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TAY 169: Strategies for talking to girls, Direct Approach vs. Indirect and being yourself

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Today’s podcast we talked about when to go direct vs indirect. We also discussed how to use routines that fit your character.

CALLER: Oh, I was doing some direct stuff during the day and I went in, you know, some of those were just like awkward, some of laughing, and one of my men actually talked to her like half hour. Couldn’t get the bounce or anything like that, the number closed and call or text her later, and she said she wasn’t interested so the question, this kind of a three part question. One is direct or indirect better to some guys before one of the other and secondly is, now that I’m in this text mode, can I just proceed, I mean, in some point, you know, you just if you feel like girl interest’s stuff until then as long as she’s responding, is like text, game the same as in, you come with the fun attraction in humor, see if she responds, if so you worked with it. If not, you just back off and might try again. And then, there’s the final part of the question is that I had like, you know, I’d opened a two set, and I had I just sitting there and game of both, but  I had no choice in the matter, and I said, here, put your number unto the hot one, and if she put the not hot ones number so now, is there some way I can recover this and get it back, because I sort of made them both think I’m flirting with the them and s****t. So that’s my question, thanks.

JAMIE:          Okay! Jason?

JASON:         Okay! So, the first part was indirect versus direct, right? Hello?

CALLER: Yeah, that’s right. Yes!

JASON:         Okay, so the first part is direct versus indirect. Now, a couple of things to keep in mind, you’re at the bar or club, and you’re going direct, and you think there’s a lot of people that ready going direct?

CALLER: I would guess probably, I mean, I don’t know but I’m going to guess so.

JASON:         Yeah. Now, you see, the purpose of indirect is to come in like you’re not hitting on them and hit on them eventually in a sense. I would say, there isn’t like exact guideline to say I should do direct or indirect but we’re at—what I’d do is basically a mix of both especially during the day game. I come in and demonstrate some interest but I’m also not hitting on them directly ‘til, like I’m not coming in like, oh, you know, you’re so attractive. I have to come and say hi! But a different version of that is, if you come up and you’re like, you know what, you totally distracted me. I had to come and say hi! Or the classic one that I used, hey! You know, excuse me. Can I give you a compliment? Where I’m coming in, you know, semi direct but I’m going, I’m not—what’s that sound?

JAMIE:          Yeah, if you guys..

CALLER: Sorry, it was-

JAMIE:          Not speaking, you could put your mic on mute. While you’re not talking because otherwise the background is a little distracting.

CALLER: It could be from my mic, I’ll cover it until my time to talk.

JAMIE:          Yeah, that’ll be great.

JASON:         Okay, so far, do you get where I’m going with this?

CALLER: Yeah, I do and wasn’t also watching the virtual boot camp sort of. Yeah, but I know where you’re going.

JASON:         Now, my next question is what was your direct opener that you were using?

CALLER: Well, the first day, I was just walking up and saying stuffs like, hey, you’re not bad looking and maybe don’t get a big head or something like that.

JASON:         Right.

CALLER: But I sort of had gone unto it. I took the stuff that you provided in the virtual bootcamp and I’ve been doing that just, “Hey, had to come to say hello.” “Hey! You know what? You have a great energy.” So there’s a couple there that one’s I did.

JASON:         Mm-hm. Now, would you consider that direct or indirect?

CALLER: I would consider both of those direct but the first one would be more of direct like, “Hey! You’re kind of pretty.” I mean, you’re just getting right to it, yeah. “Hey! You’re kind of pretty,” or “Hey, you’re not bad-looking,” you know.

JASON:         So what was your experience with each one?

CALLER: Well, it was, there are a both day game ones, and I think with the second one, with the one where I am saying, hey! had to say hello, and I’m getting into the stack that you provided on my boot camp, I’m getting further into  the sets and that is interesting, too, but yeah. That’s it! I’m getting further in more times with the less direct of those two openers.

JASON:         So then what would you think is the best approach for you to take that suits the best for you?

CALLER: Well, I like the less direct of those two basically like, hey, you’re distracting me and I had to say hello and from there, you know.

