she wasn’t trying to hit on you. We just met like what are you talking about? It’s basically you’re so unfazed by it but the self-communication there is that like, oh, this is just me being me, right? And you backed off and you, at that point demonstrated that you are willing to take it there even if you don’t so then you back off, have more rapport building and then wait till it’s at a high vibrational state again where she is laughing and you can do another keno move, it might not be a full on kiss but it could be something right below it where it’s like risky enough to show your intention, but then you back off again. In that way, it’s creating the attention, and then also the fact that she gave you a ride home?

MIKE: Yeah.

JASON: Do you really think any girl would give a random guy that they just met a ride home?


JASON: It’s like she wanted it but you just didn’t trigger the right switches.

MIKE: All right, okay.

JASON:  But other than that you’re kicking ass, I mean from like when we started, when I started seeing on the calls to what you’re telling me now, it’s seems like you’re getting what you want.

MIKE: Yeah! Yeah!

JASON: Or starting to see there’s—

MIKE: Yeah. I got laid on Friday night.

JASON: Good! All right. Does that answer your question?

MIKE:  Yeah! Yeah. I just wanted to break time things, things aren’t wrong.

JASON: But do you see how it could have gone—

MIKE: Get into the ones that went right.

JASON: But you could see how it could have gone right, right?

MIKE: Yeah.

JASON:  By tweaking those little things? Yes?

MIKE: Yeah! It’s when you know, most that hang out you know, I was kicking myself off about after a lot of stuff like do wrong it’s obvious. Yeah! You know the next morning like a f***!

JASON:  No, but that’s see, that’s good that you’re able to recognize it on the moment that’s like—

MIKE: Yeah, yeah.

JASON: You kind of, now you’re aware of where you’re messing up, where before you had no clue where you are messing up and you are messing up. Now, you’re like why messed up but at least I know it so I can do something about it.

MIKE: Yeah!

JASON: Now you’re doing good. I mean, I remember you from a couple calls where you are kind of like trying to get in to this, where now you’re like, it looks like you have success.

MIKE: It’s just I feel like frustrated mates like but just keep pushing on through.

JASON: Yeah!

MIKE: Yes! It’s just a matter of like internalizing.

JASON: Remember just have fun with it. Go with that mindset. I’m putting myself out here for a new experience. I don’t care about meeting people, I don’t care about anything. I just want to do something cool in my life that’s going to make me feel good. You can take it whatever mindset you want as long as you know that you’re doing this for you. You’re not doing this for women, you’re not doing this for your friends. You’re doing this because you want a certain result, right?

MIKE: Yeah.

JASON:  So, you go out with that mindset like this is for me. I’m going to enjoy myself and I’m going to just have fun and I’m going to get back better at this and I’m already getting better at this.

MIKE: Yeah. Because I got confidence like so few people are doing this like—

JASON: Yeah.

MIKE: So be still in it like you know, like I thought that [inaudible] see something else. The woman that I think of…

JASON: You start living in a different reality.

MIKE: Yeah.

JASON:  Okay! So, does that answer everything? I want to—

MIKE: Yeah!

JASON: Give everyone else a chance.

MIKE: Yeah. That’s good all.

JASON: Okay! So, based off my thing I have Hollaloo, BA, and Cassiden, still on. Is there someone else I missed right now? Okay! You will change Paul?

PAUL: Yeah! Yep! Paulo. Paul. Either way.

JASON: Okay! Hit me with your question, man! Let’s go.

PAUL: You know, it’s my, I don’t really have question for my very first call and I’m completely new it this. So, I’ll take any advice you can give me just to get me started.

JASON: Okay! Where you at?

PAUL:  The very beginning. I’m still trying to get the confidence to even talk to people.

JASON: So, you are at the approaching level, right?

PAUL: I guess so. Yeah.

JASON: Okay! That’s a perfect place to be at. Have you been watching—

PAUL: I have to get there at some point.

