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    My Journey, My Thoughts. & My FR's

    What's up fellas,

    I'm Bryan. working on getting my money together for my boot-camp date. In the mean time, trying to stay focused, and build momentum so I can get the most out of my boot-camp experience.

    I've had some coaching conversations so far, and here is where I am at.

    I'm supposed to be doing 15 sets per week. I have not been doing this, I want to nip that in the butt this week!!

    Also I read the "Overview Of The Game" chapter of the Revelation book this week. MONEY!! Based on what I am reading I really want to focus on Group Theory, so I want to start approaching Mixed Sets for the majority of my sets.

    The "gaming/sarging" schedule I want to go by is Thur-Sun.

    Venue Options
    - Thursday Night
    - College Night 7 Min From Me Packed With 9s/10s College Girls
    - Couple Of Bars Around Town (Lower Energy On Thursdays)
    - Hookah Lounges (Usually Go With My Buddy To Chill)

    - Friday Night
    - Bars (Where I Usually Go/Higher Energy Than Thursday)
    - Clubs (I Never Go)
    - Hookah Lounges (Usually Go At End Of Night)

    Saturday Day
    - Grocery Stores (Go Every Week)
    - Gym (I'd Love To Meet Women At The Gym)
    - Malls (Usually Walk Around/I Need A Strategy For Approaching)
    - (I'd Like To Figure Out More DayGame Environments)

    Saturday Night
    - Bars (Where I Usually Go/Higher Energy Than Thursday)
    - Clubs (I Never Go)
    - Hookah Lounges (Usually Go At End Of Night)

    Sunday Day
    - Malls (Usually Walk Around/I Need A Strategy For Approaching)
    - (I'd Like To Figure Out More DayGame Environments)

    My Game Level Currently
    - I'm generally half-way decent at opening and hooking, and having a friendly conversation. I spend my night having fun while I'm out talking to people. Not much else is happening.

    That's why I want to start posting and reflecting. I feel like I'm running in circles doing the same things over and over, without pushing out of my comfort zone, and growing at a rapid pace. Posting here, and holding myself accountable to growth should help with that.

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    Quick Debrief

    HB8.8 Customer
    - I work in peoples homes doing installations. Today I had this really hot customer. While working I was chit chatting, and wanted to practice DHVing. I told a story I’ve put in my routine stack about how I’m Interested I’m traveling, and have a friend in LA I’m visiting, as well as a buddy in AZ. Turns out that she has been to these places and the story didn’t seem like a great DHV in the first place. Afterwards I kind of got shoved in my head, and interview mode questions were bombarding my thoughts. I was trying to do the “question into statement game”, but I was blanking. The rest of my time spent there I didn’t interact much outside of work related stuff.

    My takeaway is that I need to get conversational DHV routines down. I have no problem opening out in the field, it’s seconds after that I lose the set and run into these same sticking points.

    Also I want to experiment with something I did once. I had a DHV story once that I designed to flip all 5 main attraction switches that Mystery teaches in one story. I used it and hung out with this girl for a solid 3 months.

    I’m interested to see if the power is really in a story itself or if it was a fluke because I was so into the story (my guess is the second one)

    Either way I’m going to work on coming up with a DHV routine stack, + 1 power DHV story loaded with the main 5 attraction switches to experiment with.

    I’ll be focusing on practicing that in the coming weeks.

    More on that to come!

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    Thursday Night Game
    - slow night, I found a little bar that was semi-lively, walked in and drank a beer than left.

    My goal is to get good at the 3 Sec Rule Upon Entry - 3 Warm Ups - 3 Sec Rule Until State

    I blanked, had a 2 Set mixed (upon entry), next to me, should have opened.

    I want to focus on making the 3 sec rule habitual.

    I’ll try again tomorrow!

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    6/1/18 - Friday Night Game

    Met with some new wings for the first time. Really solid dudes! Looking forward to hanging out with them going forward.