JASON:         Yeah, I mean, that’s like my personal choice as well. I like to, it’s like—I call it like a playful, confident, direct. Where you’re not coming in like, hey! You know, you’re super hot. You’re coming in more just with this playful and it goes back to that whole nonchalant, non-needyness, I’m just having fun in being me. By that, you’re presenting right after the bat. So from what you said, coming in with that, you know more playful direct, that’s what’s working best for you?

CALLER: Yeah, it is. Even though, you know, I’ve only got like a couple of days in using that straight strict stack stuff because I just discovered it. I mean, I’ve been told about it before but yes, it’s working better.

JASON:         Mm-hm. So then do you think that’s what you just stick to it until you really get it down?

CALLER: Yeah, I’m definitely going to just stick to that.

JASON:         Mm-hm. Okay.

CALLER: At night time, I guess I’m still early with the two sets. I’m still running with the opinion opener, you know, cheating girls like but yeah, at night time in the bar, yeah, otherwise.

JASON:         Yeah, and the ones that you are using during the day, but you don’t necessary have to only use it during the day, those apply at night, too.

CALLER: Okay, all right.

JASON:         It’s just really, this for example, I’ve known people who they had a certain set of routines and I had certain set of routines. And we go out, and I tried theirs, and they wouldn’t work too well for me, but maybe it working great for them, and vice versa, they tried some of my stuff, and it wasn’t their character it was in their personality so it wouldn’t fit them. Does that make sense?

CALLER: Yeah, it does actually. And I actually picked something out of watching the video that reminded me of something I used to do with success and sort of incorporating that. Just saying stuffs like, hey! let’s just go on back to my place now, just saying it in a fun way after you’ve gone in to, you know, but yeah, I understand.

JASON:         Mm-hm. No cocky funny?

CALLER: Oh, yeah!

JASON:         Does that answer your question of direct versus indirect?

CALLER: Yeah, yeah. It gives me a pretty good idea.

JASON:         Okay. Now, the next one was the numbers, right? You’re getting the numbers and you were trying to get the date set up?

CALLER: Yeah. There exactly!

JASON:         Okay, a couple of things. For me, you can get a million numbers but if doesn’t result in a date, or something else, man, it’s just a number at that point, right?


JASON:         That’s like it’s remarking fun, that’s just the potential prospect. Now, what you really want to do is get the dates set up. But if you can’t, in the mean time, you can—I use text for more like flirting and keeping it fun, and light and scheduling things. And a little bit of rapport but not too much because it’s a lot more powerful to build that rapport and that connection in person versus through text messaging.


JASON:         A lot of the stuff I use is, I use some memes. I have like a little role playing fantasy world that we’re like building each other. I consider things just to keep it fun and playful, while building enough rapport where it keeps certain like still interested. But I don’t want to just sit there, and have a full length conversation about how her day was, and where she does for fun through text messaging.


JASON:         Another thing that’s pretty huge is actually calling.

CALLER: Just go ahead and do the call, and—

JASON:         Yeah. Well, let’s say it when a text conversation, right? And it’s kind of like going back and forth where you know she’s like sitting there on her phone texting you?

CALLER: Right!

JASON:         Sometimes I’ll just throw in, “Hey! Call me.” And I might just call her myself before she even reads it, or I’ll wait for her to call. And from that you were able to present more of your personality.

CALLER: What would you say on the call? Still the fun light stuff? Or would you go into more rapport there?

JASON:         Well, it depends like if I can set up the date like right away, you know, if could call her and like almost we do the whole thing where you open and find the attraction, you’re getting her laughing and then you’re transitioning into like more serious stuff or more super conversation. If I can call, I just keep on laughing like, hey! You know what? What are you doing? Let’s go hang out right now. I might just settle there, and sometimes, I’ll come in and like oh, no, I have to do this, or something like, “Hey, you know, I’m free after Tuesday. Let’s go check out this really cool rooftop bar that I just found out about.” Or you can use, “I’m going to go check out this really cool rooftop bar, do you want to join?” You’re making it, basically when you set up the date, you want to make it seem like you’re going to do it either way whether with or without her, but the fact that you’re inviting her into your world. Does that make sense for setting up a date?