JASON: No! I’m serious like the fact that you’re taking action is huge.

PAUL: Right!

JASON:  You know, it’s like… like you could have spend your Friday night at home watching the best of porn hub, but you actually chose to like take action, you know that? That’s big, like you got to first of all give yourself credit for that.

PAUL: Okay!

JASON: Have you started watching the virtual boot camp?

PAUL: I know I watched the, I think it was a video that would by you actually. Where you were I think teaching a group.


PAUL: I stopped to watch the virtual boot camp. I think it was the next one.

JASON:  Okay! So, basically, start catching up on those videos because I, I think that’s a pretty solid game plan of where to start and since you haven’t caught up with them yet, what I’d recommend for you is get yourself Google 3 openers. Test them out, see which one works best and throw away the other two for now. Have them there like that, know that you can use some later, but just have one that you are an expert at. Does that make sense?

PAUL: Yeah! I understand what you are saying. If you get me the courage though to try them out, I don’t know what to say… Maybe the other guys have some advice too but…

JASON: Whoa.

PAUL: You know, how do I get out there and actually do it.

JASON: What’s stopping you from doing it? Apart from courage.

PAUL: Pretty much it.

JASON:  Well, a part from that. Like if there was something else, what would it be?

PAUL:              I don’t know, Self-esteem, shy.

JASON: Self-esteem, shy. Okay. Do you have friends you go out with?

PAUL:  Yeah! Of course.

JASON:  So, if you’re out with a group of friends and you happen to turn around real quick and asked an opinion to someone, does that push your boundary too much?

PAUL: I don’t know.

JASON: What if you know exactly what to say?

PAUL: Yeah. If I know exactly what to say, yeah, that would be better. But I think it’s kind of a dynamic world you cannot, you can only say the same thing every time.

JASON: Well, this is what I’m trying to breakdown the concept of routines for you. So what if you know exactly what to say and what if you knew exactly what to follow up with once you started the conversation and you knew almost exactly at what point she was going to laugh, you almost knew exactly at what point she’s going to make a worried facial expression and then followed with like a laughter. Like you basically knew the key points of how the whole interaction was going to go. Do you think that would be beneficial?

PAUL: Yeah! Absolutely!

JASON: So, that’s basically what the routine stack is. One of our callers’ earlier mentioned they had a routine stack that they’ve been trying, but they’re saying they’re too mechanical? Where you in on that part?

PAUL: Yeah. Yeah. I was here from the beginning. Yeah.

JASON:  It’s the exact same concept. If you have one that works for you and you can own it, I guarantee you that you can deliver it and you might not be closing every single set but you will get some kind of further progression than you would which is going in there cold turkey. Does that make sense?

PAUL: Yeah.

JASON: And then—

PAUL: It always seems like you know when you go out people are kind of doing the wrong thing and…

JASON: Mm-hm.

PAUL: You know, it’s always, you’re trying to find out that moment to move in like a—

JASON: You’re talking about a female?

PAUL: Yeah!

JASON: See they are doing their own thing but why did they get ready for two, three hours to be there?

PAUL: To look good in front of the people?

JASON: Yes, so do you think these two set that you’re starring at sat there for you know both of them for a total of four hours to go to a bar and sit down, and talk amongst themselves like just them too?

PAUL: No, probably not.

JASON: They’re obviously there to put themselves out there and create a new experience for themselves, right?

PAUL: Right, yeah!

JASON: So what you’re doing here is you’re facilitating that. You’re bringing in value as that person that’s going to create that experience for them. Remember when a girl like hooks up with a guy, their, they would not tell their friends a romantic fairytale story of how it just magically happened and it just flow there and it was just so natural, and so… it just…  you got that concept, right?

PAUL: I do, yeah!

JASON: So it’s up to you, whether you like it or not to take that initiative and make that feel like it just happened.

PAUL: Okay!

