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The Rebirth of AMOGing

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The concept of being able to acquire a skill set in order to handle the Alpha Male in the group. The idea for most to be able to blow out the guys that generally succeeded in getting the girls prior to our knowledge of pick up can make any person excited. The reason why AMOGing works is because you can systematically take the attention away from other men who are competing for attention.

Matador Interviewed at

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In 2007, when the “The Pick-Up Artist” premiered on VH1, the world met James Matador, the faithful wingman of the show’s host, Mystery. The Matador is a master pickup artist, a co-author of the book “Revelation,” and one of the founding partners of the the Venusian Arts, for which he leads seminars and boot camps throughout the world on the art of seduction.


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When I teach pick up, I prefer to do it over months. This allows me time to get to know the student and really get in their heads and know everything I can. The additional time also allows me to use some unorthodox tactics in teaching people. One of the things I do is make the students watch particular movies and tell me what the pickup lesson was to the movie.

Kino Compliance: The 3 Rs

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I was observing a natural work a set the other day when I came upon an epiphany in terms of how kino works in its progression. I realized the term “escalation” did not properly encompass the whole process of what happens when kino occurs during a pickup scenario.


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When I was around 21, I got into bodybuilding. I played football, basketball, martial arts, track, & pole-vaulting in high-school. I grew up in Texas and being big and muscular increased your social value immensely (as most high schools I assume).

Classic FR: Fall 1998

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Alright gentlemen, at 9 p.m., I readied and went to meet my friend Tal and his buddy Action Fighter downtown. We ate at a cool food joint and discussed the chance of my meeting the famous Angelina Jolie from Hackers.