My ex and I broke up over third party and that was my cousin. They are both in love with each other so I let my girlfriend go. She isnít happy with me anymore; why should I cage her? Yet, after everything that had happened, we became friends. It was awkward at first but I got to learn it eventually. I cannot stop from seeing her more often though because sheís my cousinís girlfriend now and sheís always present in our family gatherings. Itís so devastating to see her with my cousin but what can I do? At first, I stopped going to family gatherings because of her. However, my grandma asked me not to. You know, Thai ladies are very particular with family bonds so grandma will ask for my presence everytime there is a family celebration. I am not really certain if I already have moved on or am I just acting civil toward her. Is this normal? I mean, her and I being friends?