He proposed to me earlier this year, and weíre scheduled to get married sometime in January 2019. Donít get me wrong, I love my fiance dearly but Iíve just been having second thoughts on our upcoming marriage lately. It all started when we went on a Ukraine ski trip last month, and he acted really childishly when the resort we chose was already full when we arrived. To be fair, we didnít reserve our room ahead of time and the receptionist told us that a room would be available later in the afternoon.

I get that he was tired from the travel and just wanted to rest more than anything, but I just think it was so unnecessary for him to yell at the receptionist who was only doing her job. I felt so embarrassed because he made a scene and over reacted to such a minor problem. This was the first time we ever traveled together and it really opened my eyes to some aspects of his personality that I never noticed before. Now Iím slowly starting to see his true colors and I donít think heís someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. What should I do?