JASON: And a tool that we have especially at the beginning would be the routine material because that’s going to take away the fearing of not knowing what to say. Using that material it’s going to automatic—if you’re delivering it, and you really personalize it where you feel like it’s your own unique material, you’re going to deliver it in a funny, playful vibe which is funny, because it’s funny, playful material. So your physiology is going to follow your psychology. Does that make sense?

PAUL:  Yeah! It makes sense. Yeah.

JASON: So it’s almost like you put on training wheels to be this person until it’s so engrained, how and you test it so many different possibilities of what your best self would be that you’re able to now present that to everyone you meet. Do you see that evolution-transmutation process that occurs from using routines at the beginning?

PAUL: Actually I can imagine that. Yeah.

JASON: Yeah! I mean, right now it’s still theoretical because you just started you know. But—

PAUL: Right.

JASON: When you start seeing successes, success builds on successes.

PAUL: Right!

JASON: What I’d recommend for you is get yourself a solid routine stack. And you know watch the videos on the virtual boot camp and remember the model. You want to open, just grab there—an opener is just to get their attention and you want to get off of it as soon as possible. A lot of mistakes people do is the fact that they open the set and they have the woman talking to them, and they sit there and let her run the conversation about whatever opinion opener you used or whatever gambit you used to start that conversation. Does that make sense?

PAUL: Yeah! That makes a lot of sense.

JASON:            You just want to get her attention, get her laughing, qualify, basically give her a reason for you to even continue that interaction. Have her you know qualify or explain why she is a cool person, or a potential mate, a good potential suitor for you. That way it switches the cards around and then when she proves that she’s cool, and you prove that you’re cool all ready because you came in giving value and making her laugh right off the bat, then you transition into where you could start building rapport and more of that connection and getting to know each other level, which I would call like the mid-game or the comfort phase or the seduction aspect of it. It’s really like the same thing picked apart from different lenses. Does that make sense, just the general?

PAUL: Yeah. In theory, no, in theory it makes sense, man. I read up on some of that stuff too, it’s just get knocked down, I guess doing it is the hard part.

JASON: Yeah, there…

PAUL: It’s still the beginning, I’ll work on it.

JASON: Because I mean, one thing I could note at the beginning, sometimes when you’re out there and you’re seeing success implementing this stuff can like be drastic. But sometimes I find it, it’s very hard to start when you don’t know what you’re looking for. And—

PAUL: Yeah.

JASON: You know, where I can tell you is look up the routines and go do them and they will work. And if they’re not working, then you’ve got to look at the possible variables you know. Am I delivering it right? Am I forgetting the words? Am I using the right routine? Is this routine good for my demographic? So, what I could recommend for you in the long term, honestly, there is nothing like a live experience to really get the full basically immerse yourself completely in the experience and how this works, you know. But, for now, get yourself a routine stack and start doing it, and you’re going to notice the difference right away like I almost guarantee you.

PAUL: Okay! I’ll do that.

JASON: Was this helpful? Is this kind of what you are looking for that you want more technical, more step-by-step breakdown, or did I address it in both ways?

PAUL: Yeah, yeah, no it’s fine. It’s the first time and I’m just even enjoying just listening to other guy’s experiences and things like that. It’s just comes help me learn.

JASON: That’s what’s to come for you, you know, like a funny question I was telling one of my friends one time like, you, know man, like sometimes these girls are relentless like, I have like nights were I just wish that they wouldn’t text me so I can spend some time to myself. Like we’re trying to come over whatever and his like, whoa, you know what man, that’s a good problem to have.

PAUL: Yeah! I’d be glad to say I wish I had that problem.

JASON: And you know, the beauty of it is you can, as you know some of the guys that has been doing this longer are starting to have that problem, you know. It’s starting to become like, oh man yeah! This is like too much to manage.

PAUL: Yeah.

JASON: But again it’s time, it’s persistence, anything you do while… school, education, a job. Anything that’s worth having really is going to take that effort to cultivate that.

PAUL: Okay! Yeah, hopefully on the next phone call I will be a little bit more experienced, I guess.

