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How to Create a Time Bridge With Example

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The time bridge is a very important part of setting up a day 2. When defined it means to set up a planned date. It gives the woman an opportunity to see you again and do something different instead if going for dinner and a movie which to most women is boring. Women are adventurous and any time a man dares to be different it can make the woman very attracted.

When done correctly it should disarm the woman from feeling the pressure of the “date”. Always have at least five to six activities planned. Have a routine planed that will lead into your Time Bridge. Have a DHV story or stories that you have seperately that you can merge into your number close to create the time bridge. This will create a more confident approach when getting the time bridge from your target.

Make sure that when the woman comes out for your Time Bridge that you have multiple bounce locations. Four seems to be the perfect amount. Meet her at a park, hang out, shoot the shit. Bounce to the museum, explore, have fun. Bounce to diner, have a snack. Bounce to night club. These are just examples, however, the more places you bounce the woman too. The more comfortable she will be with you. She will feel like she has been on four or five dates with you when really it has only been one.

Acid Museum DHV Story

I was sitting on my couch at about 1 in the afternoon when I got a call from my cousin. I answered the phone and he said “Darryl?” I said “Hey Sara, what’s up?” She said “Dude, you gotta come and save me.” I was like “Save you? What do you mean save you?” She said” Just please, come down to the museum and meet me. Im in trouble and I need your help. I’ll be in the dinosaur section.” She seemed very worried so I told her “I’ll be there soon.”

I got in my car and drove down to the museum, payed like 60 bucks to get in because there was some special King Tutt exhibit going on or something. I went up to the dinosaur section and there was my cousin just staring, drop jawwed at the Tyrannosaurus Rex. I said “Sara, what is up? Are you ok?” She said, “Yeah, I took some acid at 6 in the mornig with my 2 friends. They are also here somewhere and I don’t know how I got here. I called you because I was scared.” I was like “Oh My God.”

I took her out of the museum and to my car. On the way I saw the 2 guys she went to the museum with but they didn’t even notice me. They were also walking around messed up.

I took her back to my place, put her on the couch and told her to just relax and let the high pass. I made her some tea. She insisted on watching static on the television for 2 more hours until she passed out. She woke up the next day and went home.

I heard from her once since as she bought me a gift and paid me back coming to the rescue that day.

*****That is the DHV story. I also have a time bridge close gambit that continues off of this story. See Acid Museum Phone time bridge close below.********

Acid Museum Time Bridge Close

****Run this gambit immediately after running the acid museum story****

The gift my cousin bought me was a pass for two people in Toronto where I can see:

-The Zoo
-The CN Tower
-The Science Centre
-The Hockey Hall of Fame
-Casa Loma

PUA: So, if you could take me to any one you wanted which one would it be?
Girl: Casa Loma
PUA: Alright, gimme your digits and we will make an adventure out of it. (This is the stock response for any of the 5 locations. As time goes on you wil soon create your own clever responses.)

For Example:
PUA: Casa Loma? Get the hell out of here! That is crazy. I wanna go there so bad because I wanna study the layout of a castle. Because, when I own my own town. My castle is gonna be town headquarters. We will run that town like they used to run Atlantic city in the 1920s. Total gangster style. In fact, if you’re a good girl i’ll appoint you the mayor and we will make millions. What is your number? (Or any number close routine you like to use)

This routine provides you:

– The Adventurous DHV
– The Protector of Loved Ones DHV
– 5 more threads to talk about

Have fun out there,


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