It was always normal for us that my son brings his friends in the house. Sometimes, his friends even spend the night and it was all okay with us. I mean, what could two guys do inside a room, right? They would probably just be playing some video games, watching some movies, and some may watch pornographical videos. Thatís normal and I donít really have a problem with that. That is way better than your son confessing heís in love with a foreign guy. However, what happened to me was the latter instead of the former. Of course, it all came as a surprise to us. To be honest, I was even outraged. He came home for dinner one night with a foreign guy whom we happily invited for dinner thinking he was a friend of my son. When finner ended, he spilled out the beans that he is gay and the foreign guy is his boyfriend. All this time, we thought he is a man. I just canít imagine how this happened.