CALLER: Yeah, it does.

JASON:         Now, as far as getting it set up of course you have to build enough rapport off the conversation that you guys had. Sometimes you can make it happen through the text message like, it’s like an online game, you know, you never see the persons so you have to build that connection in texting. But you, in the end, you want it get it off, and text her as soon as possible, and get in to, you know, if you could at least get it into a phone call, I feel like that all up your chances a little bit so that when you actually leave that person, it’s like oh, you know, you were able to leave and talk to the phone already. Other stuff I’ve done… Skype works pretty well, too or like video calling so that when you do have a date, it almost feels like you guys already know each other for a lot longer than you have though you guys didn’t constantly contact.

CALLER: Right, right!

JASON:         Those are different ways of handling a text message or handling a phone number. Where it’s a traditional texting back and forth setting up a date but if that’s not working out, you can start throwing in those extra tools, you know, the phone call, the Skype call, and all you’re doing is really, you’re just, you’re just getting her to agree to be with you. A comfort building location that you just made.


JASON:         Okay, does that answer your text message question?

CALLER: Yes, it does!

JASON:         Okay, anymore questions on that or anymore explanation, or clarification?

CALLER: Yeah, I mean, over the two that you covered, yeah, that’s pretty full, the only other one and I think this might sort of new point was like I gained a two set in.

JASON:         Mm-hm.

CALLER: I got the one I didn’t want, that’s the one phone number I got. I want to try it and still continue with the other one but I got to go to the one I don’t want to get to her so I don’t know what I should do.

JASON:         Well, there’s a couple ways to handling it because obviously, you have one of them you can’t just ask her like, “Hey! You know what, I actually wanted your friend.”

CALLER: Right.

JASON:         All right! So you have a two set. You can probably set up another date where you both hang out or you can just cut your losses, and keep dating that girl. See that would be fun because then you could start like going into like a jealousy plot line like you know what, I think both of you guys are really good or you guys are fighting over me, along those lines, but for the most part unless you may be added her on social media and then you add her friend and you can probably find a way from profiles but other than that I mean you have to work with what you have. You have that one number so if she want involve in person again maybe come with a friend have a wing that will talk to the one girl you don’t want so you can talk to your target.

CALLER: Okay. All right. Okay. Cool. Yeah, that’s a couple of good ideas I appreciate that.

JASON:         Hm.

JAMIE:            Okay, awesome. I’m just want to add a little bit to that. It’s really see I have your email, your original email right in front of me so and also from experience a lot of this concepts were not easy to really internalize or embrace and the more you hear answers from different people just worded a little differently, you’ve really much better chances of things you really stick again. On that note, to anyone listening on the call that’s one of the best one, best benefits about VIP, you have tons of the best instructors in the world, you have a virtual boot camp, you’ve a very sequential A to Z on how to do this, really will supplement everything you’re doing and again give you a lot of different vantage points explaining similar topics so you can really, truly internalize these topics.

Anyway with that said, what’s really about it man, is about being congruent like really feeling good and in line with what you’re doing. Where you’re going direct or indirect, it’s about making sure you feel good about it, you feel, you feel like you’re being truly yourself, authentic like in that book, Mode one, that you’ve been reading. Really with that a lot of that is about from my own personal interpretation. It’s just about being you and asking for what you really want and rather than pretending to be something or speaking the way that’s really kind of cutting to the chase a little bit.

So that’s really what it’s about you can be direct or indirect. The once going to work the best for you is the one you really feel the best about, the one that’s really in line with who you are, what you’re looking for and of course you do want to keep in mind with the context, the things are so. But I want you to help me out just give me some more ideas. I want to give you two examples here. First thing I want to say before I give you example one, and these are from my own personal recent situations. I want you to know that even if you go direct it doesn’t mean you’re showing your hand. You can go direct and be clear that you wanted to speak to this person but it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily all googly eyed over them. Are you following me?


