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Setting Up Your Facebook to Be Creeped By Women

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Girls wanna add you on Facebook because they wanna creep you. This is partly a way of testing to see if your personality and your real life are congruent, and partly because they just want to get to know you a little.

For my Facebook that women add me too. I have 2 Facebook accounts. 1 is for my pickup artist lifestyle and the other is for my actual life. I would suggest if you are nervous about adding a strange girl to your Facebook. Create another Facebook you intend on using for girls to creep you.
I always have the girls add me to the real life one obviously.

I have my Facebook set up for these attraction switches.
“Alpha male”
“The ability to look after her and her children, financially and otherwise”
“Socially competant”
“Many friends”
“pre-approved by other females”
“Leader of men”
“Has standards when comes to women”
“Many girlfriends”

Make sure you have a good profile pic. You don’t want to appear over-posed. Having a good-looking picture is huge because it is the first thing the girl sees. As for other photos on my Facebook I have pics of my family, partying with friends (in a limo or V.I.P. at a club), partying with friends and randoms, doing interesting things, exploring, smiling, laughing, my hottest ex-girlfriends (having too many pictures of you with random girls can blow you out, so have a bunch of pictures with the same hot girls that you have dated. 3-5 different women is a good amount I found). All of my photos are strategically picked so when I do get creeped the girl sees a world she wants to be a part of.

As for my friends I have about 500. I have my social circle and then for the the rest are people I have met throughout my life. I tend to add really hot girls, models, famous people I have met, etc. Women tend to creep your friends list (show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are)
I have gotten many compliments on my “QUOTES” section believe it or not. I have about 15 quotes from books, movies, friends, etc. Example:

“If you keep doin what youve been doing, youre going to get what youve always gotten.”—Joseph O’Connor

That is just one of many but I do get lots of interesting feedback from women on the quotes. It shows you are well educated and are interesting.

Make sure all your status updates are fun and interesting. Example. Fun times with Prophet, Maggie, and Stavros last night. Posted with some fun photos of the night before and tag your friends in them. Talk about cool things you have done or cool things you are gonna do (parties, events, etc). Positive enthusiasm is contagious.

Liking certain pages helps the girls see if you are compatible. I am picky when it comes to dating women so I want the girl to like the same things as me. I have standards. It gives the opportunity for girls to see what kind of music you like, what kind of books you read the more the merrier (even just reading is big ups to women), the movies you like, etc. This is an opportunity to show a woman what kind of commonalities you have. Joining several fan and group pages will take your dating pool to the next level. Connecting with a babe is good, but finding one that actually enjoys your favorite sports team, movie genre or comedian is even better. Plus, you may see a post about a local meet-up and there is a good opportunity to introduce yourself to your target.

The relationship status I have experimented with a lot. I had it set to “it’s complicated” for awhile to see how that would work out. Most women did not really like that. It could come across as having baggage. I thought it would show some pre-selection but most women were turned off thinking I am still banging my ex or i’m a manwhore. So, keep the relationship status to “single”.
Facebook is an amazing opportunity to show the girl you are gaming, a world she wants to be a part of. She is gonna creep you anyways so why not use Facebook as a strength instead of a weakness.

– Derail

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