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Merry X-mas – The Bros Opener

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Happy Holidays everyone!

As is tradition, here’s and opener I’ve been playing with for the last little while for our upcoming Routines Manual.

PUA: Guys, I need a girl vote… should you tell your friend if you slept with their girlfriend… [pause here for dramatic/comedic effect] BEFORE they started dating?

[sometimes they will give you a look or even react as if you had said you had just slept with your friends girlfriend, use this as an opportunity to playfully misinterpret the situation] Jesus Chris! I said “before”! You’re the third person to give me that look today! Do I give off some sort of man-whore vibe or something?

[even if they don’t and give you a straight answer, interrupt them by giving a false time constraint, and then root the opener]

PUA: [FTC] Ok, I gotta get back to my friends in a second, [root] but the reason I ask is because my good friend is dating a girl I used to fool around with YEARS AGO before I knew him… And he doesn’t know we used to sleep together. Should I tell him?

From here, you can jump into any gambit or routine that involves relationships, dating, cheating, etc. You can even try a variant of the Best Friends Test by asking “have you guys ever… kissed the same guy?”

Alternatively, if you get asked about anything from the opener, such as how long they’ve been dating, do you still have feelings for her, etc, just steer the thread towards a question that will allow you to launch into the best friends test anyway:

PUA: See, it’s bad too because he told me that when they first started dating he was really intimidated because all she did was talk about me. I’m worried it’ll be too much for his ego. If the roles were reversed… and it was your friend and her boyfriend… would you tell her?

Happy sarging,

By Prophet

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