JAMIE:          So like, let me give you an example here. So this one girl I approached at a night club. She was with a bunch of friends but she kind of broke apart from them for a little bit to go get you know something to drink so I say okay this is good shot for me so I went over there and I opened her the with the your totally distracting the opener you know the one that I was doing the second ago so I said to her, I said “Hey I won’t care if I take your head, you are totally distracting me. I don’t know if it’s your good posture or your fancy footwork but I had to come over and say hello.” You following me so far?


JAMIE:            Now, notice in that opener it sounds genuine, does it not? It sounds like I’m offering something that’s not necessarily a copy paste I’m specifically imbedding the opener, what it is about her that made me want to come over, right?


JAMES:            But also notice that nothing in there has anything to do with her looks. It’s her posture, the way she presents herself, the way she dances, whatever. But nothing about her outright beauty, okay?


JAMES:         Now and then about a minute and a half or so she said something to me which basically was my first barrier to go through, which she says, because I was definitely being very clear about my intent but she says to me she goes, “You were coming at me all your stuff but your forgetting to ask one important thing.” And it was cute the way she said it, because I knew what she was getting at which is basically like you’re being clear about your intention but you’re doing this not even knowing if I have a boyfriend or whatever and I kind of smiled at her I know exactly what you’re getting at here. And she goes, yeah, you didn’t even ask me what my relationship situation is or whatever. So you know what I said to her? I said here’s the truth, you’re a beautiful girl but there a lot of pretty women here and I don’t know you. So your personality will ultimately going to make or break you as far as I’m concerned I’m not even hitting on you yet. I’m just getting to see if you’re worth hitting on, you following me?


JAMIE:            And that’s totally the truth. That’s not b*** s*** because I think everyone listening to this has a first-hand experiences where you don’t even track woman. She’s a terrible, ugly personality and in all sense she ain’t shit and then you meet a girl that’s like kind an average or whatever, but then she just ask such a wonderful energy and that makes so attractive so what I’m telling this beautiful girl is absolutely the truth. I’m not really even hitting on her, I’m seeing if she’s worth hitting on and see there’s like Erik says, “Is there more to you that meets the eye?”  But the main points I’m trying to get across to you is one, whether you go indirect or direct it’s about congruency. Do you feel good about it? Are you truly representing yourself or inside do you feel like a fraud? And that’s really what Mode One is about. It’s about presenting your real self asking for what you want not putting on some bullshit presentation that’s not really in line with who you are. Now if you decide to go direct, the truth is you don’t know them yet.  You don’t really know if they’re truly worth hitting. So you can go direct without actually showing your hand. Does it mean you’re actually hitting on them? Yes you’re being clear you want to talk to them but you first need to find out do they have good energy? Are they worth really continuing that conversation? Does that make sense?

CALLER: Yes, it does.

JAMIE:            So I’m just giving—I’m basically saying the same things as Jason. I’m just getting to it a different way because some of the stuff I know, again work—that’s the benefit of working with us and all the resource we give you in our programs is that  we give you a lot of ways to really internalize this stuff, okay?

CALLER: Yeah. Interestingly, you know, starting with the can stuff, I mean I’m feeling more comfortable with it now, but in the beginning I did feel kind of fraudy but now like I’m comfortable with it, so it’s like I’m sort of discovering still what is going to ultimately be the best thing for me but for a second there I read that book and I was like, well, these feels easy. I can just come right out and say it. But it’s a transforming process.

JAMIE:            Let me tell you a little secret here. A lot of stuff is in your f***ing head, man. I’ll give you a great example. So in the virtual boot camp, which is amazing by the way, to anyone listening again, in VIP we have a virtual boot camp and go through entire sequence of the day of working with us. There is a routine in there, tell me if this one sounds familiar to you, and that’s all this, it’s a sound bites or theme which says, “You know what? You just seem like you have really great energy.”  Does that sound familiar to you?

CALLER: Oh yeah.

