At the age of 35, Iím still single. Everytime I go for dates, itís either the women dump me or I decide to not continue with my affair towards them. Just a few weeks ago, my grandma has been very persuasive about me marrying soon, or if not, just adopt someone from an orphanage. I donít know what sheís into but I can sense that sheís really serious about me having a family ASAP. The latter idea of adopting a child caught me. Iíve been living alone in my house and adopting someone might be a good idea. While studying this out and looking for comments about adoption, I saw a testimonial in a marriage tours about the advantages of adopting an orphan, plus Iíll get to help someone whoís in need of a home and proper care. Thatís when I decided to adopt an orphan. Should I choose for the kid? I donít know the ways in doing so. I need your advice and critics regarding this. Thanks yíall!