So over the past few years Iíve been pretty good at avoiding oneitis and have lived in abundandant mindset - usually Iíll date two or theee girls at the same time, and then if one catches on and I like her then Iíll ditch the others and start dating her. Unfortunately this phase has come to an end - broke up with a long distance gf, have zero other girls in the pipeline.

So started dating this 8, and really liked her. Lined up a few other dates with other girls, but they have all been duds pretty much. Been on four dates with this girl - we have an amazing time when together, but at the same time havenít even managed to get her to mine...

The issue issue is partly my text game. Even before we met on tinder, she would take like a week to respond. Weíve been dating for about 1.5 months (I was away during that time for two weeks), and she is just super static and flakey over text. Admittedly partly itís down to my shit text game, but she will often take a day or two to respond, and then sometimes wonít even answer my questions, as in Iíll make a comment, ask her how her day is going, but she will only respond to the comment and not answer the question.

We went out on fri night and proceeded to get hammered, then when we were leaving I tried to convince her to come back to mine, she said no, but then we ended up sharing an Uber and tried again with no luck. Iím pretty sure I came across as desperate in this situation (though canít remember as I was hammered).

Texted her yesterday to suggest a drink this week, and have got no response...Now I know I should just leave it, but I'm tempted to send a final text. I think she was either turned off by me depserately tryign to get her to mine, or otherwise she is seeign someone else.

Thinking of waiting a few days then sending a text along the lines of: "Thought things were going well...obviously not! I'm assuming you are dating someone else (none of my business), so good luck with them. Anyway, had a great time, but that's life. keep well"

I've previosuly sent the above message to other girls when they went cold, and they have responded to say they werent seeing someone else, but x turned them off. I have then managed to seen them again.

Should I send the above after a few days/weeks? if so, any other thoughts for a great final message?