JAMIE:            Okay, now here’s my point, when you feel, when sometimes feel like potentially a fraud one of those things are, one of those reasons is because they feel like they’re being like there’s something sneaky about what they’re doing. The truth is that phrase is a normal f***ing phrase. I tell people as a coach f***ing practice it with the guys, too. Why can’t a guy have a great energy? You’re not trying to do anything with it but why can’t you meet, just for the sake of being sociable, a couple or just two cool guys. You’re like, “You guys have really great energy.” Try saying it in situations like that and you realize something, man. It’s not a big f***ing deal to say these lines. They’re not like, you’re not like, “Oh, my god I’m hitting on her. Oh, she might know what I’m doing.” They’re just normal ways of speaking to people. You understand?


JAMIE:            So when you start practicing these types of lines on everybody, you’ll realize what you’re doing, it’s not a big deal. You eventually come to a fork in the road where you can decide to take it in a certain direction if you choose. But a lot of these openers in themselves are not pick up. They’re just simply ways of engaging people. So if you actually take the time to practice saying these lines to everybody, also in your eyes, it’s not that big of deal and you’ll almost take the edge off of you where you realize you’re just being a social guy nothing more and nothing less. I would highly encourage you to actually practice saying those type of you know little openers and stuff to just mixed groups, guys, couples to almost convince yourself of the truth which is these are just ways of being sociable and engaging people. It’s not like “Oh, my god. I’m hitting on her. This is a fucking line.” It’s not! It’s just a way of engagement and that’s it. Make sense?

CALLER: Yes, it does.

JAMIE:            Okay, one last thing I want to add to because you took the time to write this big email to us and I want you to really have a really comprehensive answer so I’ll give you one last example here just to kind of add a little detail a little bit more of a visual too of what we are talking about. This other set I opened up the other night. It was a mix set, a guy and two girls. The girl had her back to me, there is one who is really attractive she was facing towards me but she was you know there was the girl and the guy kind of obstructing the way. So I opened the group specifically focusing on the guy. I just said some funny little comment about what they were drinking or whatever. It doesn’t matter. After they responded then I get on to my routine stack, the very next thing I said was, “You know you guys you seemed like you’ve really great energy, ” You following me?


JAMIE:          But in this case I’m opening indirect coz my actual, the way I initiate the conversation it wasn’t like the example I gave you before. My first initial opener was just, was indirect, okay? So notice I’m telling you, as a coach, I do both just sometimes I just keep in mind with the context is and I’m going to feel better more congruent with one versus the other. They both work, they’re both good to have in your toolkit, okay?


JAMIE:            But from there I’m off to the races with the same routine stack, you guys have a really great energy. You have this blank vibe. You know I’m doing the same sh*t that you’re going through in the virtual boot camp.


JAMES:            Okay?

CALLER: All right.

JAMIE:          So both are good. It’s good to have both. It’s good to know that you have the ability to engage in different ways and if you decide to go direct, remember what I said you’re really just seemed she’s worth hitting on. And allow these lines if you want to call them that, they’re just ways of engaging people and if you start using it with everybody, if you actually go out of your way to just say these types of things to everybody, you’ll realize it’s not that big of a deal. Okay?

CALLER: Okay. Yeah, appreciate that.

JAMIE:            Yeah. No problem. Just want you know, again I’m saying the same stuff as Jason basically said. Just giving you maybe some examples, maybe that kind of helps a little bit, but, okay. So let’s go onward then.

CALLER: Okay. Thanks again. Bye.

JAMIE:            Yeah. You’re very welcome. Adam are you there?

ADAM:         Yeah. What’s up guys?

JAMES:            All right, man. Fire away.

ADAM:            So last week, man, it’s been an incredible couple of weeks. Last week I did pretty well and then I ended up in IHOP, with a buddy. We’re just chatting about you know, games and things like that and this, I mean it was like four in the morning. We got done talking and this group of six girls walked out, or they were like checking out at IHOP and so I told my buddy, Spencer, like, “Hey, let’s go approach them.” Since we’re walking out. And so when we got from our table and when we did that and I opened them. It actually—it was very engaging. Everybody was very engaged but they were headed up to their car so we kind a just act like we were walking out that way anyways.

