When I was in college, I had a relationship with a foreign girl. It all started when she came to my university as a foreign exchange student. We were classmates then and everything that followed was all in a blur. We became a couple and everything was almost perfect until she had to go back to her country. We had to face the dreaded long distance relationship. So yeah, we broke up three months later. I never felt so broken in my life; I loved her so much that I was so devastated and almost failed my classes during that semester. I havenít heard of her after that. I graduated college last year and had a girlfriend. A year after our relationship, I proposed to her and sheís now my fiance. Just last month, I happened to bump into my college ex (the foreign exchange student). We started hanging out again and I donít know what has gotten into me why I canít bring up about my upcoming marriage whenever we hang out. My fiance does know about her but she knows she just used to be the girl I loved in college. Right now, Iím confused whether this is just all nostalgia being with the person I loved so much before or because I still love her.