JASON: Yes, get yourself a routine stack and test it out at least five to ten times.

PAUL: Okay.

JASON: That would be my recommendation.

PAUL: Will do. Thanks!

JASON: Okay! So I still have BA and Cassiden. Who wants to go next?

CASSIDEN: I will! This is Cassiden.

JASON: All right. Let’s do this, Cassiden.

CASSIDEN: Perfect man! I was just wondering why is, why does jealousy repel woman so much? And a follow up to that question would be, what is some practical ways to get rid of those destructive behaviors?

JASON: Mm-hm. Man, honestly. If you’re jealousy trigger, if your jealousy gets triggered during a set, during an interaction such a f***ing turn off for some reason. And the reason is that you’re not able to control yourself. From what I have experienced with that, you come off as like childish, but when they do it, in their head it’s okay. Does that make sense? At that level? I’ll go deeper.

CASSIDEN: It doesn’t.


CASSIDEN: Yes. Yes, please.

JASON: Like I would go deeper into it but I’m just saying like at that surface level, the whole jealousy thing obviously it’s like a negative low vibrational emotion, right? It’s not attractive.


JASON: It makes you come off as childish. It makes you come off as un—as not having control of your environment as being swayed by a simple environmental factors. Would you agree?


JASON: Now, as far as combating it do you want, do you have a specific example where it came up or just a general?

CASSIDEN:  I’ll speak in more generally, yeah, more generally.

JASON: Okay, because yeah, I mean obviously there’s going to be set, you’re going to be out there, you’re going to be dating chicks that are maybe talking to other people, because I mean you want to be out there and you want to be dating, you know, I’m not sure what your specific goal is, but some guys might be out there and be like I want to date 10 women blah, blah, blah, whatever their thing might be. Well, you got to realize if you’re living that lifestyle there are certain responsibilities and levels of maturity that you have to come to hand within yourself as a person. In the sense that if you’re doing this more likely than not, some of the girls that you’re dating are doing that too. Now you could seat there and mope about it because you have that connection and you’re that other aspect of like ownership concept because you have that emotional attachment might get triggered than you. You following so far?


JASON:  So, first of all it’s having that level of maturity where you can say I’m going to live this lifestyle and this is probably happening but I’m just being aware of it and accepting that’s probably happened and not letting it affect me. That way, when the girl does come to you instead of you having any kind of resentment, you actually, you’re bringing her into this like warm welcoming place where it say, hey, you know, everything that’s going on outside of this thing doesn’t matter right now. It’s just you and I. So that’s how that level of maturity will let you be more patient with the person. Does that make sense?

CASSIDEN: Yes. Hold no grudges.

JASON:  Yeah, it’s basically like you know what you got yourself into, Cassiden. You wanted to start this relationship, you wanted it to be a certain way, you want the flexibility to see and talk to other women, well you have to accept that that might be going on the other inch to and you have to be strong and mature enough about it. Now, it could also happen when you’re out with a set or opening a set, let’s say you get a mug coming in trying to take your girl away, you notice that she’s paying more attention to him, you might feel jealous at that moment but if you show that reaction then you’re going to look again like you can’t control yourself, you can control your environment, you’re not able to influence your environment. Thus that makes sense in that scenario?


JASON:  So then again, it’s being able to control your internal state and stay calm just like how you will control it if you felt nervous, stay calm and you know you can better assess the situation like if this guy basically like was your set still not hooked where this guy has able to take her, if was she hooked enough for you’re able to kind of just get rid of this guy by making him look dumb or by diverting his attention into something else and pulling your girl away. You’re more mentally capable of making this split moment decisions versus if you’re being controlled by an emotional state.

CASSIDEN: Yes. I’m actually experienced that more so than general, general like, jealousy like, like you said, like if emo comes in—

JASON: Mm-hm.