There was one girl there that I was interested in. She was the target but I kind of ignored her a little bit for the first few seconds and gained the tannery core with the rest of the group and then I went over to her, and they were kind of all getting in their car at this point. And so before my target jumped in the car I basically just engaged her and I honestly, I think what happened was I let myself get rushed because of the situation. I’ve really, I kind of—yeah, I just thought rushed and I needed to slow the conversation down a little bit and just kind of take control. I did have control of conversation but again I was rushed and so I ended up trying to number close and she threw something back at me. She’s like, why do I need to give you my number? And at that point I realized I mean because she said that and she’s still waiting around, honestly I think she did want it. I think she did want to give me your number but it was just a sh*t test and I didn’t have a good response.

I was just like, you know what, you don’t need to give me your number, and then I just handed her my phone and it didn’t work like it kind of back and forth a little bit but anyways I didn’t pass the sh*t test and so I mean I guess that’s the situation that I kind of wanted to talk about. When you guys have that resistance on the number in that way, how do you handle that? And then, yeah, so that’s my main question for today.

JASON:            Okay, well most likely the reason she didn’t give you the number is it’s a matter of value and high vibration state. So basically you came in with the request and if she’s in a lower vibrational state she might say no but then if you would have made her laugh and raised the vibrational state, then they could have ended different. Does that make sense?

ADAM:            Yeah. That does make sense.

JASON:            Cause I’ve had that too where I go for the number and she’s like, oh, no! And then I kind of play it off like it didn’t even matter for like, almost like I didn’t even asked for it like, “Hey put in your number,” she said, “Oh, I don’t know if,” “Anyway, dude.”  So I was talking to this girl right and blah, blah, blah. I couldn’t stack into another routine I get her laughing again and then I’ll go for it again or maybe escalate some [inaudible] something or whatever and I’d go for it again. She’s in a higher vibrational state. Now another thing too, they’re running out on there, right? There’s like that whole time constraint like rush kind of thing, that’s going to make a little more difficult, I mean you can’t beat yourself up over that. If they’re jumping into a car, their friends are like rushing in. It’s kind of a tough one there. But if that does come up and pull up where you actually in set and you faced that resistance then you know come back with like funny—why should I give you my number? Well you know what, because there’s this thing, right, it’s called texting. I think I showed you this routine but which is like a 10 digit number code that you can exchange in order to communicate across—

ADAM:         Yeah.

JASON: Vast distances. That she’s going to be like, “What?” That’s dumb, right. That’s silly but it would kind of make her laugh.

ADAM:            Okay. I like that. I think you’re right. I think I just need to raise that vibrational state and it doesn’t happen very often to me but when it does I’m just like I kind of get stoned, if you know what I mean.

JASON:         Mm-hm.

ADAM:         I just don’t know why. Okay, so yeah. I like your advice. So when we go into—so I will just kind of ignore it. I mean in that situation I’m just kind of ignore it and focus on just basically a funny, a really funny routine or just somewhat funny routine to raise the vibrational state. Okay. I like it, man. Thank you.

JASON:            Mm-hm. Because remember the whole—you’re there to close sale. What do you do when you get rejection from a customer, right and they’re like, oh,  I don’t want to buy it because I heard bad things about it and you just come in with something that’s going to stack over that. Would you agree?

ADAM:            Yeah. No, I mean in that situation like if it was you know I’m in the middle of it you know trying to close a sale then and I get some last minute rejection and you know I do, I actually, I kind of ignore that I even got the rejection. Talk about something that you know that would raise the state, make them laugh or something and then I would come back and either try to uncover the true objection or handle the objection in front of me if I thought that was the true one. I mean you I think the format is the same where I would just like kind of ignore it, raise the vibrational state and then come back around and try to close again.

JASON:            Mm-hm.

ADAM:            Okay. Cool.

JAMIE:            Awesome. Jaymie, you still there?

JAYMIE: Yes, I’m here.

