Hello everybody,

My name is Panther.

Truth: I am here because I am scared of people like all of you. You are all masters of trickery and deception.

Recently, "the game" was placed on my desk at work recommended by a good friend of mine here at my current employment. I read the book on breaks, lunch, after work, before bed..

You guys are legends. Everyone that can pick up these skills and use them successfully, in my mind, are legends.

I have slept with 27 females. I am 27 years of age. My whole life I have been the AMOG. I am what all of you are scared of. What all of you have to fight. I have had girlfriends that turn down nba ball players to walk across the bar and stick their tongue down my throat.

So now, you all probably already despise me and want to kick me off this page. And that's fine. But...before you do, listen to what I have to say. I want to learn everything. I want to know everything. I want to master every trick you all have to offer. My whole life I have pulled females through my looks, muscles, uncaring attitude, walking away...can you imagine, and even if you can't just try to...if an AMOG like me, was trained and taught by you guys...imagine the mastery that we could possess.

If anyone would like to talk, feel free to message me.