Iím trying to get in the good side of my step-daughter. She is a lovechild of my now wife and her boyfriend back in college. When her mom and I got married, she was forced to move with us. Iíve been told that marrying foreign brides was hard but I never thought getting close to their children would be this hard. She hasnít warmed up to me yet which is considerable because it has only been a year. So Iím doing all that I can right now to provide everything she needs. I saw how sheís been struggling with the laptop she has. Maybe if I buy her a new one, she would slowly see that Iím genuinely looking out for her welfare. Iím not trying to buy her with material things nor am I trying to be a dad to her. But I also want her to see that she can count on me as her step-dad and guardian. Can someone give me an advice on this?