JAMIE:            All right, man. I think you got the hang of it. So, rock and roll. I’ll give insight, you give some interaction from the last week or so.

JAYMIE: I haven’t had much going on in the last week. I’m just not narrating head space to be in the game at the moment because of a family issue.

JAMIE:            Okay. All right.

JAYMIE: It’s my Mama.

JAMIE:            All right. Fair enough. Yeah. We’ll talk about that another time but hopefully that stuff kind of clears out and next time you’ve given a call you have an interaction, okay?


JAMIE:            All right. No problem. Let’s go on then to Jeremy. Jeremy, you’re on the call?

JEREMY:  I am. Hello!

JAMES:            All right, man. Rock and roll.

JEREMY: I came on a little late so I apologize for that I, you may have covered this the text thing am where I kind of getting hang up myself this… I can close and get a number but and then set up a date but a lot of the times if say I do it the prior weeks and meet them on a Saturday, by the following Saturday if I set up on me it usually gets like canceled or you know what I mean.

JASON:         Right.

JEREMY:  It doesn’t—and I haven’t a good I guess return rate. I don’t where I’m making a mistake or maybe I’m trying to keep the momentum going and I don’t know where I’m kind of messing that up at. .

JASON:            Mm-hm. You know one of the main things about setting up a date to ahead of time that I noticed is that the girl will starts feeling almost anxiety and anticipation like how’s it going to be and what’s going to happen.

JEREMY: All right. I could hear, I could feel that. I could sense that. Yeah.

JASON:         I’m sure, even you when you were setting it up, you feel that way in the sense like, oh, man, how’s it going to happen like blah, blah, blah.

JEREMY: Right.

JASON:         At some level. So a couple things I do if let’s say the weekend is too short and the—I mean the day is too short and it’s like a week away or whatever. I’ll try to, the whole week I’m throwing a little pebbles basically like keeping her laugh and keeping the vibrational state up.


JASON:         Keeping her associating me with this funny person, this fun person, this person with value like so that’s the first part is really you don’t want to say too much because then you might change your mind.

JEREMY: Right.

JASON:         But when you just keep spiking it and keeping her laughing or something like let say she’s a nurse, you just likely like, “Oh, man. I just ran into this and it totally reminded me of you.” and I send like a picture of like the nurse meme. You know memes? Like those little funny memes.

JEREMY: Yeah. Yeah.

JASON:            Yeah. So were like I just ran into this and totally reminded me of you. Or if I’m at—if I’m somewhere and I’m like in the street studio and I see like a banner that says something what we were just talking about. Let’s say it says like, Louisiana. It’s like, “Oh, man. This is just so trippy, I just saw this thing that we were just talking about it, or you get the point right, like just [Crosstalk]

JEREMY: Yeah. I—and that’s what I did. I set it up way too early and by the time the time came like hang like no way you know what I mean? That’s exactly. And I wasn’t throwing pebbles like you said and I should have been.

JASON:         No.

JEREMY: Yeah, you’re right. That makes a lot of sense.

JASON:            Another thing you can do, this is like I used this one a lot when I used like a big future event like by let’s say you say you know like, yeah, my friend, a cloak promoter would have these huge club party and you’ve changed now the vibe. This is like an event way off the future. You know if it’s a week or whatever. But let’s say like, hey, I’m going to check out this really cool—I don’t know. Something you like—I’m going to check out this new hike and trail and on Tuesday but your date is still Saturday and let’s say you texting her Sunday, well now that’s only two days and she’s probably thinking about the other event.

JEREMY: Right.

JASON:            So you go into an event before the other event—

JEREMY: Right.

JASON:            That’s clustered by.

JEREMY: That’s makes a ton of sense. I love it. That’ll keep the momentum going and kind of catch—yeah that makes sense. That way she’s not future tripping or may not scare her too much and doesn’t give her enough time—

JASON:         Exactly.

JEREMY: Whatever the case.  I like that. All right. I’ll try that. That’s all I’ve got.

JAMIE:          All right. Awesome!

JASON:         Okay.

