The Attractive You is now running a series of advanced interactive workshops in San Diego, LA, and San Francisco.

This really is a true, next level program.  In your bootcamp you focused primarily on your communications with others and mindsets for interacting with others (frame control, ect).

This training will focus on something even more powerful…..the communication you have with yourself as well as a collection of powerful mindsets.  This is the real key to rewiring your brain for excellence.  Furthermore we will extend into other areas to really build you into your most attractive you.

This program will be a next level program focused on:

-peak performance strategies (getting into state, energy, focus & drive)

-charisma (extending beyond pick up into everyday life)

-health and wealth

The first rounds of these workshops will be offered at a special discounted rate.  There will be limited spots since this will be a workshop and hence lots of 1:1 attention.

Next open dates are for San Francisco April 27-29.




Coaching and Operations Director