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    Went out to a club to practice!

    Went out to a club to practice...Ended up having to wait in line for an hour because I didnt have tickets(while the people with tickets had to wait half an hour.) I walked in and there was a set at the bar, super sexy, nice ass and body.... I chickened out to approach them and kept walking and there was another set with three girls and I think one dude they came with...I knew my opener which was "Did you guys see the girls fight outside?".... I kept walking past that group and approached a girl who looked like she was by herself near the dancefloor....but not on it. I asked her "Did you see those girls fight outside" she said no. I said the rest of the opener and when I mentioned the girls boob popped out she went, omg, then after the opener she looked at her watch which seemed like an IOD, so I kept moving and there was a two set on the dance floor of two hot girls, makeup, high heels, dresses, then a bigger group of girls who ere getting game bya few guys and about two other groups on the dancefloor. Now I am aware that in general you want to avoid the dancefloor and stick to the quiet areas so you can talk...So I would go back to the lounge area and see if there were any sets to approach and there were but I chickened out on a hot two set, and a hot three set...dang. I dont think anyone really noticed but I kind of walked around back and forth listening to the music, and looking at the sets without really approaching. I live in a packed city so there were other guys there just checking out the scene by themselves etc, so it wasn't weird but I guess I didn't approach enough, i got scared of approaching mixed sets and regular sets with only girls etc. I also feel strange using an opener, I don't know if this changes with practice but I kind of wanted to just go up and say like "hey, guys do you speak english, what brought you here tonight?" but I am trying to force myself to use openers because they are more social and I really want to be strict with myself to learn the mystery method and learn it right... Any thoughts? what can I do different? Tips, pointers. I went out alone. My general rules are for gaming I go out alone, I go out with a wingman, I got out with a girl or girls or I go out with a group of cool guys and hot girls...What do you guys think?

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    Hey man, props to going out and getting out of your comfort zone by practicing the opener.

    A couple of tips for you;

    You said, the girl looked at her watch, it seemed like an IOD so you left.

    How do you respond to IODs? You don’t! You don’t react to them.

    You should just keep doing your thing bro, your the one leading & setting the pace, your IOD to her IOD is that you don’t care. Just keep having fun, & stacking forward. (Delivery is key, be in your own fun Headspace, not caring, yet adding value & fun)

    Also I noticed your walking around a lot looking for sets. Stand in one place, best way to open is in proximity, proximity is my favorite opener. If you must approach as a secondary option, you manipulate proximity. Either way, proximity is key. Just have fun in your own space, vibe to the music, say stuff to people around you.

    Not saying that you can’t move around, but move around at your own pace, stand somewhere, chill for a bit, than move again.

    Key point. You don’t have to stand there waiting for 9s and 10s to walk by, just talk to whoever is there, be social, add value to the room.

    As far as the opener being weird, I personally haven’t started using canned material yet, but I remember in Mystery’s book, practice the opener a good dozen times, see if you can get the delivery right, if you like it use it, if you don’t like it, swap it for something else. The two qualifications should be, you liking your routines, & the routines fulfilling the result they are designed to fulfill.

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    I have been out of the game for a while and I’m here to relearn the techniques Ive abandoned. That being said I would walk the room and talk to just about everyone. If I came across a group of guys having a drink I’d stop for about 2 minutes and talk with them and then move on. I found that it aroused their curiosity about who the popular guy is that everyone seems to know. They rarely knew that I didn’t know any of them at all.

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