Hey! My name is Albert. Im turning 53 next month and Im still single! I should feel blessed that Im still well, but this wont do good to me not until I marry.

I know its hard to find someone at this age. Ive been dating for months but unfortunately, I always end up failing. I almost gave up but when I saw an ad about matchmaking online, I felt hopeful in a wink of an eye. I know it sounds funny but thats what I truly felt! This ad talks about being matched with foreign women, especially with the Asian women. I often heard Asians are so loving! So this matchmaking agency is A Foreign Affair. This is so new to me. I guess this is worth a try!

What I want to have is a woman who can love me back. A woman whom I can call my own. A woman who will be a great wife and a responsible mother to our future children. I hope Ill meet an Asian woman who is not interested with living in the States only but a woman who could help me feel I am a man of worth and lovable as well.

What do you think guys? Should I continue with this dating style? I hope yall could respond to me ASAP! Have a great one!