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    Someone followed me on Instagram...

    I was busy scrolling through Instagram when a profile followed me. Of course, i looked at it and saw a woman. The username is cityofbridesofficial. I opened the profile and saw a lot of pictures
    of beautiful women coming from Ukraine. I followed back since I want to know more of it.

    While I continue scanning through the instagram account, Iíve observed that thereís a website linked on it. I opened the site and itís actually an affiliate of AFA, Iíve known this site before but
    I paid no attention. So here I am, starting to get interested with the service.

    Iím most interested with the City of Brides which is a main affiliate of A Foreign Affair. I want to know those Nikolaev women more. I heard they make good wives. But I want to know them first before delving into marriage. The answer was seen through its Romance Tour, an affair similar with AFAís Singles Tour. In this way, I can meet them and know them.

    Do you think this is worth it? Should I pay more attention to this? What could possibly happen to me if I use the service?

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    Bullshit scam. That's no one replies to these shittard posts.

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