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TAY 176: Telling the perfect story to pickup girls

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Today’s podcast we focused primarily on DHV story writing. One of our top coaches reconstructed a clients DHV story to be significantly more engaging as well as helped him place DHV spikes in the right places.

RON:  Yeah. Well, the past couple of weeks have been semi productive more so than usual.

JAMIE:   All right!

RON: I end up doing seven approaches which nothing too out of the ordinary. I’ve really been working the lines that I picked up from the camp and just trying to do those first three stacks and pretty much then just transitions into normal conversation. Well I’m kind of thinking I should be focusing as I need more DHV stories.

JAMIE:  Okay.

RON: And I just send you that one, which I’m still… I’m having second thought about it. I’m not sure if I like it or not. So I was [inaudible] here just to hear your feedback on that if you had a chance to read it yet.

JAMIE:          Yeah, the last few weeks been kind of a little crazy. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. I will go through these DHV stories and get that back to you. You now probably have to jump on a call though, okay, once I’ve gone through it. Step [inaudible]

RON: Okay, no problem.

JAMIE:          Yeah, I mean actually going to go through it and then… you have the examples I’ve sent you before there, right? I want to make sure I sent you to a bunch of those templates. You have all that stuff, right?

RON: Definitely and then I fused together my own based on a real story and I’m just kind of weird, I feel weird telling it, it just doesn’t feel like me, you know. We’re still kind of workshop in it, I guess.

JAMIE:          We’ll fix it. We’ll fix it. I mean a lot of [inaudible] DHV story is really good. It’s like just the, you know, just the way to introduce it. For example even just introducing with an intriguing question like for example like this, Ron—have you ever been given something you probably shouldn’t have taken? You said something like that, words that it’s intriguing, it’s interesting but starting with a question is usually a really great way to go. Are you following me?

RON:  Yeah. Yeah.

JAMIE:          You see, you want something like that. Even examples you have are not essentially intriguing questions if you notice they kind of start with a question. You know, it’s all you think you’re introducing a topic where you don’t really give a s*** if she has an answer or not, you’re really just using it as an excuse to stack forward to your story, but my point is whether a really great general rule to start the DHV story is with an intriguing question. Make sense?

RON: Okay. Yeah.

JAMIE:          But I’ll go through that stuff, so let’s do this, let’s go over some scenario for you from like the last week or so. Let’s do like kind of one or kind of break it down a little bit. You have something like that from one of those seven?

RON: Yeah. Probably the most suitable one was just couple of days ago. Just had at a coffee shop I sat down with some girl. I did a whole, hey, I got a weird question for you. Can you watch my stuff? I’ll come back and I’ll do the… just close. Or, you know actually I do have a weird question ill do it… just close. Hey, you have a good energy, do energy read. You feel like you have a West Coast vibe. And then we kind of started talking about where she’s from and whatnot… she’s from the Seattle area then I said, oh, I like to travel a lot. I was over in New York City visiting my brother at Julliard. Kind of drop hints like that and drop into a DHV story, but it turned out really clumsy, you know. I think I didn’t really have the lines down, I didn’t have the transition right, I didn’t have a question to introduce it. And it kind of… I don’t know. It came out okay but it didn’t come across as smoothly as I intended. So that’s kind of a recap.

JAMIE:           Okay. Jason, you want to start?

JASON:            Yeah. Okay. So basically one way… just like how Jamie said starting with the question, but it could be like still question like… one of the DHV stories I use is the girl’s party harder. That’s what I called it, right? So I’m talking like, let’s say—

RON: Yeah.

JASON:          Where are you from? Oh, okay. Cool. You’re craziest. You know, what I learned? Girl’s party way harder than guys. That’s a statement but then they are like, what? What do you mean? Why? Does that concept make sense to you, Ron?

RON: Yeah. That makes sense.

JASON:          So let’s see, what’s the brief find your story? Like just plot line some real of it.

RON: Hang on, sorry. Can you still hear me?

JASON:         Yes.

RON: Okay. Basically it’s about I went to New York City last year.  Starts off I’d say, well, I may, I kind of inserted this girl name, Ashley, based off on the examples Jamie gave me.

JASON:          Mm-hm.

RON: So that’s most not true but I say, hey, I’m in New York City, my friend Ashley and Felise, the Fashion designer wanted to come around and see me so we hang out a few days. Goes to this switch out bar about noon, get kind of drunk, walked around, end up at Union Square. I ended playing with some of the chess hustlers with some pretty clothes and exciting game. We play again and then he opens up tells me a little bit about his sex stories, and it was really interesting while I kind of detail a little bit more during the story.  And I go through that and then I kind of drop. Yeah, we didn’t make it to my friend’s club like we planned to but we end up taking a helicopter ride around the city which was cool. But the point is I really like people with great back stories and I feel like everyone that’s had that story they keep telling it over and over and then I transitioned into something else, So that’s just a bit.

JASON:          Well, here are a couple of things, Ron. So you’re telling this story the whole time I’d be wondering like for what purpose? Like what is he trying to convey, you know. Because I can say you hang out with a girl but how does that relate to me. I’m not like laughing, I’m not like, and so one way you could have done it is let’s say you tie with a conversation talk like, you know what? You remind me of my friend, Ashley. We have like fucking craziest ever. We don’t see each other often it’s like we’re one of those friends where we’re like you just run into him every once in a while, but it’s like as if you never stopped talking to him.

Anyway, so I show up to New York one time, right? And you know, she’s out in the area wants to meet up so whatever we meet up, we walked around hanging out. You know we end up like going to this cool rooftop bar and as I’m walking down Union Square, there’s a group of people playing checkers. Now they don’t know that I’m a f***ing checker master like if checker was MMA, I’d be number one. So I sit there and you know I start going at it. I’m like sweating, I’m like watching this guy’s brain thinking, and the girls like turned on, I don’t know why? Then they just watching me like, my prime you know, I’m doing what I do. But anyways, so I take this guy down and we’re about to head to this club and for some reason I met the most interesting person and ended up in like a helicopter ride around the city. And blah, blah, blah. So you see how I just kind of shifted the little words funny?

RON: That was like ten times better than what I had. Nice. Yeah, I like it.

JASON:         But, see, you would take that a sick story that I told because I would add the humor to it? But then you would also bring in the aspect of the fact that, that girl reminds you of your friend Ashley and why? So if we, let’s see we add a little bit more detail to that to make it meaningful to you. You remind me of my friend Ashley like, she has this like very deep side of her where there’s a lot of substance to her person, you know. You know in the surface level she’s cool. But anyway, one time we were like out in New York, right and blah, blah, blah. Now you’re kind of tying it to her and does that makes sense like I kind of took your same story and I just tweak it a little bit, make it funnier?

RON:  Yeah. That makes a lot of sense and I really like that transition into it. I’m going to start using that.

JASON:          Yeah. So let’s see now you have you know you want to open it like a DHV story or a tie converse—or like a tie a two conversation. Another way you could open it, it would be like, have you heard checkers or chess? No, yeah? You know I’m like the top chess player in my, the whole state, like if we would have to play chess, I would win, and start laughing, and then you can go in to like, no, one time I was at… you know, whatever park with my friend, Ashley, and we go on walking on the street and this guy tries to like challenge me at chess. So, seeing now it’s the same story, but now we changed it up to tie to another topic. And then you introduce the interesting by saying like, you know what? I’m like the best! I’m like the chess champion of Washington. So, even though typically like in, people’s perspective, chess isn’t like a cool sport, you’re not saying like, oh, I’m anime fighters, or something. But you talk about it like it’s such a bad ass, interesting thing, and you’re interested in it.

RON: Yeah! I kind of, in the story I wrote that well, you know, I used the study chess a lot  and Ashley was, you know, daring me, trying to get me to play, just begging me to play so I thought, you know, all right, now not at my best but I’ll play and that’s how I kind of framed it.

JASON:           Right.

RON: But I didn’t want to make it seem like I’m bragging too much or seem like I’m the best because I’m certainly not. I’m not bad, but I—

JASON:           Cool.

RON: Kind of played it off, like I am good, but I’m not going to be upfront about it.

JASON:           See if what you doing is really like, you’re, instead of, you’re pushing it to the point of ridiculousness.

RON: Okay.

