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    Married with kids - seducing my own wife

    I'm not new to PUA. I used some very minor techniques to secure my wife over 10 years ago.

    We're very happily married, we have two kids, house, minivan, mortgage, the works - we both love it all.

    However, it feels like the edge in the relationship has been frayed. Most PUA leverages on mystery and the unknown to an extent. After 10 years, nearly all mystery is gone.

    Any tips for a near 40 y/o to re-seduce his wife?

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    So yeah, it's been a while and I have to admit, after getting married and actual life began, I subconsciously put my PUA skills to rest. After I made this post, I started thinking "What's the worst that can happen?", and gave it a whirl.

    So here's the inside scoop: These skills, after 10 years of marriage - still carry weight, in fact, I would go out on a limb and say they carry even more weight than they did when me and her first met.

    After just some simple kino and word play, within a few hours, my wife (who rarely if ever takes on the role of sexual aggressor) shoved me on the bed and took over.

    The same rules apply, they don't change. Really the only change is you know your wife well enough that your game can be tailor made to really make an impact on a very consistent basis.

    The takeaway is this - never stop playing the game, even when your married, have kids, or even empty nested - they still dig it.

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