So guys,

I went out tonight. I usually don't open sets of 9's or 10's because my anxiety and
negativism are to high. So, tonight, I was like fuck it... my goal is to burn a set of 10's.

Curious fact, one of the girls from a 2 set, was beautiful for me (10)... I really liked her. Besides that,
she was giving me a lot of eye contact IOI (is not the first time that happens and it confuses me). So, I grabbed my balls and went to open. So, when I threw the opener, this girl that I liked was responding very enthusiastic and 1 second after I neg her saying let your friend talk.... (I think that was like a bomb to her because she was giving me the eye intensely). Then, the ugly one did not take that good and she was fucking with me saying that they were sisters.... Then, I threw other neg saying that " is not possible because your hair (ugly's girl hair) is more beautiful than her's (target's)..... the obstacle took that very very very bad and the target's face was like hyper selfconscious and I could see she felt like shit. I tried to fix it by saying "hey tastes are tastes right?" but I was already fucked up... The obstacle told me to just leave... I felt so bad for the target because I think I was too hard on her.......

Curious fact..... after that I returned with my friend, very overwhelmed about what just happened and started to see that the girl that I negged was looking to me, like she still felt atraction, she was not mad.... That just freaked me out....

Any way, my question is: When a 10 in any set gives you IOI (eye contact) before opening, should you still negging when you open and do the same as if you had'nt had eye contact??? or maybe you can cool off a bit because you had IOI's??

Any comment welcome guys.


Eduardo Carrera