JASON:           And that’s what makes it funny.  Like some line I say, I’d throw it here like, you know, I’ll be like, like I know I’m one of the most handsome man in this club, right now, but you got to wait till we get home for that. You see what I’m doing there? I’m just having fun pushing it to like the level of ridiculousness were it just like become so funny, really, just becomes funny because it’s like so unbelievable.

RON: Yeah! Totally.

JASON:           You can do that too, that’s another take on because to me it’s like well, you know, I kind of study chess, it doesn’t sound that cool, if you say like, you know I kind of study martial art for fun, she’d go, huh, that’s kind of cool. But then if you taking like a topic like chess and push it to the ridiculousness, or you could even throw in like, yeah, this guy just pulled out a Rolex watch and slammed it on the table, and say, what do you got? And I’m like, oh, s*** this is serious. You see all these little things like, that you can add little details in order to make it funny.

RON: Yeah! That’s awesome. I really like that. Okay. Well, it sounds like I’ve got to interject a little bit more ridiculousness into it. Just to make it a little bit more exciting.

JASON:           Yeah! Remember everything you say has to have a progress. So, if you’re telling a DHV story, you have to have a purpose. The purpose of it would be like, you know I’m a good chess player, but I make it cool, I’m like you know I played chess, but I make it kind of cool. That’s the kind of binding brain like… I think you’re also you know you’re hanging out with this girl, your helicopter ride, kind a like a pre-selection you could throw in like, you know, you have a humor in there, leader of man, showing that you’re like, showing her around the city, you’re taking action challenging this guy, it shows like you have sense of humor, because of the action that you did.

RON: Like I’d tell her that I had to land the helicopter myself in emergency.

JASON:           Ahm…

RON: I’m just kidding about that, I’m not going to say that.

JASON:           Yeah. I was like you could but I don’t know…

RON: A little over the top but Jason, I get your point.

JASON:           So does that make sense in how to open the DHV and how to, basically introduce the DHV into the interaction.

RON: Yeah! That really clears it up, and I think that I’ll make it a little more comfortable introducing it when I make sense in the context of the conversation.

JASON:           Mm-hm. And you know ways to do it is tie it with, you know, you remind me of my friend, Ashley. No, way! You went there? I was just there like two months ago. You know what guys? Girls party way harder than guys.

RON: Right.

JASON:           Creating this little like interest pieces and then you can introduce your DHV story too.

RON: Ohhh. Good stuff.

JAMIE:            Yeah, phenomenal. Let me just add a little kind of a… with a… just let me add a little something little out there. So, what I would still be helpful for you, Ron?  Is remember when you can do that kind of stuff, let’s say a lot of people think that everything has to make a f***ing sense like, oh, okay, I can’t bring the story up because it’s not time yet, or it’s too early. Or just you know. At certain point you have to assume rapport, right? I mean if you think about it, if you did what Jason just did there for you, where imagine you’d open up a girl, and you’re talking for like 10 minutes, you had a couple of back and forth’s to different things, why can’t you just bring up randomly, hey! Have you ever heard of checkers or chess? Or have you been New York? It makes sense. After a while you assumed rapport with people. So, the ideas, you have this little opinion openers or little mini DHV stories, or little routine to use that you just use them whenever you fell like the conversation is at a wall. But notice how the way Jason demonstrate for you, you can bring them out of your back pocket anytime that it’s needed. Make sense?

RON: Yeah! Totally!

JAMIE:            It didn’t  feel like, like you all of this, you want to cross a bunch of this, that whenever you need to kind of you know, give your conversation a boost also out of nowhere. Hey, have been to New York? Hey! Have you ever heard of checkers or chess? You can bring this stuff out of nowhere, but at a certain point where you assume rapport it will make sense because that’s how you talk to anybody, like, your friends, not everything has to make sense anymore. You get it?

RON: Yeah. I get it.

JAMIE:          That will make you feel like you got a lot more to say than you do. Suggestion is you start collecting a few of those stories. You know, checkers, chess, New York, you know, girls party way harder and whenever you need to kind of keep the conversation going just bring it up randomly because it’s not going to seem normal to her. It’s going to seem like you’re talking to her just like her friends do.  Another thing, not to make it so logical try to have, keep it very broad abstract.

RON: Okay.

JAMIE:            And then, unless Jason has something else, one last thing also really important. You can get that great story going for example, you did the, hey, have you heard of chess or checkers? I’m like, oh, my god. I’m like the top player in the whole state routine. At the end of it after you push at the point of ridiculousness, never ever offer some kind of value like that without getting something in return. For example, you should immediately follow it up with something like, so what do you have going for yourself, or what are the two interesting things about you? Never give something like that without, without trying to get a reward in exchange. That’s really kiddy.

RON: Okay!

JAMIE:            You should never end a great routine like that without ending it with either some kind compliance test or qualifier. So great example with Jayson’s is, so what do you have going for yourself, or what sort of the two interesting things about you because she’s going to be laughing, she’s going to be ready, she’s going to want to continue that conversation. Make sense? She’s, you know, you’ve given her a reason to qualify herself, or played with your little compliance game whatever it is, but, don’t, never offer that without trying to get something to see where, she’s at. You know to take to require her to give something to the conversation as well. Don’t just give yourself freebies that are very important.

RON:  Yeah, for sure.

JAMIE:            Now I…

RON: And I thought it work well with the… oh, I’m sorry. Go ahead.

JAMIE:           In that will that will keep you where you’re moving in a very purposeful direction where next thing you know you, maybe you’re getting to make out or something because you keep doing this different values out there then you asked her something in return to kind of one, see where she’s at and two, to get her more invested in the conversation. And more of those things start to happen, next thing you know you’re making out or you’re going somewhere else, you’re putting a day two. So, it’s really important to you just never give too much, you won’t give value without you know requiring someone in return. So that’s the part where you’d start to do your qualification questions and your compliance tests.

RON:  Okay.

JAMIE:          And also that’s going to take the spotlight off the view. If you want, you don’t want to feel like you’re the one that has to talk all the time. You want her to also talk, tell you too interesting things about yourself and what’s going to be great Ron, is if you’re listening and she tells you those interesting things, boom! You’ve got more topics to talk about. And small [inaudible] So all of a sudden she just open like open up the gates as far as what is potential topics for you. So very important to you know qualify, do a compliance test something to keep the conversation really escalating in the direction you want to go?

RON: Yeah. You know, what I had planned was, I was going to… the last two lines to that story are basically… yeah, I really like meeting somebody with an interesting back story, then I’ll say I feel like everybody has that story that they like to tell over and over again, funny, adventurous; that’s one that you guys actually taught me. And then it ends with, well I’d like to hear yours. Do you think that that fits appropriately where the point that you’re trying to make? You know turn the spotlight back on her?

JAMIE:          If you shown value before that were like for example you just turn a formal story about how you’re the checkers champion of the world or the state right? She’s laughing, she’s having fun; remember everything Ron, is in context. So imagine you just told her that little story and she realizes that you’re being f***ing retarded, you’re not the world champion of chess, you following me?

RON:  Yep.

JAMIE:          So also just laughing, she realize you’re really not the world champion, but then you say, you know in all truth, have you ever noticed that… and then you go into that qualifier you’re just doing, it then make sense she has a reason to answer you because you first given her value. That’s the way the whole model works. You offer value, you demonstrate value, you’ve now given her a reason why she should want to answer your questions, so in that context it would work.

RON:  Okay. That make sense.

JASON:          You’ve been building something it doesn’t have to be like super technical, realize that. It could be like do anyway blah, blah, blah, blah. You tell your story, so what’s your super power?

RON: Ah.

JASON:          You know, that’s one thing. Keep it very simple I notice like your stuff will work but it could work better if you add that touch of mystique. You’re smart dude. You’re smart. Sometimes you going to fight, taper that a little bit off of the interest and do more bits of humor.

RON:  Okay.

JAMIE:          Sound good?

RON: Yeah I think that’s great advice. Thank you both, Jamie and Jason.

JAMIE:          Yeah, no problem. Thanks, Ron.

MIKE:  Jamie, can you hear me?

JAMIE:          Yeah.

MIKE:  Can I ask you for a favor? I got a girl on my bed and if she wakes and fail to see me she’s going to come looking for me. So would you mind if I go next?

