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    Struggling with 2 Sets

    Hi guys,

    I went to the club alone, and now I believe it's way better than going with friends (crazy uh?).

    To be honest, I'm very rusty and I opened only a 2 set. I talked basically with the ugly one and when the target tried to say something, I just neg with "I'm asking to your friend". Well the thing is that I could not get hooked and I could not pass from the opener.

    The thing is that if I would've hooked, how could isolate?

    And how can I shif from the ugly to the target if they are two?

    Thank you,

    Eduardo Carrera

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    Eduardo, sup man.

    In a 2-set, the first goal is to make yourself interesting to the friend (through DHVs, humor, friendly energy, etc.). As you do this successfully, the target (the hotter one who is an attention fiend) will play for your attention with comments, questions, or shit tests. Barely acknowledge her using playful negs, almost as if it is taking soooooo much energy to do so. Your neg, "I'm asking your friend", is too much. It sounds a bit possessive and creepy. A neg should be a playful papercut that humbles her, not an aggressive comment that scares her.

    Continue engaging the friend and barely acknowledge the target until you sense the target is either (1) zoning out and looking for someone else to talk to or (2) giving you IOIs or a sincere audition (an honest chance to win her). When you see one of these two immediately say (or when you finish what you are saying), "Well, I've been talking to you all this time, let me chat with your friend a bit to not be rude." If the non-target stays or leaves, who cares, but now you must unleash the full arsenal of your game to hook the target.

    If you succeed in hooking her, you may already be alone with her. I have experienced several non-targets say throughout a successful pickup, "I'll just leave you two alone since you are hitting it off so well. I'll be back in a bit." Or, they might just sit there and pittle on their phone, essentially invisible, while you and the target are all over each other. If the non-target is clingy or protective, this is a fantastic isolater: "Well, I'm leaving in a few minutes [to rejoin my friends/go home/get something to eat/whatever], I'm gonna have your friend [the target] walk me out and say goodbye. You can watch from a distance so you know I'm not an ax murderer." This has always worked. Some watched from a distance, some didn't even bother. Then, I turn that goodbye walk into a looooooong goodbye (the high school kind) with more conversation and kino cycles.

    I use the false/long goodbye isolater to see if I should keep escalating or if I should DHV by actually leaving and setting up a next meeting.

    Make sense?

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    Hi Mystical,

    Thank you so much for your reply!

    Yes, my neg was too strong, I realized that. What you are saying is very interesting. You basically don't isolate, unless the non-target is being a real obstacle.

    What happened to me in one of those 2 sets is that the target showed herself like she showing herself very open to hear, like giggling and stuff, in less than 30 secs. What would you do in that case?

    The other thing that happens to me is that from the 2 set, I get IOI's from the target before opening. How would you handle that? I mean, should just go to the target straight? or talk a little to the non-target at first?

    PD: your goodbye isolater is sweet! thank you again!

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    Eduardo, hey bro.

    In the first situation, where the target was immediately open, giggly, and welcoming your presence, I would reciprocate her engagement but investigate further with a thoughtful question. The thoughtful question is a test to see what her true motives are. (Do not assume anything; women are clever and have their own games.) Reciprocate her friendliness, but within the first few minutes ask her a test question like, "Who plays more games, men or women?" or "Can a man and woman be friends only without romantic involvement?" Seemingly innocent questions like these force her body language, gestures, and microexpressions to manifest. Use your gut instincts to sense her subtle (and obvious) reactions and go from there. The girl could be genuinely gregarious with everyone, or, she could be a coquette, or, she could be interested in getting to know you more, or, a maddening mixture of all three. By reciprocating her openness, but investigating slowly with good questions, you show her you are not easily fooled or impatient (DHV).

    In the second situation, where the target is sending you IOIs across the room, here's one thing I do. (1) Write a note on a piece of paper and put it in an empty beer bottle I drank (always keep a pen and small note paper with you; coat pocket, leather man-purse, small stylish backpack, etc). Give to a friend to give her, or a club worker if he/she is cool. The note says, "Text me, I have something hilarious to tell you 111-222-3333." If she's really giving you IOIs, she will smile at you and play along. (They love stupid fucking little games and mini-adventures; that's how boring most guys are.) When she texts, I text back, "Just realized I can't text you back, don't have my phone, so you'll have to come over here so I can tell you in person ;D". If she's interested she may come over with her friend, which is a huge IOI. She may add her spin on the game and text you to come to her. Don't do it--shit test. Instead text her this: "Okay, let's meet in the demilitarized zone. Meet me halfway at such and such spot." If she's interested, she'll do it. If she insists you come to her, don't do it and text back a neg, "Hey, meeting in the middle is a skill all healthy mature people have. See you there Bring a friend if you need an assistant." Then go to the spot, order a beer with your buddy, face sideways (so you can see if she comes in your periphery), and continue having a good time. Do not keeping looking back at her. Do not give her your name unless she meets you.

    The mini-adventure above is a massive DHV for you, and a massive IOI if she complies at every point.

    On the second situation, you could always just approach directly and begin your game sequence. If the target has already given IOIs across the room, I would engage both her and the non-target equally (to not alienate or creep out the friend), then gradually focus on the target completely once the friend is comfortable.

    Make sense? You can do it!

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    sometimes 2 sets will be very difficult to separate

    however, you can still move forward by qualitying the target in front of the obstacle

    once you are getting IOIs turn to the obstacle and ask her "So what do you like about this girl?"

    this is great on so many levels

    youre qualifying AND your also your basically making your intent known

    also i have yet to not have an obstacle really give it her all to tell me how great her friend is

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