Virtual Interactive Workshop

Our virtual bootcamp is a ‘get right down to it’ routine stack training. All of the concepts come together as you learn how to really apply everything you have read about.
No DVD or book can explain things like a live coaching session can.
Our 3 hour course covers all phases of attraction.

  • Openers
  • Transitioning
  • A2 and Buying Temperature
  • Qualifying and DHVs
  • Kino Escalation
  • Bounce / Move / Instant Date
  • Close

Coming up with your material…..your routine stack…in some ways is the hardest part of your ambition to become an mPUA.

this will take 90% of the work!


  • the material and routines
  • how to structure and transition
  • embedding your personality.

This is what most clients struggle with!


in just 3 short hours, you will have real clarity on how to
apply all of that PUA knowledge that you have been accruing!

If you do not know how to put together a routine stack, you can expect an excruciatingly long learning curve.

Or make your life a hell of a lot easier and spend 3 hours with us.

Full Description of V.I.W.

The course is 3 hours long (via phone or Skype), focused purely on routine stack creation and delivery. It is not custom for you specifically (unlike our routine stack course), but it will give you solid understanding for how to apply all of the concepts you have read about.

The culmination of all the ‘theory’ and ‘concepts’ comes together as you finally see how a routine stack is supposed to look and feel.

This is not just a lecture. There is significant interaction and role play between you, the instructor, and other students. You will get real feedback on how you deliver your material and how you come across to others.

This is a fantastic option for budget conscious individuals. It cannot substitute for live infield, but provides for a great stepping stone for those who want to push forward but do not have the resources or time to travel to a live training. It is also a great way to prepare before your live training weekend!

Your ‘tuition’ also includes DVDs and study materials (stack cards and numerous routines).

At the end of your session you will have good understanding for the underlining meaning of each phase (puzzle piece) of a routine stack. Plus you will have several new routines and gambits to play with.

discount Think you can’t afford it? We can work with any budget.