Iíve been single for 2 years now, no headaches with going out for dates and social engagements with a girlfriend. Iím happy with this scenario but I could still feel somethingís missing. I mean, questions like, ďHow can I be totally happy?Ē and ďHow can I be more satisfied with my life?Ē always come up.

I am also living alone, specifically on the West side of the States. I have my business situated in the city where Iím in, have my other job also in the area. Well, for 15 years of living by myself, I can say, looking for a partner has always been a very big thing for me. I dated a lot before but I always end up failing, nobody takes me seriously and I donít have any idea why. And thatís when I decided to be single for years.

Now, Iím thinking about getting myself involved with love and affection again. My friends are encouraging me to be in a relationship again to avoid being alone for the rest of my life. They have a point and to be honest, I need someone to fill that emptiness inside me and having a girlfriend might help.

Iím not really particular with my partner, as long as she is faithful and can be a great wife if we reach that point of getting married. My friends even joked about me joining dating holiday tours. I was really stunned with that idea, itís only a joke but I could give it a try.

What do you think? What should be done to meet the woman I could call my own? Is joining dating holiday tours applicable? Or just hang out with some old sweethearts and see where it takes us?! Thanks, Y'all! I would really appreciate your responses!