JAMIE:          Is this Michael [inaudible]?

MIKE:           It’s Mike.

JAMIE:          Okay, yeah? You want to do now, that what you’re saying?

MIKE:           Yeah, I’m asking if I can go next because of …

JAMIE:          Yeah. That’s fine. Totally cool. Yeah, go for it. By the way anyone else who’s not speaking please put your mic on mute because there’s that distracting door or whatever that is so, but yeah, Mike. Fire away.

MIKE:           All right. So, this was my scenario this weekend. Basically, I meet with a girl, this girl at a bar/club that was packed. This girl she’s like an eight. Girl all f***ing. She was all over me and we’re making out attracting attention. We call it the attention of this, another girl, very beautiful girl actually better looking than the girl I’m with.

JAMIE:          Okay.

MIKE: A girl in her 20’s. She kept coming around. First time she touches me and asked to get a drink next to me, then a little while later she’s come back and said that she lost her sweater. We both know it’s b*** s*** I mean, I know it’s b*** s***. We looked around if her sweater was there, worth you know b*** s*** worth, you know, b*** s***.

JAMIE:            Yeah.

MIKE:           Then a little while later she comes back and get some other drink next to me and she’s like kind of make an eye contact with me and then I know if I should turn around and like she starts touching up on this fat dude, I suppose to get me jealous because there’s no way she’s interested in him.

JAMIE:          And…

MIKE:           And then I can tell that she got pissy because she wasn’t catching my attention so she stormed away. So, this happened to me typically, not that same scenario, but obviously when I’m out with a girl I usually get obviously a lot more attention and though like indirectly push up on me in front of the girl. Sometimes I don’t even notice until it gets off. So, what would be a quick way from me like to get her number, like would I like give the girl with my drink and then go to the bathroom and try to find her on the way there and so, like what sometime that I can say like for example, what I’ll grab her by the arm and tell her, you see that I’m with somebody why are you trying to be a troublemaker and see if she gives me either IOI to IOD’s because I don’t want to go off to her ask her number too quick and then she decides to be a bitch and go to the girl I’m with and tell her what I did.

JAMIE:          Okay.

MIKE:  But I’m thinking, I’m thinking like if I say something slick like that, right? Might say something, I grab her arm and say I am with somebody why are you trying to be a troublemaker? She starts touching up to me again, give me IOI, of course I ask for her number. If she give me IOD’s then I say whatever, I just walk away and if she did do tell the girl I’m with, I’d say listen, we both know  it’s b*** s*** she didn’t lose he f***ing sweater, so while I was walking I seen her and grabbed us and [00:24:26] f*** off like to stop her to cause trouble.

JAMIE:          Okay. Jason, you want to go first?

JASON:         Yeah, it’s funny because that just happened to me like last week so I have this solid like step by step action plan. Basically, what I did, I open, so I’m with this girl right? And then I… the other girl’s there so as I’m getting a drink, she kind of like the same thing starts hovering whatever so I open her but now I’m like talking to both of them you know, it’s just me being fun, just having fun with it.  So at that point I’m talking with them. Okay, cool I’ll see you at the deck, and walked around the bar you know that. At one point it kind of helping so I re-open her like, hey, you know how’s it going? Blah, blah, blah… joking around and then at one point the girl was I dating…

JAMIE:          Please get your mic on mute if that’s, that you.

MIKE: Yeah. No problem.

JAMIE:            Okay.

JASON:         Basically, you know when I got that brief moment I just told her like, hey, you know what like I’m hanging out with this chick and I don’t want to be rude but you know I’d like to get in contact with you. Put in your number and then she just gave me her number but see the reason it worked was the fact that I had been building that, I had been working that set the whole time, does that make sense?

MIKE:           Yeah, Yeah. But most of all, obviously,  you’ve been doing this for years you got lot more experience than I do and I know that sometimes the girl will push up on you and if it would be too easy you lose interest, and just like I said I just don’t want you know the girl to decide to be a bitch and go tell the girl I’m with what I did so I was trying to come up with something that is neutral that even if she did go up to the girl I’m with I can you know she can’t use it against me.

JASON:         Well, that’s what I’m…That’s how it kind of flow that way because I was with my girl as I was in the set, I mean, talking to the other girl like I basically started to talk to both of them at the same time.

MIKE: Yeah.

JASON:          So you’re building that, you’re building that! You can run some game on that new girl and make them laugh, you know what, like, like if I knew that you guys didn’t know each other, I probably think that you are like best friends. You, I don’t know why, I guess you guys would get along. Ha, ha, ha. You know, I’d just keep doing jokes back and forth. You could be using some of the routines that slightly like, you know, the best friends test for example, if you reword it in a way, words like, you know what, if I didn’t know that you guys didn’t know each other, I’d say you guys were like best friends or whatever. You could throw in like that murder Mary shagging. So you’re basically running the set with the girl that you already know and with the new girl. But then—

MIKE: All right.

JASON:          After the new girl to not come off this or whatever you need.

MIKE: Now, like the girl I’m with, that I’m always with them and talking to them, these are girls like they want to be my girlfriend. They f***ing like in love with me, they don’t to do with any other girls. You think it’s still a good idea for me to open another girl with her there even the one indirectly?

JASON:         Well, yeah. Because it’s, it’s indirectly. Just think about it, you’re not hitting on her, right? And-


JASON:         You go home with the girl that you’re with and she tells you about it like, why were you talking to the girl you had met? It’s just who I am. Like I’m just a funny—

MIKE: Yeah.

JASON:          To people, I wasn’t hitting on her. You can even turn it on her, was I hitting on her? Like in what you saw? Did it look like I was hitting on her? Well, no blah, blah, blah. Well then yeah I was hitting on her.

MIKE: Okay.

JASON:         That’s the whole point of the interact, you know and then you could like Keena [inaudible] or whatever. You were able to whip the set, you are now by the time you try the number closer, you know, she’s going to be invested and it will be—

MIKE: Okay.

JASON:         Simple as like, yeah, you know what, like I don’t want us to be rude in front of this girl, but you actually seemed pretty cool, like, what are your number? Or hey, you know what, whatever you know your number close depending you could do something on the conversation. You could, you know, at that point, it’s just like tons of wasted actually of number close, but you were able to established value prior.

MIKE: Okay, got it. All right!

JAMIE:          Is that, is that good, Mike? Are you—

MIKE: Ah, yeah! I guess it could work on me. I’ll try that out. What I was trying for was like I said, because it all depends on the girl I’m with and sometimes, you know, when there’s different ways about it, about, you know, one of the girls hovering around like, I’m with the girl with that night and f***ing the boys pack she went away with it but she decided to come right next to me three times, you know, and there’s other times that’s why I was looking for something quick that I can use when I was going to bathroom using (inaudible). Because I was talking on a girl; it depends on the girl I’m with. Like there’s some girls, like my ex-girlfriend, she is f***ing gorgeous and I get so much attention when I’m not with her. But the girls are psychotic. Like if a girl even talks to me in rush, she was on fighter and she’s done it before. Like a girl came up, next to get her drink, she was like, excuse me, I’m just trying to get a drink, that’s all she said to me, and my girl, well my ex, whatever, she lost it. Why you’re to talking to my man? Why you’re touching him? Blah, blah, blah. She went to fight the girl. So, like, with her, I get the most attention because of how good looking she is. And yeah, I can’t open another set in front of her. She just like fucking lose it.

JASON:         Okay, yeah. Because this works more like with a new girl. She’s invested then. You almost have to deal like pretty close to direct and just take the freaking, just take that… it’s almost like you have to take the risk because you don’t get that time to build the value.

MIKE: Yeah.

JASON:         You know it’s like, it could be a simple as I hate it, I’m like with this girl so I  don’t want to be rude to her but or you could even use totally, you know what? You’re totally distracting me like, I’m trying to hang out with my friend over here, and I catch you eying on me like every ten minutes. I got to get back to my friend and then, maybe you’re throwing a qualifier like… so she’s going to laugh, that’s your opener, quick opener. You’re throwing a qualifier so you know, so what are you doing around here? Don’t say modeling. What are you, just a quick qualifier? Say oh, I did this, blah, blah, blah. Cool, you know. And then give her your name, introduce herself like, hey, you know what? I got to get back to my friend, but I’d like to continue this conversation. That’s like a pretty—

MIKE: Right.

