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STD’s, Sex, and Shame – Part 2

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Last week I posted a video that was about STD’s Sex & Shame and I got this reply.

“Hey man, how’re you doin? I love checkin out your videos from time to time to see what you’re up to, but i gotta call you out on that last one. You said literally nothing to address the issue of how stds affect your sex life. I dunno if you’ve got anything, but if you’re lucky enough to have been with so many women and not, high five man…
“The reason I’m sharing this with you is that your video expressed absolutely zero compassion empathy for the despair one goes through on learning they’ve done something fun and amazing that now medically and socially affects them for the rest of their life. Also, you clearly did no reading or research before your video. Stop saying “or whatever” when describing something that is do specific, and so impactful. Herpes, ultimately, is a rash. That’s it. But social stigma has it blown out of proportion, even though it poses no medical risk whatsoever. Others are very different and all the more scary. It took me a considerable amount of time to understand my virus and even longer to communicate about it without being looked at like a leper. I again have a great sex life again and now, but it’s not because I just told myself “fuck it, go have sex anyway” like your video suggests. Whether or not this is your intention, it was what you conveyed. “

Clearly this guy had not watched the same video I had watched.  You can find that video here – Original STD & Shame Video

The whole point of the video was to address a forum thread that really pissed me off, not to bring awareness to the world about dealing with Herpes.  However, the point was made to protect and communicate yourself.  I am not sure where this guy was coming from, but I figured I would address the point further.

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