Hi there

In the past I've naturally came across some rivals over girls. The problem is, that these rivals are mostly of the cocky type and go so far with their AMOGING that it gets offending or insulting to me. The most important value in my life that I'm practicing is RESPECT even with my enemies without being a nice guy. For example my colleague and I went dancing and had the same chick in mind. I've asked him after the lesson if he's also interested in the girl and he said yes and because I've had other options and wasn't so attracted to her, I've told him that he can have her and I wont interfere-> problem solved in a respectful way without bad blood or misunderstandings
The thing is that certain kind of people don't give a s**t about that so that it often ends in a longterm hatred towards them. How should I deal with this people. How can I avoid such enmity? How should I behave my self towards contemptuous people? Such people really turn me away.

Thanks for the reply