JASON:         Cool opening minute. Thing just adapting the adopting routine.

MIKE: Yeah, yeah. Yeah! All right! Yeah, I think I can work off and come up with something off of that, all right. And then, another one that I’m going through, I meet these girl off like a stupid freaking match site, whatever, and-

JAMIE:          Mike, we do have to allow other people to go?

MIKE: Okay, sorry about that.

JAMIE:          Yeah, sorry about that. But hey, for the record, I just want to emphasize the one Jason just gave you is phenomenal for your situation. I mean, I’d really do use it almost verbatim. Just want to really emphasize that for you. Hey, you’re totally distracting, I’m with my friend here, but I just have to come over and say hello, use that. That will actually work really well for you.

MIKE: Yeah? Okay.

JAMIE:          Yeah, I mean, I especially, because I know not that well but I know you a little bit. And I think with your personality, you’re a pretty direct guy, it makes sense and also, has that, you know that kind of  attention kind of getting on what want from the beginning words like, you’re going to be speaking to her like very few people do. Add that together you got a nice, quick, short powerful punch that’s either going to hit or not.

MIKE: Yeah.

JAMIE:          I think it’s going to be work really well for you. I’d try that. Don’t, don’t just kind of run off to the next thing, use what Jason gave you, word for word.

MIKE: Okay, I appreciate it. Thanks, guys.

JAMIE:          Yeah, you’re welcome, Mike. Talk when I see you.

JASON:         Bye, Mike. Have a good day.

MIKE: Thank you, too.

JAMIE:          All right, Jennifer. I’m so excited to have you today. Tell us, tell us what’s happen? Jennifer can you hear us?


JAMIE:          Hey! Long time.

JENNIFER: Can you hear me?

JAMIE:          Yeah!

JENNIFER: Yeah! Here we go then.

JAMIE:            Always great to have you back on the call. I feel like you don’t need us anymore.

JENNIFER: I do need you. No.

JAMIE:            Right.

JENNIFER: I need you, it’s just, I haven’t been doing my homework and that’s why you haven’t heard from me.

JAMES:            Okay, all right. Well,


JAMES:            I think—

JENNIFER: Yeah, I’m al—

JAMES:            Yeah, I don’t think you need us that much that anymore, either way. Everyone always needs a mentor and people kind of keep growing from each different levels, but, I mean, you’re definitely way beyond when you, you know, from couple of years ago, so, anyway.

JENNIFER: Oh, yeah. It’s great to be on. Anyway, so, I’ve been working on myself and my personal development, I’m a little sick now, I hope you can hear me anyway. And the things is I have to, I only have so many hours each weeks so I sort of combine or I want to combine that, you know, when I’m out with friends to be able to open. And I’m having a hard time doing that because it’s like they don’t know what I’m doing. They don’t have any insight, just like Friday, I was at the After Hook, with a friend and I was in a perfect state, and I just passed on all of these sets that I couldn’t get engaged in, but part because I don’t want to be rude to her, but also partly because, I just, how would she react. She doesn’t know. And I don’t think she would be like negative or anything; it’s just, she doesn’t know so how-do you have any good advice on how to get around that?

JASON:         Yes. That’s it.

JAMIE:          Ah, my kind of girl.

JASON:         Well, here is one thing. If you’re with another female, that’s how you’re having a wing person, right?

JENNIFER: Yeah, it is.

JASON:         Now, you’re in a room of full sets, I’m assuming that these guys are with another guy or two.

JENNIFER: Yes, yes.

JASON:         Okay. So I think a big one for you, especially since you’re friend doesn’t know a lot about it would be your position. Why you choose to stand and if you choose to stand in the proximity of a group of guys that you want to talk to?


JASON:         That way, you know, you’re on their eyesight because coming from a male’s prospective a lot of the times, when a woman wants me to talk to her, she’ll typically kind of hover around just like the last question with Mike, she would hover around, or she likes stand at like at eyesight level and start doing something to bring attention to her.


JASON:         So for you, as soon as you’re able to open, it would be almost the same thing where you positioned yourself at a place where you’re right next to the person you want to talk to. And—


JASON:         After you open to shoulder, ask him a quick question.


JASON:         Does that make sense about the—

JENNIFER: It makes perfect sense except I wasn’t able to position myself. People at this table, and they were flirting to him. It was a big coffee shop. Anyway, it makes perfect sense, I just, I wasn’t able to use it.

JAMIE:            Okay, so this is like a coffee shops scenario?

JENNIFER: Yeah, yeah, we were at a coffee shop for after work and we were sitting down at the table. And they were also sitting down for drink.

JASON:          Probably, okay, then that’s going to be kind of like what for example, walk to the counter and gave your order or walk to the restroom and get your order.


JASON:           So you have five other table so on your way back to your table then that’s you could over the shoulder.

JENNIFER: Okay. That’s good.

JASON:         You know and again it’s also like just tell your friend.  You know I don’t like this table, let’s go to that table.

JENNIFER: Yeah. That’s kind of smart.

JASON:          Yeah. I do that all the time if I’m hanging out with friends that don’t know [inaudible] I don’t like this table, let’s go to that one. All right, let’s go stand over there and then they’ll just go and they don’t know why.

JENNIFER: Do they figure it out?

JASON:          Yeah. And also they clarify it right? You’re with feel friend I’m sure she want some attention too and so she probably appreciate the fact that you’re bringing in someone else to talk to her while you’re talking to your target.

JENNIFER: Yeah. So it’s not like she’s going to find the truth that I should use to speak to someone else other than her?

JASON:         You’re, once you think about it you’re going over the shoulder that’s a quick question and would that have to end to full interaction.


JASON:         So, since that she’s probably still out there or your going to be there, at that point know if he hooks might, hey you know what were sitting over there if you guys want to join us. And basically we look at that and then you bring them to your table.

JENNIFER: That’s good.

JAMIE:           All right, instead of call like quick things you know this might help just adding a couple at your stuff. They don’t need to know what you’re doing, they really don’t. You just  want those kind of things were you just if it’s in your mind a little bit, just do it. If they asked you later, just add that I like talking to strangers. You know that’s true, yeah, they don’t need to know what you’re doing, they don’t need the like the play by play, just do it. If they ask further like wow, what was that Jennifer? I just like speaking with stranger.  I just thought it was fun.


JAMIE:           That’s it. You know you’re doing on purpose but that’s it or you know even if you’re with your friends and you see you know for whatever let’s just say for the sake of saying it would be kind… you couldn’t just disappear like ghost somewhere and then come back and you just wanted to do it, you could just turn to your friends and say you know let’s just have some random fun and let’s go talk to somebody. You know what I’m saying, you can just introduce that to and to her just to your friends.


JAMIE:          Like you said, it’s just some random fun but you know it’s not just random. Also, I want to throw one more thing out there, too. But this is I think, maybe helpful too just to give you some ideas. Good for me I am at the first one who like crave this here, you know, but it’s very popular, the over the shoulder, over the shoulder works really well. But you also kind a do where you do approach pretty much more full on, but at the same time, it’s like you look, you’re kind of… your facing full on, you’re clearly committed to some level but at the same time it looks like you’re on your way out. It’s almost like I used to get one foot forward and pointed towards them, you’re facing them, but one foot kind of on another direction, almost like you’re on your way out. Do you visualize that?


JAMIE:           So, sometimes that might be more comfortable way to approach. Imagine coming back from the bathroom and you’re walking and you look like your just about by them and you just stop, You’re like, all right, I can’t help myself. There’s something about you guys I just had to say hello. Imagine saying that where you are facing full on. You are about to walk by but you didn’t, now you are facing full on but one still pointed towards the other table so it looks like you might leave any second. Can you picture that?

JENNIFER: Yeah. Yeah.

JAMIE:          Will that not be a convincing experience for your target probably where they believed—

JENNIFER: Probably will be.

JAMIE:          Yes, so imagine that, and I just want to give you some more ideas because I find, you know what I find? There’s a lot of really great principles on this stuff and sometimes you just have to find what you feel good about and honestly the truth is if your frame is strong enough you can get away with anything. If you feel really that great about what you’re doing, you can f***ing own it. So it does not necessarily, there’s over the shoulders great, there are other options too. Sometimes you just feel more natural from your trajectory, just from the way you’re walking where you come from or just make more sense just like in the old bathroom example.


