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Don’t Spend Valentines Day Alone

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As it has the tendency to do every year, Valentines day is fast approaching. This can be a trying time for singles, both men and women. Seeing those people in relationships get all lovey-dovey and talk about the extravagant gifts and surprises they are planning for their partners can sometimes be a bitter reminder of […]

The Date – Time Bridges and Day-2s

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A question I hear a lot from students is “Where do I take all these girls for a Day-2 once I close them?” This is usually followed up with “I don’t have a lot of money” and “There isn’t really much to do in my city.” But believe it or not, there are probably HUNDREDS of fun and interesting things for you to take your girl to right in your city – many of which are free or extremely cheap! All you have to do is be a little creative and your entire town or city can become your dating playground.

Day-2s and Setting the Frame

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I love doing stuff all over the city. Whether it’s looking at really tall ships, participating in a massive pillow fight, exploring a wine tasting festival, or smoking a J at a hippie drum circle, I’m pretty much excited to do anything that involves a new experience.