I'm as new as it gets to pick up in general -- I've just finished the Mystery Method book and I was so excited to try everything it says. So I did, although I really have some sticking points and there's one case in particular I was hoping someone could shed some light on.

So, we're at some lecture (at HS) about violence and discrimination and what not, people are just beginning to take their seats and it just happens that (probably) the hottest girl in school sits next to me. I must say that I was way out of her league, but still I decide to try, at least for practice sake.

A1 starts -- i intentionally start talking to her friend while somewhat ignoring her, throw in some uninterested body language, right? She does some wierd thing with her nails where she picks off the old nail polish, so I act disgusted by it, i throw in some humor, i get IOI's immediately. I am bragging right now, but i was feeling unreal because i could not believe the results i was getting.

My mind seemed to stop and i forgot all about what A3 was (something about frame?), and how to move into C1, there wasn't any time anyways. Anyhow, doesn't really matter, what matters is that we escalated kino, and it went suprisingly well. There was some sort of playful tickling or whateverm can't recall, but when I put my hand on her chair, she just lifted up her hand and motioned like "shoo, shoo". Of course, i was gonna take two steps back and give her IOD for IOD, but then the teacher comes near us and says "Would you two just continue flirting outside?"

I was kinda embarassed and the whole convo stopped, there was some chit chat but nothing important. What was i to do?

Also, there's a girl i like, but i've known her for like, 10 years. I think she "kinda" likes me, but she's a really hard nut to crack. Negs do work somewhat, at some times it sets the conversation going towards a playful mood. Is it even possible to attract someone who has known you for so long? There's gonna be a birthday party soon, can i do it there?