JAMIE:          So, but yeah, you don’t worry about so much whatever…  not everyone needs know what you’re doing, you make it sounds like it’s a random thing you’re doing, just for fun and you never ever do that.

JENNIFER: Yeah, never ever.

JAMIE:           Never ever.


JASON:          If she asks you could say that he started talking to you.

JENNIFER:  Yeah. I could blame on him.

JASON:         Yeah.

JAMIE:          That’s even better. I love it. Yeah. Like, he was talking to me. I don’t see him talking to you, he was, he just stood to pee.

JENNIFER: Oh that’s great.

JAMIE:          It was really quick. That’s awesome. Thank you.  Jason, phenomenal. Is that good? Jennifer, you okay with that?

JENNIFER: It’s really good. Thank you.

JAMIE:           Okay you’re, welcome. Danny, can you hear us oaky?

DANNY: Yes I can, can you hear me as well?

JAMIE:            Yeah, definitely, you want to give it a shot?

DANNY: Yeah, as this is my first call, so next week I’m going to a conference and there’s going to be an opportunity there to you know, party people and some DHV stuff and whatnot. And I guess with this conference it’s all going to be kind a in the same hotel you know so I guess what I’m worried about doing is, you know, I do know how to ask people that’s fine, but how do I take it from talking from a seminar to saying, hey, do you want to grab dinner in the hotel restaurant after this? That would be one segue that I’m looking for and then the other one would be, how do you segue from dinner was great you want to go to my room? In the way without it sounding like you know, would that be ineffective?

JASON:         Okay, well, you know will you go to my room basically if you have enough rapport and attraction, you’ve good enough connection that stuff’s going to happen by itself you know, and because I go to conventions a lot so typically, you know how you do a lot of group exercises and really part meeting of different people, you walk around the room.

DANNY: Right.

JASON:          So why don’t you use that as an opportunity to throw pebbles at all the females I’m interested in? So I do like a quick interaction talk to them whatever have fun, joke around, back off, come in, you joke around with them, back off. At the lunch time usually you know they give you breaks?

DANNY: Yeah.

JASON:         So at the lunch time, I typically hang out with them at least one or two of them or organize my stake on myself or take it on myself to organize a group where I select the people that I want to  hang out with. In that way, I’m living the group and able to have the women I’m interested in meeting in my group while we hang out at lunch so you know were all eating lunch and you know with that it starts, you start building that connection with all of them you know?

DANNY: Right.

JASON:          So afterwards, the natural progression is like, hey, like I’m starving. You want to grab food for that? Okay, cool let’s check out this restaurant, sure why not? You go to the restaurant. Hey, have you checked out the pool? Oh yeah, no I haven’t gone here. As soon as she’s staying at that hotel you could go and jump to the pool, you can go to bar if they have it at hotels and at that point you know the whole if you want to call seven hour rule or five hour rule or whatever it is, or if you built basically it’s giving you enough time to built rapport and a connection where sex will just flow. Does that make sense so far?

DANNY: Yeah. Now that makes sense.

JASON:         Because basically, like I have a funny story there was some, I did that at a convention I went the other day and basically there was this girl that knew about you know BA and the show on VH1, everything. And we ended up getting into this huge discussion about like gender roles and pick-up and meeting women and all this stuff and that turned me on. So we hit it off really well, and we hang out and we have like plans to hang out in the future but you know that, the fact that I was able to do that, I was being in the group, I was meeting with people, I was introducing people to people; you know you just kind of work the room and make yourself that character that like pivot for everyone.

DANNY: Yeah, I do that and I don’t think the big problem is going to be in getting a female to have dinner afterwards or whatever. I guess my biggest concern will be I don’t want it to be awkward when I say, hey, do you want to go to my room? And she says no, or something like that and not have something to roll off. So what I was thinking about is maybe doing, because it’s a conference for like you know speakers and for authors and whatnot, you think maybe that segue would be something like, hey, you know what? I really like you. And I’d like to give you a copy of my book. Would you like to go up to my room and get one? Or does that sound too easy or too cliché?

JASON:           I see, okay! So because I’m thinking, in my head I’m thinking the time span is you go to the convention during the day, you’re going to meet with her for dinner, lunch, whatever it might be. I don’t know if you drink and if she drinks, you might want to have drinks, whatever you think would progress like and then yeah you can use like. oh! I have a copy, oh, you might check out my book, like I think I left it at my room. Or yeah, you gotta check out my book, I think I left it in the room. You go up, get the book, you know you can kind of calibrate it. Like you go up you get the book. You can have kind of calibrate it, like you get into your room, see if she comes, if she’s not like, if it’s not time to escalate then you just kind of kick her out like  oh, let’s go do something else. And then later on, you bring her back to your room.

DANNY: Sounds good!

JASON:         You know, I think a lot of it is going to be calibration.

DANNY: Right. Like I said I’m still new with this stuff so it’s not like, if it works or if it doesn’t work, then you know or whatever I’m going to use this as kind of like you know, training. Training scenario to try some new stuff I’ve seen.

JASON:           Here’s a couple thing to keep in mind to when you’re the whole time you’re interacting with her, you wanted to be very fun..

DANNY: Yeah!

JASON:           Because when she’s on a high vibrational state that’s when she’s most likely to do a compliance test. So you, is she’s laughing and you’re inviting her to your room and her actually doing the actions to compliance where she’s like sitting there, and she’s angry or something and you tell her, hey, you know, come to my room and grab a book.  She’s going to be like, what the hell! Why would I do that? Does that make sense?

DANNY: It does!

JASON:           So a lot of  is also handling her mood.

JAMIE:          Yeah, are you good with that?

DANNY: Yeah! Mm-hm. Thank you very much!

JAMIE:            All right, you’re welcome. Thanks, Jason. Let’s see here. So, I have Michael. Michael, are you there?

MICHAEL: Hey, man! Yeah, I’m here.

JAMIE:            All right, man.

MICHAEL: So it’s been a weird weekend. It started out like a rock star, everything was great. Myself and another guy right at a table with a seven South American girls from various countries are all super hot and captivating the audience, and things are going good. My buddies show up and all of a sudden I’m a rock star. Things are—it’s easy. I went home with one of them and I wanted the other girl, I wasn’t afraid to maybe make an approach at her friend because I kind of wanted to break it off to this girl anyway. But I don’t also want to be a complete douche bag. But last night, I go for a date with who I really want, which is like a true blonde, super hottest girl I’ve ever been on a date with. This women dark hair, dark eyes, no problem. I guess because I don’t really care much, but then as soon as I see what I really want? Anxiety, can’t be funny, everything that I should be, everything I’m doing with the other girls is like, how do I break that… that cycle? I’ve got a few other girls that I’ve got targeted with. There’s a beautiful German girl across the street, another beautiful German girl and I’m just waiting until I have all the tools and skills before I go approach them because I know as soon as I go see them, I’m going to freeze and mental block’s going to take in and that’s it. What do you think I should do?

JASON:           Let me ask you something. So the brunettes, right? You don’t get that feeling?

MICHAEL: Not really. Or maybe I don’t know what it was. Maybe because I already knew the one girl and she knew most of the rest of the crowd. I don’t know what it is, but I just get weird. Weird anxiety is when I see what I think is my dream girl, right?

JASON:           Yeah! So basically you’re going to get these anxiety and what’s going to happen afterward? Have you communicated with this dream girl? Do you think her impression of you is going to be positive or negative?

MICHAEL: I’m not sure because I just assumed that more people are after that girl.

JASON:           Mm-hm.

MICHAEL: And I’m not sure if… I don’t know what it is. You just wanted it so bad that you just blow it, you know.

JASON:           Yeah, exactly! That’s what I’m trying to say. So basically if you come in to a  place of anxiety, and putting there it in the pedestal. You’re going to blow it.


JASON:           So let—and then how are you going to fill that at the end, are you going to fill it with relief? Just for the fact that like well, it doesn’t matter now because I blew it anyway.”