    Upon entry opened/3sec Rule
    - group of girls drinking water
    - Me: over the shoulder “hey, what type of water do you recommend here?” boyish smile
    - Her: “tap!” seemed a little defensive in her answer (like she thought I was insulting her)
    - Me: “alright I’ll get that” smile walked away

    Areas For Improvement
    - shouldn’t be so reactive to subtle IODs, instead of viewing IODs as negative, I should just view them as a normal part of conversation that I can microcalibrate to

    3 Warm Up Sets
    - opened some girl with interview mode chit chat
    - my wing opened a dude, we talked to him for a while and got to know him
    - opened another dude that was standing next to us

    My Dream Girl
    - HB5 With Group Of Average Girls
    - Me: walked up, tapped shoulder, direct body language “Hey, what’s your name?”
    - Her: “Donna”
    - Me: “OMG! I had a dream about you last night!! .. yea it was this same scenario, your friend was sucking at this game she is playing, it was just like this!!
    - Her: giggle (friend was rolling eyes)
    - Me: playfully “I think your friend doesn’t like my pick up line” (I think I DLVd myself here)
    - Group: standing there
    - Me: cocky/funny style “that’s alright I’m just pulling straws out of my ass anyway”
    - Me: defaulted into some interview mode questions, than left
    - side note: before she left later that night she smiled and waved at me (so she actually liked me but I thought she didn’t)

    Areas For Improvment
    - I bet a lot of IODs are shit tests, and a girl shit tests you to experience you handling it, when I shy away I loose the set
    - I should take on a mindset of “show me what you got”/“give me your best shot”/“I eat girls like you for breakfast!”

    Wing Re-Opened Tap Water Girls
    - got rejected, playfully blew a kiss upon leaving, and yelled “I love you as I was walking away”

    Had a couple of more sets but I kept making the same mistakes over and over again
    - Opening showing to much interest (immediately giving the girl an option to reject me)
    - Than deafulting to interview mode questions
    - Than conversations awkwardly dying

    3 Set Of HB8s
    - wing opened, than my other wing and I entered
    - we had 3 mini conversations, at this point I was trying to get myself to break my interview mode question habit
    - first girl I talked to was boring, and interview questions kept coming up
    - when we switched girls, I was kind of chilling not talking much to my girl, standing there relaxed and drinking a beer, listening to the other conversations
    - my buddy had some conversational thread about heroine (somehow it triggered a situation where the girl was chewing my friend up by shaming him for his audacity to approach)
    - meanwhile I was trying really hard to come up with proactive statements vs questions
    - at one point in the middle of the girls hollering at my friend she says something about “we are probably the 3rd group of girls we approached”
    - I interrupted with “uh .. more like 6-7, we’re not sure, we lost count”
    - at another point her hollering got so inense that I playfully/assertively yelled/projected my voice really loud “God danm it bro! Why did you have to talk about heroine!!!” .. everyone got silent and looked at me, I just nonchalantly gestured/casually replied, ““you may continue” .. within seconds she continues on her rant
    - they left shortly after

    2 Good Sets
    - 1 that my wing opened, I distracted the guy trying to hit on her, my wing got her number, we had fun talking to everyone
    - 1 was 3 black girls sitting on the floor, I sat on floor with them, we all had a good vibe

    We Bounced To Another Venue
    - I opened some girls about the best strip club to go to (than they left)
    - my wing re-opened a little later
    - the set went great, I was making witty comments, more statements than questions, emotionally unreactive (the stuff I should have done all night)
    - my wings got the numbers, they liked all of us, they were texting us later to meet them at the strip club!

    Areas For Improvement
    - good set but, at least for myself I gave less fucks since they weren’t that hot
    - same approach needs to happen with hot girls “giving less fucks”

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    6/2/18 - Saturday Night Game

    Before Going Out My Goals Are
    - Have Fun
    - 3 Sec Rule/3 Warm Ups
    - Proactive Creative Conversation vs Interview Questions
    - Projecting My Voice Through The Room vs At The Person
    - MicroCalibration To IOIs/IODs vs. Shying Away From IODs

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