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FR: Stripper Game F-Close

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It was Saturday night and all my wingmen were busy with FBs. And Prophet was in Vegas. I had no wingmen tonight. I figured id lone sarge But then my phone rings. It’s my brother.

Brother: Derail, a friend and I are going to the strippers. You gotta come.

Derail: Done, on my way.

My brothers friend is a very wealthy guy. After this night he is actually paying me now to take him out and do one on ones with him.

At The Club

I walk in, big smile. I buy 2 beers and walk up to the DJ.

Me: Hey bro, what’s up? Grabbed you a beer. I forget your name, ive met you here before though.

DJ: I’m Mike. Oh yeah, I remember you

(This is all complete bullshit that he remembered me because I have never been to this strip club in my life. I only bought him the beer to get his name and introduce myself and befriend him for social proof.|)

We shoot the shit for a bit and I go and rejoin my friends. While sitting with my brother and his friend, this happens next.

Stripper 1: (Approaches and sits beside me) Hey boys, you guys look like your having fun.

Me: We are fun. What is your plan?

Stripper 1: (Confused) Plan?

Me: Come on, your plan. Look, I used to date a dancer. Do you know Vanessa by the way? (Thank you Mystery for that line)

Stripper 1: Vanessa? What was her stage name?

Me: I can’t remember because she changed it so often.

Stripper 1: Oh, well im Fiona. (Touches my leg and grabs)

Me: Really? Look, want to do something for me?

Stripper 1: What do you have in mind? (Big smile)

Me: (I look down with an oh really look on my face at her hand) Turn your exotic dancer social program you are running off. Boop (I touch her nose)

Stripper 1: Huh?

Me: (I look down at her hand and pull it off of my leg) I told you, stripper boyfriend type. We are a type you know. Anyway, Do you think that spells work?

She sits back and bites my thread. I run my version of the Magic Spells routine which leads into me actually doing magic. In the middle of her and I doing the 5 questions game for a drink we bet a HOT SHOOTER GIRL (A DERAIL 10) approaches. I ignore her and she takes drink orders from my brother and our friend. As she does this the stripper failed the 5 questions test on the 4th question..How many questions have I asked you so far.So now the stripper buys me a drink. Which was perfect timing for pre-selection to the shooter girl I would be taking home that night.I bounce off the stripper and my brothers friend begins running her. I game the shooter girl.

Me: Do you think that magic spells work?

I run the EXACT same routine I did to the stripper. The shooter girl was soooo into it. It wasnt that busy at the club. The shooter girl kept coming back and sitting at my table and her and I really hit it off. I cold read her. And Derail magic strawed her.After the Straw trick

S.G: Holy shit!! That was AMAZING! You are the coolest guy I have ever met. Come out for

Me: (I cut her off) I’m goin out for a smoke. Feel free to join.

We go out for a smoke and fluff for a bit. Then I make the cigar vanish into thin air.

We go back inside and my brother and friend have moved out of her section and sat at a different spot. I was a little sad because I liked the shooter girl but. It ended up being a good idea because the shooter girl kept on coming over. What better of an I.O.I can you get from a shooter girl who leaves her section to come talk to you.

I game the dancers.

Stripper 2: (Sits down) Hey guys. Wanna have some fun.

Me: What’s your plan little one?

Stripper 2: Pfft. I’m out of here.

She gets up all pissed off and walks away.

Me: Oh, well. They can’t all be winners can they.

Then comes this hot russian blonde stripper.

Stripper 3: Hello. (Sits on my lab)Me: Hello, look. I’m not a chair sweet heart.

Stripper 3: Oh, sorry. Can I sit?

Me: Pull up a chair.

Stripper 3: (Pulls up a chair) So you boys having fun tonight?

Me: We are having a blast, we are celebrating like its 1969. What’s your plan?

Stripper 3: Plan?

Me: Your plan. I want you to take your exotic dancer social program and turn it off. Boop (I touch her nose) I’ll tell you when you can turn it back on.

Stripper 3: Youre funny ( She touches me on th neck)

Me: It’s 5 bucks every time you touch.

Stripper 3: Starts grabbing and touching me and laughing.

Me: Alright, hands off. hands off. you must be rich. Since you owe me like 40 bucks now you can pay me off in a lap dance. But, since you’re not my type you have to give it to him (I point to my friend)

Stripper 3: Why am I not your type?

Me: Well, I used to date a dancer and you and I are too similar.

We’d fight like cats and dogs and I would always win

Then, out of No where appears my shooter girl on my lap.

S.G: So, sweetheart. when are you gonna ask for my number? (She says this as she is staring at the dancer)

Me: I need some fresh air, come outside.

We go outside and I Derail timebridge number closed her.

Back in the club my friend has gone upstairs again with the blonde dancer I was gaming. He comes down and we go to leave. The S.G comes up and pulls me on a corner and makes out with me.

S.G: I’m off in an hour. Can I call you and hang out?

Me: Sure, if im still up.

We leave, go home. Just as I get in the driveway my phone rings. It’s the shooter girl. We talk for a bit and she comes over to my brother’s place and I F-Close her. I still see this girl as she is a Derail 10. When we started having sex the first night we actually landed on top of my brothers cat that was underneath the blankets of the bed and it freaked out. When my brother came in to see what happened he was naked in his bathrobe. looked at the shooter girl, smiled, looked at me and said “Nice.” Grabbed his cat and went to bed.

This is s long story short as I gamed every dancer in the club. I was like a rock star that night.

Happy Sarging

Derail Lair

I learned alot of stripper game from the book The Pickup Artist by Mystery.

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2 Responses to "FR: Stripper Game F-Close"
  1. Luis Hernandez says:

    That sounds so awesome! I wish that could be me. I actually used to work in a strip club and it was an alright experience but I wish it would of been better. My hole life I’ve been really shy and quiet. And No matter how hard I try can never pick up any girls. When I try and talk to someone I don’t know what to say and when I actually start a conversation with someone I have trouble carring on the conversation and keeping up with it. By “keeping up with it” I mean that when i’m conversating with someone. Their maturity and understanding of things are so far beyond me. I try to improve my vocabulary but i’m too dumb to remember the meaning and how to and when to use all these fancy words. Any help? I need it bad!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome!

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