Her sister is super annoying and we just canít seem to get rid of her wherever we go. When I met my wife 5 years ago, I already knew she and her sister were bonded by the hip. I didnít mind because she was the only family she had left, but when we got married I really told her that we had to move out and be by ourselves. When we told her older sister she offered to move out instead of us. She said sheís moving in with her boyfriend anyway and it would be impractical for us to drown in mortgage when we could have their childhood home. It worked out on our first year, but somehow her sister found her way back to our shelter. She said things didnít work out with her boyfriend and asked if she could move back in. I didnít have the heart to say no. I understand that Kiev ladies are really family-oriented like that but itís just annoying sometimes. I don't hate her sister though. I just needed to get this rant off my chest.