JASON:           What if you take that exact same mindset? And you come in with it at the beginning. It doesn’t matter. But I’m going to have fun.


JASON:           It’s like you just going to f*** it up anyway might as well have fun with it.

MICHAEL: Yeah, okay!

JASON:           And you know, there’s like, this is like a different kind of call like from an NOP stand point  there’s like techniques and whatnot where you could change the way you feel about certain things.


JASON:           But you know from like a… just the logical standpoint, yeah, it’s really realizing like, well, if I’m going to fuck it up anyway, why not come in with that mindset of I don’t care and see where it really goes.


JASON:           Good. You know the fact that you’re just saying, oh, she’s probably more guys want her and whatnot, that’s a belief—did you make that up or do you have proof about…  with that?

MICHAEL: I think it’s something that I’ve made up, but I also observe society, and I just feel like those bleached blonde beautiful girls I feel like, I feel like they are harder to crack, like harder to get to know in a sense.

JASON:           I personally like them. Exotically few brunettes.

MICHAEL: I wish I did, too. A lot easier that way.

JASON:           If you think about it, if I were to apply the same logic, brunettes are harder because more guys are trying to talk to them.

MICHAEL: Uh-huh. Okay!

JASON:           I’m trying to get you to realize.

MICHAEL: Yeah! It’s completely a mind f*** and it’s something I’m working on you know, I’m doing a lot of personal development right now. But I’d really love to get into the boot camp, and just have someone monitoring what you’re doing so that because how I see myself is not really what probably the reality is, right?

JASON:           Yeah! The way you see her is probably not the reality and the way you see yourself is probably not the reality is well.

MICHAEL: You’re right. It’s true. That’s right. And if I could ask another quick question.

JAMIE:            It’s got to be quick though because we’re—

MICHAEL: Super quick.

JAMIE:          [CROSSTALK 00:55:40] callers. Okay, go for it.

MICHAEL: Absolutely! So I’m out with a dark haired girl, dark eyes, we go to a restaurant and the waitress, she’s touching me. She’s… it’s almost like IOI’s. Like she’s you know, tall, blonde, the eyes, everything. I’m like oh, my god, I got to go back there. She’s touching me, she’s giving me indicator of interest with my date sitting right there. My safety go back to go hit on that, or she’s just playing games?

JASON:           Well, one thing with waitresses they do that so that you could give them a bigger tip, like.


JASON:           But that would go back to calibrating, you know kind of test her out. Joke, again openly joke around with her like oh, it would just like be testing it out and throwing little pebbles, throwing in some humorous spikes and see how she reacts.


JASON:           You know sometimes when I see them getting touchy, I kind of pull back a little bit and see if they lean more forward to keep touching.


JASON:           And it’s just what I’m testing it out with my body language for example like—did  that make sense? I pulled back a little bit to see if she will go that extra.

MICHAEL: Got it. Yeah. Yep. No, that’s helpful information. Especially that caller Mike, there’s some great, great stuff there so, that’s cool. Thanks guys.

JAMIE:            You’re welcome. Hey, I do want to add one thing that is kind of interesting. Well, for everyone listening here, if you’re enjoying this call, you really want to check out our VIP program and it’s f***ing phenomenal. In terms of content, the live coaching, to be part of this worthy and awesome way for you to kind of move things forward. Specific to you Dan, though, I want you to—I want to bring something to your attention here, did you know that the only thing the human beings innately fear is falling in loud noises. Did you know that?

DAN:   Yes I do.

JAMIE:            Everything else is learned. So in other words, all these fears are all b*** s***. Now there’s one quick way another thing you can do to, if you know it’s a momentum game. Create some momentum yourself, for example, errors, you know, three-second rule, a lot of that is based on that. And the three-second rule, when you really look at it and what it really is, it’s not just opening up the set you want within three seconds, it’s about being in a talkative state. So you’ll recognize there is someone there that is a little intimidating for you, that’s even more the reason just to talk to anyone there just to get yourself talkative, knowing you can build up enough energy so that that energy will create enough momentum that you’ll be able to do what needs to be done. So, if you find yourself in that deer in headlights kind of state where you‘re kind of fearful like, oh, my god, you know, that’s the girl I want to really want to open. She’s intimidating, that should, try to allow that to be a trigger for you to say, okay, that’s even more a reason for me to get talkative and just start talking to f***ing anybody. Make sense?

DAN:   That makes sense.

JAMIE:            So once you do that then you’ll be able to create some momentum for yourself and you’ll feel fine. It’s not a rule. I’m not saying that you’ll completely go away but it will be a lot easy just to start talking to the people you want because again, you’re in such a more powerful state, you’re voice, your body, you’re talking, you’re active. Its good—you’re going to be your more powerful version of you and that’s going to help you really take that energy and kind of dance with the fears so to speak. But again, you know that all these fears we’re talking are all learned. They’re not real.

One thing I will add too, I just, as well for anyone listening to the call, is one of the things we’re going to start offering here, you know, we’re a full personal development program not just pickup or social artistry whatever you want to call this, we are a full personal—one thing we’re doing is for anyone out there who feels that they’re at an intermediate level for example, where, you know, you definitely get women, your dance card is for the most part pretty occupied but you know you’d like to fill it up a little bit more with woman you find in the past more intimidating, we’re going to be offering different types of NOP services where we will work with you in one hour sessions to help you get rid of those.

I mean we’re literally like NOP, for anyone who doesn’t know, it’s essentially like a key to a house or a key to a car. If you have the right key then you can f***in start that engine, with the wrong key you can’t. And there is a key for fear, there’s a key for courage. We’d really help you, in a one hour session really help to get rid of those type of fears. This can be done virtually by the way too, so, again anyone who listens to a call if you’re interested, just let us knows, okay? But yeah, in short Daniel, the one thing you can do right now is really just, you know, use that fear as a trigger to say, okay, it’s time to get f***ing talkative. You know if that means talking to two guys? Talk to anybody because that is your signal that you’re just not in an empowered state.

DAN:   Awesome. Sounds good, man. Can you send me the information on that NOP as well?

JAMIE:             Yeah, would you mind? Just so I won’t forget, can you send me an email because we’re in the middle of a call obviously, but can you just send me an email and I’ll remember after the call, would that be okay?

DAN: Sounds good, brother.

JAMIE:            All right, awesome. Thank you very much. All right. Let’s see here. I think we’re on Mr. Upgrade. Upgrade, you with us?

UPGRADE: Yeah. Hi!

JAMIE:            Hey, man. All right. Your story gets better and better. I’m exciting with what you have today.

UPGRADE: Okay so here is the situation. As I open this two sets, and first I told them that they look kind of cool and they probably knew where the good places to go on a Saturday night was, and they told me where to go, and then I asked them if that was the place that they were going to go later. And they said, no, we’re not going to go there we are waiting for a friend. And then I did the best friends test and they absolutely loved it. They were like giggling and laughing and then I followed up with another  routine, you know the ring routine. I told you about it before.

JAMIE:            Yeah.

UPGRADE: And they really like that, too and then  after that, I felt that the vibe was so good that I have tried to moved them so I said, okay, I’m going to head over now, want to come with me and join me for a beer? And then they repeat it again that, no, we’re going to stay here because our friends are going to come. And then at that point, I didn’t know how to continue. If I was supposed to stay there and like continue talking or if I have kind of blown my shaft when I had tried to bounce them but they didn’t want to come along. So how would you continue when you try to bounce them and it doesn’t work?

JASON:  So you were trying to bounce them within the venue right? Not to a different thing?

UPGRADE: No, this was actually outside down the street.

JASON:  Okay.

UPGRADE: So it wasn’t done in the venue at all?

JASON:  Well then, at that point you don’t have enough value established where they’re willing—and you got to realize like they probably are waiting for their friends so they can’t really leave.


JASON:           So there are a couple things you can come back basically, a couple of steps back and re-pump up their energy get them laughing again.


JASON:            Put value and more attraction and you might just have to number close because they probably are actually waiting for their friend.


JASON:         Another option would be if you’re creating a value with them and you get them hooked, and then their friend show up and maybe they all want to go party.

UPGRADE: Yeah. I didn’t did all think about the number close but that’s probably would have been something good to try.

