The Venusian Arts High Intensity Bootcamp

You think you have the concepts down right?

You’re just missing a few key tweaks right?

Well stop wasting your time with seminars.  Life is passing you by.

The course is a ‘get right down to it bootcamp’…

You simply prep with your instructor/s for one hour, then you get three hours of intense infield time.

This is a typical schedule….

discount Think you can’t afford it? We can work with any budget.

Friday Schedule

8pm – 9pm:  Openers / Routine Stack Prep

9pm – 12am:  Bar / Lounge / Nightclub

Saturday Schedule

8pm – 9pm:  Openers / Routine Stack Prep

9pm – 12am:  Bar / Lounge / Nightclub

This is about becoming the VERY BEST version of your self.

Learning concepts is easy.

Learning to apply them is not!

We are not offering you a magic pill.

This will take a lot of hard work!

But we will absolutely give you the tools to start bettering your life NOW.

Learning pick up is a skill that you can REALLY learn.

Some people might tell you that learning pick up is ‘unnatural’, ‘weird’, or whatever.

Well let me ask you a question….

People all around you are taking courses on how to be better salesmen.

How is that any less ‘weird’ or ‘unnatural’?

We are simply going to teach you how to become a more compelling human being.

Are you ready to stop fucking around and take real action?

Cause you will NEVER learn how to do this from reading a book.

Do you think you are one book away from learning how to achieve social mastery?

We hear that all the time from people.

 “I probably just need to read one more book on kino.”

“I just need a few more DHV stories, I’m sure then I’ll hook more sets.”

These are the same people who keep buying books from us year after year after year.

Do you think Barack Obama learned charismatic delivery from reading books?

How about that PUA who’s books you keep reading…do you think he learned it by watching a few videos?

Wake up my friend.  It’s later than you think!

All the Gurus had a mentor that they worked with IN PERSON.

So if they got that good by learning from a coach…..why would you think that it would be any different for you????????

Well our course is designed to help you present the very best version of the man you ACTUALLY are.


These critical tweaks and techniques will enable you to become a more social, confident, and seductive you.

OK, so you think you aren’t a beginner right?

Even if you aren’t a beginner, don’t you think you are capable of being even better?


Imagine all the benefits.

Sure you will become better with women….

but you will also become a better networker….

you will make more friends….

you will become a better businessman.


As a matter of fact you could EASILY justify this as a business expense.

Most people that get good at pick up either directly or indirectly increase their income.

One of the biggest keys to success is being good at getting people to like you.

Don’t believe us?

Maybe you should research a book called “Think and Grow Rich.”

We will help you individually so that you meet your personal objectives.

We will find those ‘critical tweaks’ that have probably been holding you back for YEARS.

Why should you choose Venusian Arts?

Our coaches have coached more ‘gurus’ than anyone else.  The vast majority of our competitors are former students.

So How Much Will It All Cost Me?

We only require a $100 deposit.  You pay the $1400 balance prior to arrival.

As long as you give us a minimum of 30 days notice, your booking date is fully flexible.

In other words you have all the flexibility to budget the training that could make all the difference in your life.

A few last things to consider….


Anyone who told you that learning this stuff is easy, did not tell you the truth.


But this step will unquestionably help you to become a better man.  You will still be you.  You just will know how to better compel people to want to get to know you.

You get ONE chance in this life to knock it outta the ballpark….

Let’s begin!

discount Think you can’t afford it? We can work with any budget.