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    My progress

    Ok I'm just going to keep posting replies on here to log my journey since it is the easy path.

    I have been struggling with AA. But I pat myself on the back for still going out. I did 3 sets yesterday. One was a hired gun who opened me (I know doesn't count but anyway). I just did a cold reading about where she's from... All the girls in Pattaya are from Isan. So I said Let me guess... you're from Isan. She laughed and I didn't have any material and ejected. I felt a mini burst of being "in state" from this and hadn't felt that in years so I turned to the nearest girl I could see playing in her phone and did my phone opener. Unfortunately I was going up an escalator and she was on the ground floor. Anyway she at least laughed. Last time I used that she looked at me like I was some sort of creep.

    Today I did better. Again I walked around for hours with AA breaching the 3 second rule, and eventually I saw one, made eye contact and opened direct (This is how I'm going to do it in Thailand from now on due to the language barrier and cultural differences). I did an FTC (which I doubt they understood what it meant) but the body rocking during the FTC pulled the target in. I did a cold read, and the other girl was drifting and I ran out of material so I ejected. I opened another set direct and again was having trouble engaging the second girl. We were on an escalator and when we got to the top I just continued on. The language barrier is killing me, and I think I'd do much better in the US, but I have some sticking points I'm noticing and I will work on them.

    1) I'm locking up because I haven't reviewed a stack. I guess I just feel its pointless because of the language barrier, but I'm going to rehearse bootcamp style and practice anyways. If not for here, at least I'll have it down when I get back to the US.

    2) I need to work on engaging the entire set more. I should actually not be focusing on the target. I am going to work on group theory a lot.

    I have a stack now and I will be rehearsing it and hit the streets tomorrow. I want to do nightgame, too and will get to it.

    I have a direct stack I used to use with 5 routines:

    A1: You are absolutely beautiful (or fucking adorable); I have to say hi.
    A2: (while shaking hands) Wow. You know if this finger is longer than you index finger, it means you have some alpha qualities... I bet you're a leader of some sort.
    A2: I'm Vin...Vin Diesel (used this on my ex wife lol for the longest she had me saved as Vin in her phone)
    A2:I bet you're from Isan, Isan, Isan, and Cambodia (to the target) mini neg
    do some regular A3 qualification if the universe permits and then
    C1 conversation if logistics permit, and then take the number and continue on.
    If the universe doesn't permit all that I will merely take the number at a2 and eject.

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    Ok progress was dismal, doing a few sets a day locking up with aa etc. Then I blew out big. I went in directly and with the hand shake and all and blew out in front of a bunch of thais in a mall looking at me. This was after a good set where I had attraction and took it nowhere. That hard blowout was the best fucking thing that happened to me.

    I realized again why going direct was never my preference. I took the night off then number closed 3 girls the next day constant attraction with the indirect style and body language. Went on a day 2 today with one of them and while it was mainly comfort building etc. did kino and make out wasn't able to fully close it because she had to go back in to work but it seems its on. She is one of the 10% of non-hooker girls in Pattaya and it seems it will be on the 7-10 hour time period before becoming fully sexual.

    I had another girl who was not hott too I number closed and in the text game she was creeping me out. She was going to come to my hotel to fuck last night, but when she started talking about marriage and attempting to make plans for us on my "next trip back", and also texting over and over I decided with her working down the street from my hotel I didn't want the drama or to hurt her feelings, or even to fuck her that badly. I stood her up blocked her and moved on. A wise man once told me "Quality men will have to say no more than they say yes." This is becoming my reality again.

    My sticking points:
    I'm hiding behind the onezy. I did this a lot before too when I was good. In fact one of the reasons I got so good at daygame was because of this. I will this time around in the States (not here) do nightgame alone. I plan to take the train up to NYC once a week and make shit happen or blow the entire city out lol. I will do it once a week in Jersey too. twice I'll do day game and I assume most of my lays will come from day game in the first few months until I get good and accustomed to group theory. I vow to not avoid working groups this time.

    Another sticking point is body language. I now am good in the opener, but in attraction and on day 2's I will have to apply push pull more. I do alright, but more often than not I bust myself pulling more than pushing. Not good.

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    Ok I closed my street set finally. Didn't think I'd do it, because I fucked up a lot. We were supposed to hang out that night after I posted this experience. She no-showed, but called after the fact. She was having second thoughts. It was m fault. Like I said I was pulling more than pushing; not good.

    To add insult to injury she was supposed to come over Saturday night, and when she texted me she was on the way my phone was dead and I was whoring around the beer bars in Pattaya lol. Something all regular (non-prostitute) girls in Pattaya suspect of any foreigner they are seeing. I played the frame that you stood me up and then just texted without any head up. Yesterday I went to her work (where our first date after approach started) to say hi. I stayed about a half hour and kino'd but made the effort to push. I left on a sort of takeaway note. "See you next year... Maybe" Remember I won." (on a thumb war that we had done). Later I texted her asking when she gets off work to plant the seed. Then my strategy was to do nothing and let her do the work...

    At 11:45 she texted me good night. I knew it was on so I texted back. Eventually I called her. She turned it into a video call I kept trying to get her to come to me. I was lazy and did not want to go to her lol. Plus I wanted her to invest in me some. I took her streets and address and acted like I was confused didn't know where to go. She kept saying that she wanted to sleep so I did something I used to do with gf's I said good night but left it to her to close the phone. When she wouldn't I knew it was going to be on but with resistance. I just kept acting half asleep and mentioning her street names and eventually she got up and was like "Ok I shower and I come to you." She put up a lot of resistance in this whole thing, and on the way in to the hotel. She stopped and almost turned back. I said its ok. And said you ok? She said you not going to kill me? lol. I laughed and said, "no, but only if you promise not to kill me. Pinky swear?" I think the 2 am dark alley leading into my hotel and lmr was what sparked this. We went up, and to my surprise there was only a little token lmr. I told her if she came I would give her a massage (we would massage each other for kino at her store and I would tease you owe me 100,000 baht). When I was massaging her and going for her pussy etc. at first I had to pull and push once. And then it was on... When the condum was coming out and her hand on my cock, she took her hand off and said "I go back my room." I said "you're right, you're right we shouldn't. It's ok." Continuing what I was doing but backing off a second on the sexual. Literally 2 seconds later I put her hand back on my cock and put the condum on and the rest is history.

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