JASON:           Yeah, remember when you try to make a move. When you try to move—


JASON:         And it doesn’t hit, take a step back and you rebuild the situation. You basically, where you—you get the energy going again.


JASON:            But as far as that, yeah, they’re sitting outside waiting for someone there it’s kind of like, not likely for them to just like, oh, let [inaudible]


JASON:         And take advantage of that but if we have to do it and that’s it, I would just probably shoot for the number, you know. Go back, re-escalate the situation and [inaudible] going to get and then—


JASON:         Close it.


JAMIE:          So—

JASON:         Anyone? Oh.

JAMIE:          Go ahead, Jason.

JASON:         I just was going to add one thing for Dan’s previous question. It is like even if you’re intimidated by the girl, sometimes I just start walking. I enjoy that like, I like that rush like, oh, s***, like something going to happen right now and I don’t even know what the hell to say. And then when you approach there and you know you start the interaction, it starts a little slower and it’s a little clumsier but you’re still progressing through it and you’re pushing yourself which is the important part. And then after a while too, you just kind of snap out of it and you’re able to just flow.

DANNY: That makes sense.

JASON:  Jamie you were going to add too?

JAMIE:            Yes, is it cool if I try in real quick?

JASON:          Yeah. Yeah. I just wanted to add that.

JAMIE:            So awesome. So, a couple of things, Upgrade. First and foremost, man, you really need to celebrate how good you’re doing now. See all these happen now is you’re doing the rings routine really well, you’re getting good responses, you’re doing the best friend’s test really well, you’re getting into responses, these are really big breakthroughs. The one thing—


JAMIE:          You’re going to work on, I mean don’t be too down on that because what you’re doing you’re creating windows of opportunity.


JAMIE:          You’re just not quite, just trying to find your way to convert them, that’s all. What you really got in some ways, one of the hardest parts because you’re opening a f***in’ stranger, that is not easy to do and then you’re engaging strangers on the f***in’ street—


JAMIE:            You got to celebrate that a little bit. The fact that you’re able to do that, you with me?

UPGRADE: Yeah! Yeah. Thanks.

JAMIE:             Now, the one thing that will also help you, Jason kind of point this out, you didn’t have really enough value at that point. You know, one thing you really want to do is when you come up just a couple of minutes ago, don’t give too much value without getting something back. Like you did a great routine like for example like the best friend test, ask for something back. A qualifier, you know, hey, so what have you guys have going for yourself you know besides your looks or so what do you guys do around here, please don’t say model or some qualifier to get something back from them, that’ll help gauge them, that’ll help gauge where they’re really at. Then maybe—


JAMIE:            Go to a final routine where like, hey, I’m going to guess this about you and if I get it right we get a drink, if I get it wrong we still get a drink. You know, you can create something where you’re letting her know where it’s going.  So, this way—


JAMIE:            If they say no to that you can still keep going because you haven’t actually invited then yet. You’ve only hinted that’s where it’s going. So, you’re almost—


JAMIE:            Playing with the idea that like, hey, we’ll play this little game but if I get it right we go get a drink and if I get it wrong you get a drink. You know,  it’s kind of like that for example and then no matter what you still have a  game plan. You already kind of fielding them, you know, kind of for what they’re at but the most… the other thing… the most important thing I’m trying to get to your attention is don’t go routine, routine, routine without getting something back. You should have—


JAMIE:            Some level of some kind of a qualifier or you know compliance test that you’re doing after you get that IOI. After they’re laughing and having a great time like you said like giggling like crazy, after best friend test, you should have asked for something back, and that’s, again, this are simple things. You just have to be aware that it needs to be done. That’s what get’s them done.


JAMIE:            And also that’s where you’re building your value.


JAMIE:            So, dude. These are not hard changes. Just going to take some practice to keep doing it really okay. Small but yet very critical tweak I’m not doing.


JAMIE:            Does that make sense?

UPGRADE: Yeah! It does. I get it.

JAMIE:            And one other thing too, if you ever get lost where you feel like it’s kind of awkward and stuff? You know, where like…


JAMIE:            I just kind of, you know, just gave me an IOD what do I do? That’s why, you know, Jason brought this up really well earlier that’s why I have a bunch of this kind of seemingly random topics that you can just bring up that you can use them all just like a crutch. Like, oh, my god, you guys are crazy, girls party so much harder than guys do. You just go into this as if it is normal. You have these—


JAMIE:            Doors in the back ground than you can use whenever the conversation reaches a low. So, that will keep you going if you reach kind of like, you want to go here? Or you don’t, ohhh… this way you don’t just completely deflate. You have something to move forward to.


JAMIE:            But then the main thing for you is just when you get a laugh, when you get an IOI, get something in return like—


JAMIE:            Do a compliance test, do a qualifier, do something, because dude, it’s only fair. It’s the exchange of the universe you gave value you get some value back.


JAMIE:            Make sense?


JAMIE:            Just make sure you put that, incorporate that in there. You know, you do a routine; you get an IOI, great! You give her an IOI back you then, use some kind of qualifier, something to get invested in you.

UPGRADE: Yeah! I’m going to try that out.

JAMIE:            Yeah, these are small tweaks, the hardest part is, and one of the hardest parts is what you’ve got done.


JAMIE:            That’s where the artistry comes in to play. Because it’s like okay! What make sense for here? I just got an IOI from her. Do I just not do anything with it?! F*** no! She gave me an IOI? That gives me a green light that I can do this or that I can try for this.


JAMIE:            I mean, that what makes it an art form rather than a model. Otherwise, you just have a model form.


JAMIE:            Right?


JAMIE:             All right! Is that good? Are you happy with that?

UPGRADE: Yeah! It’s really good. Yeah!

JAMIE:            All right!

UPGRADE: It’s great!

JAMIE:             Awesome! Zach, are you still there?

ZACH: Yep! Can you hear me?

JAMIE:            Yeah! I hear you just fine?

ZACH: Yeah. So basically I’m at the point where I’m like open and then best friends test, the transition and then it’s like stack DHV stories. So like I notice was a show of disinterest and do negs and stuff. I understand all the concepts of that but I should figure out how to be there in the conversation so it actually makes sense.

JASON:           Okay! So, basically when you want to stack a lot is at the in the attraction phase where you’re trying to put them.

ZACH: Yeah.

JASON:           So, I’m assuming you’re using an opener with three attraction routines, right?

ZACH: Yeah! So I open, reference test, and go to DHV stories.

JASON:           Okay.  Now. A couple of things if you’re going straight to DHV stories without having average value, would you sit if I just randomly approach [inaudible] tell you this huge story about?

ZACH: Yeah! I get that. I get that actually but what I’m saying, so how, like I get the concept, you need to throw like other things in there. I don’t understand. So do we break down my stack? Like where does that happen?

JASON:           Yeah! That’s what I’m trying to do.

ZACH: Okay!

JAMIE:            You have these long stories, right? Right at the beginning you haven’t established enough value to keep it going so what I do, is I throw a series of short, like, you know 2-3 second routines. Hey, guys, so you know quick question, blah, blah, blah. You go opener, right? You go, are you guys best friends? You have to make the exact same facial expression blah, blah, blah. You transition it to like, I just noticed something that every time you laugh like your nose wiggles. And then bam! You stack into like, you know what? You guys have like great energy, at this point they should be laughing. Right? And that’s when you will give, give, give then now it’s time for you to take. Which is qualify. You basically have to be like, okay! I came in here and I need you guys to laugh. Now, it’s, I got to see if it’s worth my time to continue this interaction.

ZACH: Okay! So, what do I say for that?

JASON:  So that would be your qualifier. It could be like the one we’ve been talking about like, so what are you guys doing around here and don’t say models. It could be as easy as like, so how do you guys know each other? It could be, are you German? It’s almost like it could be so many different things like you would go “na ah”, make a muscle. You know, do you these are the qualifiers but now you’re like trying to get their input, we’re trying to get them to explain themselves to or like, you know, so you have to tell me the three best things about yourself, who would they be?

ZACH: So, that will be like later in the interaction?

JASON:  Well, I want it right at the beginning because why am I going to keep talking to them and making them laugh if they’re not providing any value to me.

ZACH: It’s this thing like, okay if I do jealous girlfriend/best friends test, that thing and right after that like three things the best things about you. Isn’t that like hard core for that time frame?

