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Homeless guy picks up 3-4 women up a week

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Note: This is not an instructable. This is to motivate you and inspire you to open girls. If this guy can do it, you definitely can do it.

This guy picks up women up, 3-4 nights a week, even while being homeless.

His philosophy is waking up with money, getting for-lokos, waking up on the side of sidewalk, cleaning himself up at CVS, and then going out with 4 “pretty good outfits.”


He spends money he collects day to day just buying alcohol, getting drunk, and approaching women on the streets and in bars.


We’re not reccomending you live this lifestyle. But put your life in perspective and the advantages that you have, over Joe, whose just making ends meet.



What are your thoughts on how this guy picks girls up?

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One Response to "Homeless guy picks up 3-4 women up a week"
  1. MarcSegreti says:

    Start Accepting that it is ‘All in Your Head’.

    Your beliefs and what you perceive as reality are predicated off experiences of the past. You Create your Own Happiness, You don’t live in a communistic country you have the freedom to look, feel, act as you like so go make a difference and starting believing in your own success with women.

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