JAMIE:          I’ll just, yeah just add a teeny something step based on the same stuff again that Jason has already said. You know, man, you can always rather than dates, really  focus on things you’re doing anyway, you know, with your friends, like Jason is saying is part of a, hey, my friend has this big club thing we all like to do. It’s always great way to do stuff because the benefit to you is even if she cancels it’s something that you’re doing anyway.

JEREMY: Right.

JAMIE:            It’s not a big deal. You don’t really lose value so it’s good to keep that in mind. Also, Jeremy, this is a good opportunity to focus on your rapport building because if you’re able to give her the experience which is like, “Oh, my god, this guy Jeremy is amazing. I feel like I can talk to him forever.” You know like, people are really gravitate towards that, if you can show yourself to be that type of individual that’s just so engaging and again she feels like she could just jump right back into the conversation with you, it takes a little of the quote unquote,  pressure of a date because you’re just its exciting and it’s easy.

JEREMY: Right.

JAMIE:            That’s the right thing to do and also Jason, the bases of these, too, if it’s a date try and f***in’ over sell it. If it’s a hiking trail like Jason said, make it sound like the most incredible thing she’s ever done and she’d be really missing out cause specifically today, at 6 pm, blah, blah, blah, whatever. Like all is gone.

JEREMY: I got it.

JAMIE:            That’s f***in’ over the top.


JAMIE:            Even if it’s not true. So these are you know things that will—

JEREMY: Because of rainbows and that.

JAMIE:            Yeah, dude. Whatever you going to make up, make the sh*t up. Should I, do it for the greater good, once she shows up she won’t give a sh*t that that rainbow or whatever wasn’t there.

JASON:            Exactly, that’s 100% true just to add to what Jamie said. I take it to the ridiculous. If I have to just to get them laughing and into it like yeah, you know, we’re going to get to the top, it’s just going to be magical, there’s going to be a rainbow, and we’ll both look up at the same time and the shooting stars fly right across and that same moment like a violinist is going to come out and play your favorite song.

JEREMY: I love it.

JASON:            Because you’re doing this, right? But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you do? Who you hooked up with, if you’re not having fun with it.

JEREMY: Right.

JASON:            If you’re not act like, it would be like mad.

JAMIE:            That was cool.

JEREMY: Right. I agree. No, that’s fantastic information. Thank you. I like that. Makes a bunch of sense.

JAMIE:            Yeah. Just like Jason was saying and even were time out come out in the beginning, it’s a lot congruency. You got to feel good about what you are doing. That’s like why we take you to through the sequence in our boot camps and trainings were in the beginning we gave you training wheels. We going to make sure of the two main variables delivery, you know delivery in mechanics and actual material, the customization. If you’re playing with too much it’s going to be f***ing impossible. So in the beginning we give you routines that we know is proven to work and if they don’t work well it’s simply because your delivery is not there so we get that out of the way.

The longer term, we start working on your routines that’s where you’re going to become ultimately the most powerful because you’re not just doing it in a way it’s supposed to be done but you’re actually presenting you. You’re asking of the things you give a sh*t about. You’re talking about stories you’ve lived in your life. So that’s really the ultimate goal that when you’re able to take the techniques that are proven and marry them up with who you really are I mean you’re going to be an unstoppable force. Or at the very least you’ll attract the people that really you want to attract in your life. And I will close on this note, by the way if anyone is listening here.

You know we have our cruise coming up in July which really is for more of the intermediate, advanced especially people really interested in personal development as a whole. It’s going to be a phenomenal way to really take what you’ve learned those training wheels and intermediate understanding and really advance it where you can really work, it’s starts really truly become you. Obviously we’ll do a lot of stuff and some advanced seduction technique and we’re going to have a female led organizations going to be bringing their own clients, like minded females so it will be really incredible opportunity to take things one step further. You know as well as meet some really incredible people even within VA and also without VA as well so. If you have questions about that, for more intermediate advanced person development applications as you mini know give Venusian Arts a call and I’ll let you know what the deal is on that. But otherwise it’s a great call everyone!

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