JASON:           Not if you played it right. Not if they’re… just remember you’re escalating their emotional state and getting them laugh, right?

ZACH: Yeah! Okay, so where do DHV stories come in then?

JASON:           Those come once the girls are more invested, maybe once you isolate.

ZACH: So you pull off? Because I thought a DHV was attraction and you qualify after attraction. Or am I understanding it wrong?

JASON:  You could have a short DHV story. Like, for example are you part of the VIP program?

ZACH: Yes.

JASON:  Okay, so you seen the attraction routine that I presented there, right?

ZACH: Maybe. Which one?

JASON:  Well, anyway, that’s in the opening set, right? You know, hey, guys quick question. You do your opener. Are you guys best friends? You guys make me exact same facial expressions. They’re going to laugh. Let me guess, you’re the good one and you’re the bad one, they’re going to laugh. Another spike and then they’re going to be like, why am I the bad one? For blah, blah, blah what is you going to say that? I know you just start. So, funniest thing happen, right? I was talking to my mom earlier and apparently if I have been born a girl, she would have named me Amber. I think Amber is such a stripper name, they’re going to laugh. You know if I was girl I wouldn’t be here like talking to you because I’d be like dancing in some pole across the street. So that’s already two or three DHV stories.  DHV or attraction spikes that I used, right?

ZACH: Okay! So it’s not really big DHV stories it’s some short little arms, more so.

JASON:           Yeah! You only need semi DHV strain is the stripper name, but even that, it’s short.

ZACH: Don’t miss that.

JASON:   I’m just trying to get them laughing, at that point, when I get them laughing, then I’m going to qualify.  You know, so, I would, wouldn’t be here talking as I’d be dancing on a pole right across the street. They’re going to laugh. So what do you guys do around here? You don’t say models.

ZACH: Pardon?

JASON:           You see how I transitioned into the qualification?

ZACH: Yeah, so then the nose wiggles when you’re laughing, like when you said that like we’re going to best friends?

JASON:  Yeah, you could.

ZACH: Okay.

JASON:            I just, I just put something together you know, there’s so many different combinations but typically you want like two and three, if it’s a two set or larger? You want two and three that’s involved in the whole group.

ZACH: Yeah. Yeah. Okay, and then?  So then you make the one, the nose wiggle thing you say that’s a the one action you’re doing. The resident stuff you use more than the others? Correct?

JASON:           Yeah. Or like the good girl and you’re the bad one that would be you’re target.

ZACH: Yeah. Yeah.

JASON:           Very light nagging like a fun play for nag. I don’t even consider it a nag. Technically it is. But what I’m trying to get you to realize is the qualification.

ZACH: Yeah.

JASON:           Why am I still talking to you guys? Well, I’m still talking to you guys, now answer this question. What do you guys do around here and don’t say model. They go in and they tell you, like oh I’m this, and I’m this, and I’m this and I’m this; and typically whatever they say, you want to like I call it like sweat them a little bit like, so you’re good at it? Yeah. Okay. That’s f***in’ dope actually. Like give me five, or like, that’s badass, then have on my pound like fist pound or whatever.

ZACH: Well, she’s like, I’m a nurse. Let’s say. I’m a nurse. Ah, so are you good at it. And…

JASON:   Yeah, so, let’s assume, I’m a nurse.  Yeah, are you good at it?  Aha.  No, I’m just fucking, that’s actually really cool like, like I have a new respect for you now. Hahaha! Anyway, Jason, by the way.

ZACH: Awesome!

JASON:           You know, I bring out like you’re a nurse like I actually have like a new respect for you. You know like you help people and whatnot. See that’s me rewarding the fact that they qualified themselves to me.

ZACH: But then you, do you qualify like the whole group or just qualify the target?

JASON:           I’m still qualifying the whole group, because here’s my logic.  I call, so what do you guys do around here and don’t say models, hahaha. So they both tell me what they do right. And obviously I know my target, assuming I have a wingman because if it’s a two set, we kind of need one. If not you know it’s going to be a little difficult but sometimes a girl just sits there and lets you talk to her friend. But yeah basically, after that would be like Jason, by the way. Now I do that I transition into my target completely. You know your first impression was different. What do you mean? Like when I barely saw you but see now that’s targeted. Only towards my target. And at that point I’m already isolating. I’m like hey, let’s go sit down over there. Let’s… I’m already turning her away from her friend or something that’s causing her and I to be in a one on one

ZACH: Gotcha. Have you had anything like to isolate like I can’t bring my friends? And it seems like legitimate you know it’s like we have this club in Vegas you know, so it’s like she’s with her friend; she probably doesn’t want to go off to run in person.

JASON:           Yeah, you haven’t created any value and attraction so basically, she can’t leave yet, but you could move her and turn her away from her friends where she’s not facing them.

ZACH: Gotcha!

JASON:           You could go sit down somewhere in the proximity. You can be like, oh! Just, just come here real quick and like going to lean on a wall or something, right by you guys. Well, you know your friends are there, is safe, you’re now with her you continue running this then the next level will be like hey , let’s go buy a drink. Another, that’s another move you know, Hey, lady let’s go to the dance floor? That’s another move, you know. But you want to be constantly moving, you don’t want to be like, like for example dance floor, you don’t want to be dancing the whole time,  you can’t run any game but you can go have fun in there for a couple of minutes and then just back off.

ZACH: Gotcha. Okay.

JASON:           Does that clarify everything?

ZACH: Yeah, yeah, I think I could understand how it words more now.

JASON:           Mm-hm. And when you’re in the interactions, then, that’s where we start using the long engaging stories, all the other stuff.

ZACH: Yeah. Yeah. Cool!

JAMIE:            Is that good, Zach?

JASON:           Yeah!

JAMIE:            All right! Cassidon, are you still there? We’re going to make this so incredibly quick. I already know your question basically is.  Let’s… we have another call like at 8 o’clock, you can join that one if you want but a real quick one here, okay, Cassidon.


JAMIE:            And I know what you want. So go for that!

CASSIDON: Okay, so, basically, I was wondering, what would be, some effective ways to manage your money for long term financial success?

JAMIE:            There’s one. This is not sure, I’m making of myself. This is from a lot of best in class practices, pay yourself first.  By the way, to all listening here, again, our VIP is not  just, social arts it’s also personality development, wealth management, anything where you are trying to build yourself. So, you know Cassidon, you know, one of the best practices in that is pay yourself first. And a lot of people out there have the argument there like well, what does that mean is that every month, for or on some defined consistent basis you pay yourself first some kind of set fund, sum based on your income and you pay it no matter what, no excuses. Now your argument could be like what if this month I don’t have any money because I had this, and this, and this. Well, here’s the thing, if the government told you Cassidon, you owe $500 blah, blah, blah; you can’t make any excuses to them, can you?


JAMIE:            No, you can’t. So you treat it the same way. You make yourself your number one creditor. You get paid first. Make sense?

CASSIDON: Got it. Make—

JAMIE:            That makes you disciplined towards building some, you don’t have to save a lot of money, but as long as you’re consistent about it, even every month you saving a hundred dollars, next thing you know you’ve got a thousand. And that’s building interest when you’re investing and now you got capital. So that’s the number one way to start and again that’s a very well accepted principle. That is, it takes discipline but that’s where you want to begin. Come up with a number even start $100 a month whatever it is, have a number that you commit to it goes to an account that you can’t touch and you do it no matter what. It simply doesn’t exist other than for savings.


JAMIE:            Okay?

MIKE: I have a short segue.

JAMIE:            Okay. It has to be very short because we’re kind of at the end of here. But go forth.

MIKE: Okay. How can I stir like-minded people with the same ambition and the same direction? How can I do it effectively?

JAMIE:            Stir them?

MIKE: Uh-huh. I mean let’s say if they want to do it but they don’t know how to go about doing.

JAMIE:            Just answer their questions. You know like, I mean if at some instance I want to make more money, and then give some suggestions. Hey I’ve read this book, have you been to this seminar, have you heard about this person, have you seen this YouTube video. Stir them in the same direction you want in and see if it resonates. See if they’re asking questions about these things.

CASSIDON: Okay. Perfect.

JAMIE:            Sound good?

MIKE: Sound good. Thank you, Jason.


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