I feel sad for our friends who got caught in between me and my gfís break up. Technically, they were her friends until I got introduced to them. Weíve made our own bond and I now consider them as my buddies too. Iíve talked to one of them recently and he said he missed the Sunday bbqs at each otherís houses. He said he wished we could all all hang out and none of it (our break up) would matter.

I donít like the feeling of burdening people with the events of my life. I told him we could all still hangout if sheís (my ex) already comfortable with it. I think the last time we all hung out was during the new years party dating service celebration we had early 2018. So my friend said heíll plan a day for us to get together again. Was I wrong to say it was fine to hangout with them? They were her friends first not mine.