CASSIDEN: Or whatever. You know I have experience like that especially if you know I’ve been running routine stack and we just been vibing, you know and then all of a sudden he tries to come take her away.

JASON: Mm-hm.

CASSIDEN: Or whatever. Yes, those have happened to me.

JASON:  Hey, you know what, Jessie Cat? This guy is a f***ing badass. He’s going to take care of you, he has road dog like 500 chicks.

CASSIDEN: That’s funny.

JASON:  Hey, man, she’s not interested in like secondhand sex at the cockroach motel, okay, we’re having a conversation here. Hey, man, your wife and kid called, wife and kids called. They were asking when the electricity is coming back on. You see these—


JASON:  Searches funny a mug tactics, they’re going to flip the switch without you even reacting is just going to be like, it’s almost like you’re unfazed but I think the best way to handle it is be completely unfazed by it. Let them like deliver one or two lines which are probably be kind of cheesy and stupid and then you just f*** in, cut, and stack on top of him and if you want to… depends how bad you want to really make them look. Does that make sense? You can use like a funny playful one there or you can use like do this because he’s a f***n’ rock star man, he has road dog like 500 chicks. The girl’s going to laugh, the guys going to—


JASON: Feel stupid. So, now instead of being worried about the jealousy and the fact that he could take her away from you, now you’re just like I’m just going to have fun with this, too.

CASSIDEN: Okay. I got it.

JASON:  Does that answer your question?

CASSIDEN: Yes. That’s affects us.

JASON:  Okay. According to this, my last guy is B.A. B. A.? Or is there anyone else that I didn’t get to? I think B.A. logged off. Any other like last minute questions or anything that popped up?

MJ: Yeah, real quick. The virtual boot camp, where can we find that?

JASON:  Yeah. I’m assuming you guys are all part of the VIP thing?

MJ: Yep.

JASON:  So basically we have, we’ve released content every week or two weeks depending as it comes up but on there, there’s like a constant release of like boot camp footage.

MJ: Okay.

JASON: Which could have been the one where am lecturing, you could have just caught one part of it. So it’s almost just be in the lookout for new content dropping all the time. Does that make sense?

MJ: Yeah. I don’t know like what page specifically.

JASON:  Page specific? Okay.

MJ: I mean I can take that off line I can just follow it up with Jamie.

JASON:  Yeah. I was just going to say any questions follow up with Jamie.

MJ: Sounds good.

JASON:  Anything else guys? Yeah. I don’t like it B.A. signed out. I should have gotten to him. Anything else guys? You guys feel good?

MJ: I’m good. I appreciate your time, yeah.

JASON:  Okay. So did someone just signed on right now? Hello? Okay, guys—

CASSIDEN: I mean,—how about the face, I mean if you have a little time, I was wondering if you guys have a few sound bites, [inaudible], there’s like a price frame like a good price.

JASON:  You’re the price? Hm… The price. Are you coming on to me? Price. Do you have more specific situation?

CASSIDEN: Like, excuse me. Like let’s say, you know, how like sometimes woman they have the whole price frame like it’s kind of like you know that you’re hitting on them like they have a s*** are things like that, and they’ll have these the same, but I was like looking at more of a way to flip the script.

JASON:  Hey lady, I’m not going to kiss you, okay? Hey, which is May? I’m not going to hook up with you. You are going to take me to like steak and a couple of dates before we do that. A big way that I do it is I always flip that gender role of her having to seduce me and I make a joke out of it.

CASSIDEN: Uh-huh. Okay.

JASON:  A bigger part of it I think the real core of it is the internal of actually seeing yourself and believing 100% that you are of value to people.


JASON: Or the price wherever you want to call it.


JASON:  So it’s a mix of inner and outer where if your inner is pretty set you can deliver the outer and have it mean exactly what it was supposed to mean.

CASSIDEN: I got it.

JASON:  But to those two or three little sound bites I gave you kind of add to that?

CASSIDEN: Yes it did. Thank you.

JASON:  All right, guys? Anything else?


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