I am a Chinese guy and now studying in Sydney. I had 3 girlfriends, and I have been with my last ex-girl friend for 3 years, we had sex.
Now I am trying to study the skills to get perfect girls who are over 8. I have read the mystery method and the revelation, I really studied a lot. And I also met some problems.
1. I can open the girls who have something in common with me, like we have the same lecture class or in the canteen. However, I still feel anxious when to pick up girls just in shopping mall or walk in the street. Maybe, for Chinese I feel the openers from the book are still too weird.
2. I used the opener to talk with girls online, most of them will response, that's good. But then I really don't know how to use the routine materials
3. when I talk with girls, the biggest problem is that I cannot find enough topics so sometimes I will be silent suddenly. moreover, I cannot push the topic deeper and guide the topic to the girls themselves, even though I attempt to do the cold reading, the result is not good enough.
4. I do not know, why I cannot show enough DHV to attract the girls.
hope some one could help me
How should I start my training