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Maintaining A Healthy Social Circle

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A lot of PUAs get lost in the game. Many become so obsessed with sarging every weekend, or just with trying to open sets in general that they completely forget their old social circle. Others find that their friends give them a hard time when they try to explain pickup or get their buddies to […]

Being A Man

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Part of being an alpha male means dealing with shit yourself. It means having things handled. You can pump your own gas, you check your own oil, and you put air in your own tires. That’s not to say that you can’t pay someone to do those things for you, but if push came to […]


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Luck is a mind-set that anyone can achieve. All it takes is one lucky opportunity in life and you can shift from a job promotion or a career change in your life to finding your perfect love partner. It has the power to transform both our personal and professional lives by playing a significant part in many aspects of our life.


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A lot of time we can confuse happiness with pleasure but happiness is not pleasure and although they can appear similar they are very different.


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This emotion in our body is very powerful and it can affect us in nearly every decision that we make when feel it in our body.

Does Weight Make A Difference?

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To some degree most people are insecure about their appearance. Even the best looking people I know want to change the way they look. Whether they think their too fat, short, thin or whatever, there will be an internal dialog saying “if this was different I would be more attractive to women”.

You Are The Brand

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I constantly meet men who insist on styling their look and habits on cultural icons. This in itself is not always a bad thing, but when followed to the extreme you begin to wonder who the person is.

Body Language 101

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Albert Mehrabian, professor of psychology at UCLA, came up with the theory that there are three elements in communication: words, tone of voice, and non-verbal behavior including facial expressions, gestures, and posture.

Tips For Bigger Guys

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Not too long ago I received an email from a gentleman asking for advice for bigger guys. As a guy who has struggled with his weight as an aspiring PUA, I was more than happy to provide some answers.

Starting Your Day Out Right

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If you spend more mornings than not staggering out of your room moaning and groaning your way to work in a way that resembles the staggerings and moanings of a b-movie zombie, then chances are your day will not be as enjoyable as it could be.


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When I teach pick up, I prefer to do it over months. This allows me time to get to know the student and really get in their heads and know everything I can. The additional time also allows me to use some unorthodox tactics in teaching people. One of the things I do is make the students watch particular movies and tell me what the pickup lesson was to the movie.

Taking Care of Yourself

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your body is both your vessel and your weapon. Its one of your biggest tools of seduction and it’s the only one you’re going to get, so don’t get lazy and waste it. When you want to take care of yourself (and you should) there are several different elements you should be looking at, all of them as important as the next.


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When I was around 21, I got into bodybuilding. I played football, basketball, martial arts, track, & pole-vaulting in high-school. I grew up in Texas and being big and muscular increased your social value immensely (as most high schools I assume).

The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Permanent Fat Loss

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This is the most critical error most people trying to lose fat make, nutrition accounts for 70% of your fat loss plan. Yes you read that right 70%, the exercise only accounts for 30%, and so all those of you who are sweating it out at the gym only to go back to burger and fries and dinner are simply wasting your time.