I've had some relative success with this site. However this girl keeps texting me and I am not sure why she hasn't deleted me yet. She is an option. However, I don't know where to go with it so i'm just bored. Maybe you guys can help. I'm new at this still so everything is a learning process. Here;s the conversation.

So what's your craziest tinder story Kasey?... You seem like an interesting girl that would have a few
11:03 PMWell my roommate matched with a tinder boy and he came to visit her and I snipped him. Then we dated for two years haha

11:05 PMOh lord...11:06 PM#loveatfirstswipe?11:08 PMMaybe I'll tell you mine, it happened last night. (It's probably better than yours)

11:09 PMLet's hear ot

11:10 PMIt involves a girl with a weird fetish hahaha11:11 PMOh god

11:11 PMYou might not be ready for this11:12 PMWhat's yournber I'll tell you over text11:19 PMOh really?

11:25 PMYes really11:26 PMInteresting you can't tell me on here? Look at you finding a way to get my number

11:26 PM Hahaha
11:26 PM That worked well
11:27 PM Well yes it involved a girl with the abbr "talk"
11:27 PM "ts"**
11:27 PM Turns out it wasn't really a girl..
11:27 PM Or a guy, for fucks sake
11:28 PM Was a fkin tranny 😂 yes this actually happened, just my luck.

11:29 PMWait what?! (her)

11:29 PMYes.

11:30 PM Just a bored guy trying to land a date. She said ts stood for "tough shit*

11:39 PM How did that fate go? Haha (her)

11:41 PM I told "her" there was another site for that.11:42 PMI deleted her before she could send pics. Who TF does that 😂

11:46 PM How did you find out (her)

11:49 PM Her profile said "ts..and I don't mean tight sneakers"11:49 PMDoesn't sound inconspicuous, does it?

11:49 PM You never know! (her)

11:51 PM You definitely know how to tell when she starts talking about weightlifting.1
1:52 PMPut 2+2 together, and then offer to send pictures. Red flags. Everywhere.
12:23 AMYou seem chill. What's your credit card number?

11:20 AM How old are you? (her)

11:33 AM 69

11:37 AM Wow you are funny (her)

11:45 AMThanks, is that too old for you?

11:47 AM For real doe (her)

11:50 AM You have to guess.

9:08 AM I honestly don't inow

9:33 AM I don't do age requirements 😉

9:35 AMJust tell me

9:35 AM If you want my age I'll tell you in person

9:51 AM I don't think that is how this works

9:58 AM It works9:58 AMI'll tell you when we hang out

6:18 PM I don't like yhat

I guess if I tell her i'm 31 and shes 21 that it'll be a rejection. But maybe I should just tell her. IDK.