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Five More Mistakes Men Make On Tinder

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Following up on my last article about 5 mistakes men make on Tinder, I came up with another 5 common mistakes that men (PUAs included) tend to make when trying to figure out how to meet someone from Tinder. Taking it too seriously A very large percentage of women will tell you that they only […]

Don’t Spend Valentines Day Alone

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As it has the tendency to do every year, Valentines day is fast approaching. This can be a trying time for singles, both men and women. Seeing those people in relationships get all lovey-dovey and talk about the extravagant gifts and surprises they are planning for their partners can sometimes be a bitter reminder of […]

Tips For Bigger Guys

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Not too long ago I received an email from a gentleman asking for advice for bigger guys. As a guy who has struggled with his weight as an aspiring PUA, I was more than happy to provide some answers.

The Rebirth of AMOGing

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The concept of being able to acquire a skill set in order to handle the Alpha Male in the group. The idea for most to be able to blow out the guys that generally succeeded in getting the girls prior to our knowledge of pick up can make any person excited. The reason why AMOGing works is because you can systematically take the attention away from other men who are competing for attention.

Phone Game Part 7: Etiquette While Being A Busy Man

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Etiquette is important when you are on the phone. Proper phone etiquette conveys social intelligence and is a DHV. Yet sadly it is something which most people simply do not have. These days, people do a lot of annoying things when they are talking to a person on the phone. As a PUA you need to be a man who not only doesn’t do those things, but also a man who doesn’t stand for it when someone else does them to you. As with my previous articles, everything mentioned below is a guideline only. These rules are not set in stone! You have to adapt and calibrate your actions as you go.

Routine Stacking in A1 and A2

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Whilst opinions differ on the value of having a ‘Routine Stack’ (a structured list of routines), and the mere topic often promotes debate within the pick up community, I personally found having a stack really helped my development in game.

How to Generate Your Own DHV Stories, With Examples

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One topic within the art of pick up that many new and experienced PUA’s find difficult is the creation of DHV stories. Luckily, we at Venusian Arts can reach deep into your background and experiences to help you bring forward the coolest things from your own life to talk about in set.