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Kino Compliance: The 3 Rs

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I was observing a natural work a set the other day when I came upon an epiphany in terms of how kino works in its progression.I realized the term “escalation” did not properly encompass the whole process of what happens when kino occurs during a pickup scenario.I sat down and mapped it out and came up with what I think is a better way of describing how kino helps in building attraction.I was able to break it down in three overlapping steps similar to how attraction, comfort and seduction overlap thus does kino compliance.These three steps I have dubbed the “3 Rs” which are Receptiveness, Response, and Reciprocation, respectively.

In the beginning stages of kino escalating, gauging the indicators of interest (IOIs) is crucial in continuing kino and further ramping it up.In the first few minutes, kino should either step up gradually with slow attraction building (or rapidly if kino plowing targets with high body temp already) or should cycle up and down according to IOIs and IODs.The receptiveness of the kino will be indicated by direct body language and facial expressions.When a target smiles during kino this will be an indication of continued receptiveness.However, confused looks or expressions of distaste to any kind of touching should be calibrated with kino IODs.The receptiveness should be focused upon until major positive physical response mechanisms are present.

Once receptiveness is indicated the target or set should begin to respond favorably. In addition to body language, the kino should cause the target to begin to touch her hair, scratch herself, lean into you or other IOI responses that indicate that kino is being received favorably. This is where overlap occurs in that these responses are a physical phenomenon one can observe, but yet will overlap the receptive behavior. When referring to responses I generally am noting larger physical motions that are easily observed and congruent with the receptive indicators already mentioned.Responses can be negative, however.If receptiveness is plowed through and comfort is not established kino can still be met with a response such as turning away or backing up from unwanted kino.Therefore any ambiguous or negative response should be met with caution that includes building more attraction and cycling through less aggressive with more aggressive kino till positive responses occur.

After major positive responses, the last stage in the kino compliance cycle should occur.This involves reciprocation.Not only should a target respond with IOIs from your kino but they should begin to kino back too.Once this occurs it is a green light towards more intense kino that loops back through the 3 Rs.If, for example, you touch a woman’s hips and she touches yours this indicates you should now test for receptiveness towards more aggressive kino when the proper time calls for it (kiss closing in a seduction location is a great example of this cycling process).Once reciprocation occurs, the last level of kino should be a baseline for continuing to cycle kino and escalate again.The 3Rs should once again be favorable before advancing kino even further.

I feel this is a much more representative description of kino escalation then the term itself provides. Kino compliance with 3R cycling should yield positive results when practiced properly.

Have fun and keep Sarging.


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2 Responses to "Kino Compliance: The 3 Rs"
  1. Petros says:

    That was a great article there Simeon, you’ve definitely come a long way since The Pick Up Artist. Clearly Mystery knew there was a natural beneath the beard and electrifying energy levels when he met you. Good luck.

  2. Dan says:

    From my experience “naturals” often don’t make good teachers. I suppose because they never had to learn their art from the beginning. Perhaps this is why Simeon was able to write such a good analysis of kino escalation, (where “naturals” haven’t). Thanks Simeon.

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