I joined Colombian Woman just last year. I saw the profiles of other girls who are hopeful to be appreciated by foreign men. Just like me, these girls are waiting to be loved and hopefully get married with men of foreign influence. My name is Anna, I am from Colombia and this is my journey in meeting the man of my dream.

I grew up in Cartagena, a big city in Colombia. This is the place where you get to see a lot of attractive and sexy women. And I am one of them, of course! I joined Colombian Woman with the hopes of finding true love with men in the States, I really donít care much if heís older than me. After a year of membership, at last, someone noticed my profile and sent messages to me. Heís Andy. Based on his profile, he is an entrepreneur with 2 kids. He is divorced and currently looking for a wife. I guess weíre a perfect match!

Aside from his work, he told me he is athletic and active to any sports. He didnít know I am too. I was a college varsity before! I love to play volleyball, soccer, and even water sports. These are my edge to be his wife. I guess weíre a perfect match! I know itís hard to expect but based on what heís saying, heís definitely interested in me. Am I too confident? Yes, because he has given me expectations and promises. Do I have to rely on this? Please respond. Your reactions are appreciated.