My grandpa was rushed to the hospital five months ago. I spent the whole month there looking after him since I do not have a job. He was in the hospital for the whole three months and I was there. While I was there, I noticed that the nurse who attended to him is a foreign lady. She’s quite attractive and she speaks intelligently. She always explains the situation to me everytime she comes in to check on my grandpa. We became friends through that situation. I find her really attractive at first and it eventually developed to something else. I know for myself that I want to ask her out during those times but I just can’t because I still have my grand dad to think about. When my grandpa passed away, I thought we won’t be able to see each other anymore but she went to my grandpa’s funeral. Even after two months from his burial, I can’t ask her out because I’m not sure whether she’d want me. I mean, she’s a professional nurse and I do not have a job let alone finished college. What do you think should I do?