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Penetrating My Glass Ceiling With Discovery

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I had been in Las Vegas for about a month at the time and was there to work. I would be living and working with a guy, helping him through his main sticking points. Discovery was on his way over too to conduct the Venusian Arts Coach development program. I had been to my first 360 Coach Program some time before but knew the benefit of reinforced learning so would be attending as an alumni. It was normal that me and Discovery would meet and then have a night out so I knew we were going to go out but I didn’t realize my game would be taken to the next level and that it would be one of the most important nights for my game.

Comfort – Building Commonalities and Connection

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You need to be able to build commonalities based on things that are important to your target. You need to share at least some interests, desires, fears, and passions. You don’t have to have EVERYTHING in common (in fact, it will be too much to believe if you do), but you need to discover several items that are important to both of you.