Dallas 2010 bootcamp and 1 on 1 with Mystery

This is a place where I can give my bootcamp and 1 on 1 with Mystery I did the credit it deserves. I had a great time. They taught me everything I needed to know about meeting a girl from start to close. In field Mystery helped me by whispering to lock in and that helped internalize the 3 minute rule. My frame expanded as I saw the possibilities because these guys were fucking good. Discovery had a 10 licking his balls on the dance floor lol (actually I believe it was 2 of them). I got blown out and offended a girl I was gaming during my 1-1 with Mystery, and as soon as I blew out, when I turned around, Mystery was right there gave me a bro hug. That celebrity bro hug DHV'd me and showed the girl that we were having a good time with or without her.

Discovery nailed the above point home. I learned to go out with my wings and just have a good time. If my wings were not capable of this I would go out alone and start making social circle 3 seconds in to the venue. I practiced a lot , and got pretty good.

Discovery showed me daygame. I ran what he taught me, and became a fucking assasin at daygame. I was living in LA later and did a bathroom pull at Barnes and Noble at the grove with a Korean 9. And a constant rotation of 2-4 women I was fucking.

I eventually got married to a model I met at a Grocery store using all of this. Dropped out and became miserable. Now I'm back.

I definitely recommend signing up with them. Now is an even better time than was back then because the pickup scene has slowed down. You can run the famous gambits and most girls won't have heard it. Back then if you ran "who lies more" and didn't have a solid frame/game to back it(ie if you were new) you would blow out because the set had likely heard it, and shit tests would come hard and fast like a machine gun. Nowadays, the world is ours for the taking. And if you're going to learn from someone, learn from the best. Don't be cheap with this. But also invest the time after the training to practice.

Thanks guys. from Sultan Dallas 8 years ago lol; never too late for kind words