The Venusian Arts Nine-Day Bootcamp Residential

Over seven days we will teach you how to become a more compelling individual….

The kind of person that people WANT to be around.

This goes WAY beyond pick up! This can improve every single aspect of your life. Sure maybe you are getting into this because you want more choice with women, but there are obvious benefits beyond just your desire to pick up more women.

discount Think you can’t afford it? We can work with any budget.

Regardless of what you have been taught to believe about pick up….this is not about manipulation, tricking people, or memorizing some word for word script.

This is about becoming the VERY BEST version of your self.

But let’s be clear from the start….

Learning pick up is NOT easy.

This is NOT like taking a magic pill.

It will take a lot of hard work!

If you are not willing to put in a lot of hard work, do yourself a favor…..DO NOT SIGN UP.

Learning pick up is not a gimmick. People learn how to play instruments. People learn how to become surgeons. People learn how to become comedians.

Why would you think that learning pick up would be any different?

Being a ‘natural’ is bullshit. It’s nothing more than a marketing ploy.

The apparent ‘naturals’ have just been put in environments where they learn how to socialize effectively.

Well what is real?

Being well socialized is real. But not everyone due to their upbringing or occupation gets this opportunity.

Being well prepared before your interactions with women is real. This is where we can help you tremendously.

You can sum up everything we teach you in one word, preparation. We should you how to come into your interactions prepared to compel women to want to get to know you.

You can’t do this by yourself working in a silo, or by reading a book. You need to experience this firsthand, there is no other way.

Here’s a great example. Look at the public speaking ability of Barack Obama.

Even if you don’t agree with Barack Obama’s viewpoints….. wouldn’t you agree that he is an amazing public speaker.

So how do you think he learned that skill?

By watching videos?

Reading a few books?

Or maybe….just maybe….he has been working with coaches for YEARS.

What do you think the likely answer is?

There is a real skill set behind a good pick up artist. We will show you a clear structure, a repeatable process. Nobody gets every girl, but you can increase your level of consistency DRAMATICALLY. Yes, you REALLY can get the 10s you dream of. But here is the catch, this will be your new reality only IF you take the tools we give you and dedicate the next year to putting these tools into practice.

This is NOT something you can get from any book or video. This simply cannot be self-taught. Over the course of 9 days, you will be taught in great detail how this REALLY is supposed to work.

Your current level does not matter. We will take you from your current level and work from there. Our course covers EVERYTHING from start to finish.

After 9 days with us, you will have ALL the tools you need to change your life. We have been doing this longer than ANYONE. We are the best at what we do.
How does it work?

Our course is custom built to redesign the manner in which you present yourself. These critical tweaks and techniques will enable you to become a more social, confident, and seductive you.

Who will most benefit?

Anyone. REALLY.

No matter your current level of skill, don’t you believe that you are capable of even more?

Also expand your mind in terms of what is at stake. Do you want to become a better networker? Do you want to make more friends? Do you want to become a better businessman? Sure our focus is on your interaction with women, but you could EASILY justify this as a business expense.

Do you want many women or just one special woman?

It doesn’t matter. Even if you want just one special girl, you are going to have to date many women before you find her. Therefore the path is the same. And yes, we understand that everyone comes into this with their own individual hopes and goals. We will indeed customize your training to meet your personal objectives.

You get a minimum of 60 hours of training time over a nine-day period, approximately half in class, and half infield. You will have sessions that take place in the street, coffee shops, lounges, and nightclubs.

What will you learn?

You will be taught all aspects of attraction. You will learn how to get her and keep her. This includes all the of the verbal and non-verbal communications that are critical for your success.

Why should you choose Venusian Arts?

Simply put, reputation. We have been doing this longer than anyone and have a proven track record. As a matter of fact, the VAST majority of our competitors are former students. Doesn’t it make sense to go right to the source?

In summary what do you get?

You will get a minimum of 60 hours of training (split between infield and in class). Additionally you will get EVERY product we currently offer, approximately $1000 worth of reading and viewing material.

So How Much Will It All Cost Me?

The total cost is currently $9999.00. We realize that this is a lot of money. So know that we are very flexible and can work with any budget.

The first three days are about building a solid foundation. Creating customization and embedding your personality comes later. First you need to know how this all comes together.

Anyone who told you that learning this stuff is easy, lied to you. This is a real undertaking……let’s begin!

Friday Schedule
2pm – 7pm
A2 and Buying Temperature
Qualifying and DHVs

Friday Night Infield Schedule
9pm – 2am: Lounge / Nightclub

Saturday Schedule
2pm – 7pm
Kino Escalation
Bounce / Move / Instant Date
Close (kiss, full close)

Saturday Night Infield Schedule
9pm – 2am: Lounge / Nightclub

Sunday Schedule
2pm – 4pm
Weekend Debrief
Individual Sticking Points
Next Steps

Sunday Night Infield Schedule
10pm – 2am: Exotic Dancers and Hired Guns

Tuesday Schedule
2pm – 6pm: Day Game

Wednesday Dinner Schedule
7pm – 9pm: Bar / Restaurant
Embedding Your Personality
Getting In State
Real Natural Game

Wednesday Night Infield Schedule
9pm – 1am: Lounge

Thursday Dinner Schedule
7pm – 9pm: Bar / Restaurant
Supercharged Conversation
Social Proof and Merging Sets

Friday Schedule
2pm – 7pm
Comfort / Rapport Building
Day 2s and Beyond
Applying Your PUA Skills To Other Areas Of Life

Friday Night Infield Schedule
9pm – 2am: Lounge / Nightclub

Saturday Schedule
2pm – 7pm
Customized Agenda

Saturday Night Infield Schedule
9pm – 2am: Lounge / Nightclub

Sunday Schedule
2pm – 4pm
Course Debrief
Continuing Your Education / Next Steps

Sunday Night Infield Schedule
8pm – 10pm: Farewell Dinner
10pm – 2am: Graduation Celebration